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Not sure if I could do that... but I kind of want to.

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2 TParadox8th May 2012 08:44:28 PM , Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
Remember in the first Toy Story where Woody and Buzz sneak into Pizza Planet? The cup Woody is hiding in is labeled "196 Ounces".
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That's a little over a gallon and a half. [lol] I can drink a gallon of water only if I'm really thirsty, and even then, not all at once.

Also, 7-Eleven here has had half-gallon Double Gulps for years now.

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Hm, I can easily drink that down in one sitting. I usually drink over two gallons of water, anyway.
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Is that cake frosting?
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know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.

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Damn. It takes me all freaking day to drink a large.

I'm on day 2 of a 42 fl.oz (1.24 L or about 1/3 of a gallon) bottle of tea and I'm just over halfway done with it.

It'd take me a week to drink that.
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8 TParadox9th May 2012 06:13:25 PM , Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
I once went to a restaurant so often that one time the waitress recognized me and served my drink with a pitcher so she wouldn't have to refill it every five minutes.
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Hahahahahaha, American restaurants.
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10 Pykrete10th May 2012 05:59:20 PM from Viridian Forest
Dammit, I do not want my country being recognized for this :(
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