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The description for this trope has a bad case of Example as a Thesis that's limiting this trope to remakes. I know this trope can be applied beyond remakes.
I agree that the description is horrible and does appear to be limiting this to remakes, but editors seem to be ignoring it as there are plenty of examples here that aren't remakes or adaptations.

I guess we have to make a decision here. Do we want examples that aren't remakes or adaptations? If we do, then the new description will have to reflect that.
I'd think spin-offs and clones should also count. Anything where it's clearly the descendant of a colder and unsexier ancestor.
yep, change the description to fit examples
If it's later in a series, it's Fanservice Pack. I think a spin-off might count if the main series doesn't get the same treatment.

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[up] I think Fanservice Pack is a character trope though.
The entire American superhero genre is an example.

We'd probably want to make sure it's matching the trope it's snowcloning, Darker and Edgier.
The laconic is terrible. "Needs some more sexy." is both unclear and not clever. How about

Sexual elements are introduced or increased in a Derivative Work.
[up][up]I think it's pretty clear that it does.
[up]Well, how you interpret the description has an impact on the definition of the trope, so...
The supertrope to these Xer and Yer snowclones is Tone Shift, whose description makes it very explicit that these changes in tone do not need to apply only to remakes or adaptations. The same goes for the descriptions of the other snowclones; it's only the description for Hotter and Sexier that gives the impression that this applies just to remakes.

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Darker and Edgier does also.
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Spellraiser's point seems like the most pertinent one. I suggest cleaning up the description to closer match the supertrope.
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