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You may be right catbert, but to us old folks, they look like fetuses.
I take the stance that unless they're making a point that an underage kid is fap material, err on the side of inclusion. Otherwise, it gets dumb and we're going to end up setting a precedent that will lead to the cutting of the Teen Titans cartoon, because Starfire wears a short skirt and shows her tummy! She's obviously sexualized. ;)
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We already have the 'it's for small kids! really, now' exemption.
We already have the 'it's for small kids! really, now' exemption.

That's not enough, though. It leaves out the case where the character was meant to appeal to older people and is drawn as such, and being underage is basically only a number in a blurb somewhere. Which is what Body Bags seems to be, according to people's descriptions. It also ignores that series can have Multiple Demographic Appeal or be designed for a Periphery Demographic.

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Eh, there's a huge periphery demographic for Sailor Moon (characters of similar ages) or the aforementioned Teen Titans with accompanying rule 34, but if it can be shown to ten year olds without incident, it should be fine for the wiki.
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Well, from what I could see the sexualization does seem to be a good bit more "in your face" than what you'd see in Teen Titans or Sailor Moon, so the comparison isn't quite apples to apples. I do get the sense of an appeal to prurient interest in the way the character is drawn.

However, I don't think there's enough of it to be cutworthy, based on the description those who've read it have given.
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Yes, this work seems to be for the 'capes and tights' crowd man boys 13-45 . The shows I mentioned were actual children's shows.
Personally, I think we should consider if the pruitent parts are over and beyond for the genre. American superhero comics are FILLED with women and girls with large breasts in painted on spandex.
[up]I agree but that's most likely a discussion for the "About Content Violations Discussions" thread.
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Yeah, this sidetopic started by Catbert is a topic for About Content Violations Discussions.
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At any rate, since we've resolved to keep this page with no action, we're done here.
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[up] Agreed, and since there was a holler to close this (three angel votes), it's done.
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