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One idea that has been fascinating me recently is the viral video as an in-universe world-building tool. After all, since viral marketing is all the rage, why not turn it into an actual narrative element? It pops up in a rare few works such as Hancock and Kick-Ass, but the potential seems largely untapped. That's where we come in!

I wrote a short script for a YouTube video within my pitch-black Urban Fantasy/Science Fiction/Psychological Horror (depending on both reader and character perspective) story. Does anybody else have anything they'd like to share? It would also be fun to pretend to be YouTube commenters responding as if it's an actual video. Of course, reactions, suggestions, apparent tropes, and interpretations (e.g. what can you discern about my world?) are most appreciated. Thank you.

Rescinded due to lack of interest. Please send a private message or consult your nearest Streisand Effect broker if you want to read it.

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