Anyway we can get compound namespaces to recognize punctuation?:

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I meant custom titles, but too late to edit so... And by that I mean namespaces composed of more than one word like WebOriginal/, VideoGame/ and WesternAnimation/ for instance. I wonder in what ways we could get that to work...

EDIT: To elaborate, on the title for pages proper, they work fine, but when wikiworded that's where the problem comes in...

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When submitting the custom title for such works, do not wikiword the namespace. So when you submit it, you should submit it as Weboriginal or Videogame or Westernanimation. Hang on, I'm going to modify Custom Titler to include this info.
[up]A bug with a workaround is still a bug. This bug has gone unfixed for quite a long time.

If I remember correctly, the last time I brought this up, someone replied that it was being addressed in a thread that was actually about namespace icons.
[up][up]Thing is, I did that for Tabletopgame.Yu Gi Oh and it displays correctly on the page but not in any links. I went to the "Screwed Up Custom Titles to Fix" thread, and it either hasn't been addressed or there's another bug there.

(Testing Yu-Gi-Oh! )
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I see the Awesomeness.
It's a bug, but it's a lower priority bug since there's a work around on it.
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