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This is a trope that is mostly visual, but does not have an image.
Well you're right, this is a pretty easy trope to picture. But since this is mostly an anime trope we would probably need to get some panels from a manga.
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Cure Candy
Wait... What happened to the image we put up there in the last IP?

Edit:nvm it was Seiza Squirm

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That was Seiza Squirm.
Becky: Who are you? The Mysterious Stranger: An angel.
Huck: What's your name? The Mysterious Stranger: Satan.
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I see the Awesomeness.
IIRC, isn't this an animation trope?
Cure Candy
Hmm been trying to find a good example of this but no luck so far.

[up] It is an anime and manga trope where people get some kind of trouble then split second later they split apart and sit Seiza like nothing is wrong while being nervous. Like if there was a Crash-Into Hello which ended up in a rather close moment then they realize it and bam split apart and sit Seiza. Or it someone walks in on a private moment then assume the position.

There are many examples in Love Hina I just gotta find a good one.

It would be comparable to when people whistle while hiding something in western works.
Yea..I've seen it in Skip Beat! too...
I think the best western equivalent would be "trying to act natural", which typically involves such things as whistling, looking at the ceiling and holding one's hands behind one's back. needless to say, this always ends up looking extremely suspicious.
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Clock is set.
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