Thoughts about launching a Mario Strikers (Charged) page?:

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I was really surprised when I found out this wiki didn't have a page for the Mario Strikers series. The "classic" GCN Mario Strikers may be pretty rare nowadays, but Mario Strikers Charged is one of the best-selling Wii games out there.

Unless I've missed something (which would be pretty embarrassing since I searched the wiki like 10 times), I'm thinking that I may as well launch the page myself, covering the series.

I have played (and fully completed) Mario Strikers Charged, getting to a decent standard, but I have never played the original. This is where the other contributors come in - I can at least write a pretty detailed description of the Wii game, but others will be needed to write at least a brief description of the GCN game.

The other possibility is to launch the page exclusively for the Wii game, since it's far more popular and will probably be what the page will be viewed for. Again, any thoughts/opinions/ideas on this are welcome.

So, what do you guys think?

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Works pages are a free action. If you can think of at least three tropes (as I believe the guideline is), you can launch pages for whatever works you want.
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I think it'd be better to have a page covering the series as a whole (not unlike Mario Kart; it's only two games, so it shouldn't be that hard), but I only own Charged, so we'd need others to help out.
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@Bad Wolf: True, but I just wanted to double-check in case I'd missed something blatantly obvious tongue

@X 2 X: Sure, I've got no problem with covering the series as a whole. We just need to find those GCN contributors!

EDIT/UPDATE: Since it's 12:20am over here, I'm gonna go and leave this thread until morning. Long day. Anyway, if nothing preventative crops up by around 9:30am, I'll start work on the page then. 'Night everyone.

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However, try to refrain from the work page too gushy; overt gushiness have a tendency to leave behind unnecessary messes for us to clean up.
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