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There isn't a thread to discuss glitches and bugs and whatnot. This displeases me greatly. So I made one. Talk about funny, weird or downright creepy glitches here. Or else.
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I wouldn't call it a glitch, necessarily, but I was playing Metroid Prime recently, and ended up trapped in the middle of a Rail Cube in Morph Ball mode I don't think that's supposed to be possible.
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I need help.

I have Sims 3, and World Adventures, and I tried saving:

Error Code 16.

What is that? I looked in the read-me but there's nothing.

The only cheat I have used is motherlode.

I've got back-up saves and screenshots luckily.

Help? I really don't want to lose save games...

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Assuming you didn't google it already

Oh also yesterday I was trying to finish up a final run of Mass Effect 2 and I decided to do Arrival. An enemy ran at me through a doorway so I warped him and he staggered back. As soon as he hit the doorway the door closed and he was stuck in the door. The dude started vibrating and then exploded in a red mist.

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I was playing Yoshi's Story recently, and discovered something I didn't know before: If you're Super Happy and there are Black Shy Guys around, their spiky-thingies will break nearby bubbles when they fall, just like your Ground Pounds would. This doesn't work when you're not Super Happy.

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Through a severe case of Ram Hacking watch as a player beats Super Mario World on the Second Level in the Game.

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I've always wondered whether hacking-related errors really and truly count as "glitches." They can't be induced in normal gameplay, after all.
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9 Fluid3rd Mar 2012 11:39:19 AM from The Netherlands
In the above video, the player (as far as I'm aware) did not use any means unavailable to a normal player to achieve this result, so I'd say it's a glitch.
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Technically not, but what happens is so far technical and into the realm of insanity that a normal player would basically never find it, and it requires a calculated understanding of the way the game works to achieve. Also, I would imagine, frame-perfect timing. Although unintended, it's the sort of thing I don't know if I'd classify as a "proper" game glitch. Luck manipulation is a weird field anyway.

Now, if you want something dementedly crazy that a normal player could find on their own, there's the Castle Crush glitch from Donkey Kong Country 2:

This glitch tops my personal "freakiest glitches" list, because it's the only in-game glitch that I know of (others may exist) that's capable of rendering physical cartridges unplayable.
"Proto-Indo-European makes the damnedest words related. It's great. It's the Kevin Bacon of etymology." ~Madrugada
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The Fallout 3/New Vegas "Twitchy Ragdoll" glitch.

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I once got a Bulbasaur from the original Pokemon game to evolve into a Blastoise. No I have no freaking clue how that happened although I think my friend using a game shark to fool around with it might have been involved.

edit: This entire video.

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