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The Lancer is not lieutenant to The Leader.

The Lancer is foil to The Hero.

Number Two is lieutenant to The Leader.

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[up]Argh, does that mean we have to replace The Lancer with Number Two?
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No, The Lancer is the foil to The Leader. He or she is also often the Number Two, but not necessarily.

However, this is irrelevant to the topic at hand, which is The Hero.
I thought we were pretty much fine with Marqs description

"champion of good from either a narrative or an in-universe POV, whether or not they're actually The Leader of the good faction(s)"

maybe add in that they're typically the driving force of the plot either by being The Face, The Chosen One or having It's Personal motivations for the main conflict. Basically that they are The Champion for the plot as a whole.
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