Queen's Blade (Feedback Needed):

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I read, my bad for misstating it, I was trying to use that as a baseline for how explicit something must be, or lacking in the "plot" to be cut. Nonetheless, the books are needlessly showy, as is the anime, the light novels, the video games don't really have a place there, and the "other" materials are pretty much irrelevant (character dress up software, mobile phone game, etc).
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However, it is not porn, nor is it especially pandering to pedophiles. At least, I haven't heard a case that sells it as such. Not my decision, of course.
As I see it, the important distinction between Eiken and Queen's Blade is that the latter has a lot more "non-fanservice" substance, easily enough to exceed the Excuse Plot threshold.
29 Meeble4th May 2012 10:12:58 PM from the ruins of Granseal
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We're not cutting for fanservice or even nudity by itself. If we determine that the work isn't primarily porn, or pedo-pandering, we have no justification for cutting it.
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So overall, that is the baseline, still. I see. Well, not my decision, so I am backing out.
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So the likely decision is "clean up and leave open"?

Eiken didn't get cut because of excessive fanservice. It got cut because it's as close to Porn Without Plot as is possible without having any actual sex.
I thought it was cut simply because of sixth-grader Komoe Harumachi having extreme Gag Boobs and having intensive fanservice scenes — including a few fully-nude outdoor bath scenes — in several chapters.

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32 Meeble5th May 2012 06:21:46 AM from the ruins of Granseal
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[up] I can't speak for the other panel members, but that was exactly my reason for cutting it.

Moving on from more Eiken chat, I am pretty solid on voting for this to be a simple clean up. I'll only say lock if the other members of the panel deem it necessary.

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33 Shaoken5th May 2012 05:51:54 PM , Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
Cleaning would probably be the best choice, since it has been aired censored and still made some sort of sense.
I see this got three angels, so I put it on the cleanup pile. Anything else?
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Nah, we're pretty much done, so you can go ahead and give this thread a lock.
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