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26 MasterInferno21st Mar 2012 03:36:57 PM from Tomb of Malevolence , Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
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The joke I heard about the N64 controller is that Nintendo had planned to release it when humans evolved a third arm, but since that never happened, people had to settle for controlling Mario with their penises instead (sorry ladies).
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27 Mukora21st Mar 2012 03:43:17 PM from a place , Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
1. N64 controller. I have always hated this controller. It's far too big, has too many prongs, and is just horrible in general.

2. NES It hurts.

3. PS2, probably. It always felt too small for me.
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29 videogmer31421st Mar 2012 04:51:35 PM from that one place , Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
  1. Xbox 360 controller. It may not have the motion controls of the DualShock 3, but it fits my hands better, plus the thumbsticks are easier to grip.
  2. Wii remote + nunchuk. It's the only ambidextrous controller on the market*. The motion controls are generally done well in first- and second-party titles (like Metroid Prime 3), plus you have much more freedom of where to move your hands while you're playing. The main problem with it is, like above, it doesn't fit my hands as well as the 360 controller does.
  3. Mouse and keyboard. Nothing beats it for sheer versatility. When the desk decides it doesn't hate my arms, I have no issues with comfortability. It's not ranked higher because it doesn't really feel like a controller.

Worst (note: I've never played the NES, so it's not on here.)
  1. SNES controller. It's too flat. There's basically nothing to grab on to. Plus (at least with mine) the d-pad requires way too much precision, to the point where just a touch in the wrong direction will make Samus aim at the floor when I want her to shoot the thing in front of me. You can bet I had a fun time going through Animal Antics.
  2. Xbox controller, first version. Seriously, Microsoft. Do you really think everyone's hands are the size of dinner plates? What were you smoking when you designed it? Also, the face buttons were placed like the standard button setup, but rotated 45 degrees, which made playing games like Tony Hawk's Underground... difficult.
  3. Nintendo 64 controller. There's really not much I can say about it that hasn't already been said, but it was tricky to get used to playing Kirby 64 after I had gotten used to nothing using the d-pad. At first, I thought the game was broken. And then there's the Pokémon Stadium minigames that seemed to randomly switch between where to grab the controller... At least it has good games to compensate.
30 Nikkolas21st Mar 2012 06:37:15 PM from Texas , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
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I guess everyone here is just old and need controllers made of marshmallows and fluff. :)

The NES controller is awesome and a huge part of my childhood. I had my Genesis way longer than my NES but I barely remember the former at all.

Or maybe it's the Nostalgia Goggles.

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1. Nintendo Gamecube: With an exception for fighting games, it's my most preferred controller. It fits well in my hands, the buttons are well placed(for the most part), and is an all-around, well designed controller.

2. Playstation 2: With what is practically a Super Nintendo controller with handles and an extra set of triggers, what's not to like about the Dualshock 2? The D-Pad, that's what. But a bad D-pad doesn't hinder the quality the controller has offered since the PS One days.

3. Sega Genesis: Because if I put the Super Nintendo controller on this list, I'd be repeating myself. Just kidding, the Six-Button controller, while not needed for most games, was a great improvement of its Three-Button brother. I can't imagine playing 16-bit fighting games any other way(actually, yeah I can, but that's besides the point).

Honorable Mention: Nintendo Wii. A controller that feels comfortable while holding it forward and sideways? Good show, Nintendo. Now only if it had an internal rechargeable battery.
1. Mouse and keyboard.

2. X-Box 360 controller and all Dual-Shocks are tied for me, but it's worth noting that I own a X360 controller but do not own a console.

3. Mega Drive 2/Genesis 2 controller. Hell yes.

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