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The Truth Behind American Politics:

 1 Nick The Swing, Fri, 24th Feb '12 9:20:50 PM from Ya really wanna know? Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
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Obama is the second cousin of Adolf Hitler's aunt's half-brother's estranged father's mother's grand niece's former college room mate's adopted son who was involved in politics with Osama Bin Laden, Tony Blair and the Octo-Mom, who has received shadowy funds by Sean Hannity, who is actually his secret twin brother John Hannity, and who has secretly been implanted with Nanomachines by the Illuminati's shady leader, a clone of Ronald Reagan with a goatee who gets his goatee trimmed by Glenn Beck.

Hence, both Hannity's, Clone Reagan, Osama, Glenn Beck and the Octo-Mom are in leagues with the New Whig Party's true leadership, the resurrected corpses of the old Whig Party, which are really Nanomachine creations of Clone Reagan's best friend...MECHA-GEORGE SOROS!!

These forces, together, control American Politics, or...something...

Oh, and Cubans were involved.

Not serious. At all. I came up with this out of the blue, and thought it'd be funny.

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