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Pulling off a double Tomato In The Mirror?:

I had an idea for a protagonist in a fanfic I'm currently working on.

Essentially, my protagonist wakes up from a coma and has major Identity Amnesia, to the point where he cannot remember anything meaningful about himself. He is quickly pegged as being a slightly brain damaged important in-universe character by nearly everyone in the story, with some changes in personality, thought process, and social skills presumed to be a result of an encounter with an Eldritch Abomination. However, I plan on revealing that the protagonist never was this character, and was instead a human incarnation of said Cosmic Horror. I plan on trying to foreshadow this by using some of the changes in personality that the protagonist displays, but do you guys have any advice to avoid ass pulling?

 2 Robin Zimm, Thu, 15th Dec '11 6:18:49 PM from East Coast US
What effects are supposed to result from interaction with this Eldritch Abomination? Some of the people who interact with the protagonist should start suffering in this way.
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 3 Teraus, Thu, 15th Dec '11 6:21:26 PM from The Origin of Dreams
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Amnesiac Dissonance... I like this trope. In fact, I'm using something similar in my books. The main character is the reincarnation of what was once considered existence's greatest evil, known by the most advanced beings as The Error and thought to have been utterly destroyed by one of the characters. The only issue I have is finding out how much foreshadowing is necessary or excessive. I really don't want it to be obvious.

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Well, readers tend to be pretty smart, I'd say they'll probably pick up on what's going on even if you don't add too much, just be sure to put a few things in that don't make sense for the first revelation but do make sense for the second, then when the second revelation comes it all becomes clear. I'd say at least half way between the beginning of the work and the second revelation you have to indicate that human incarnation of Cosmic Horror things are possible to it doesn't feel like something you made up. This would probably come pretty soon after the first revelation, though if you did it subtly you could do it earlier.
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What effects are supposed to result from interaction with this Eldritch Abomination? Some of the people who interact with the protagonist should start suffering in this way.

Think of what The Missingno. from Pokémon can do to a save file, and you'll actually have exactly the right idea. I do plan on giving my protagonist some of the same powers(although in the story, nearly every major antagonist can use them), which are latent at first, but eventually he gains control over them, and I also want to use that as a major hint that this character is not who he is believed to be.

 6 Dec, Thu, 15th Dec '11 8:36:50 PM from The Dance Floor
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Oddly enough, I just reread this today. Might give you some ideas.
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