Wick Overhaul Needed - Hannibal Lecture:

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Not sure if this is the right place, but I don't think it belongs in TRS.

I just did a wick check on Hannibal Lecture and one for Break Them by Talking, due to the fact that I continue to see the former misused when the latter is appropriate.

The results: Hannibal Lecture has 1635 wicks. Break Them by Talking has 92. Clearly, there is some room for improvement here.

I don't have time to start going through everything, but I'll try to help out with this. It can't be just me, though - changing this many wicks is going to take a bit of effort.

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This belongs in Special Efforts. Moving.
Yes, I've been moving examples from Hannibal Lecture to Break Them by Talking for a while, maybe around a hundred by now (and that's another thing that could use help, especially with some of the works I don't know and that aren't decribed clearly enough to judge for sure), but I haven't been looking at the wicks yet.

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Words In The Heart Can Not Be Taken
I moved five or six examples to Break Them By Talking, but many of the ones left are so vague that they're almost certainly in the wrong category. The worst sections are probably Anime (A did this to B, no detail given) and Videogames (though there are a couple of legit interrogation scenes, most examples seem to be about big climactic battles).
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Is this finished or still on-going? What's the status?
Necro bumb! I finished cleaning up Yamato Nadeshiko so I'm going to check out this trope's listing.
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