"Are you sure that character wasn't based on me?":

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26 JHM14th Dec 2011 04:34:32 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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I've taken traits from people I know—mainly different bits of myself, which should explain their serious issues—but never have I either based a character off of someone I know directly or actually been pressed on the matter. Which I suppose is a good thing on several levels.
And actually, I may be misunderstand: do you mean that you have characters who are actual expys (or whatever the right trope would be) of historical figures, or merely that you borrowed one or two personality traits?

I recently realized that I pulled the latter and based a character off of Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo da Vinci, and other random Renaissance Men. He's the exception rather than the rule, however.
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28 JewelyJ15th Dec 2011 03:31:28 PM from A state in the USA
I actually build my characters from: (a.) traits I find interesting or appealing (b.) Bits of myself (c.)Bits of OTHER characters of mine.

If they end up resembling someone close to me, it's usually an accident.

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Me too, I've only ever based two characters on people I know and that was intentional. Otherwise, my characters seem to come from nowhere. I rarely ever sit down and think "Okay, I need to come up with a character. I want her to be like this, and this and this..." Character concepts usually come to me half-formed and then I tweak them, adding traits and removing them as I think is necessary.
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30 Nomic16th Dec 2011 11:14:00 AM from beyond the Void
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I have sort-of base characters on real people, altough not often. Phil from Forgotten Lore shares some traits with me, but his personality isn't very similar. He's more of a generic geeky guy than a self-insert, but since I am a geeky guy, he ended up with lots of the same traits. Zaran from Forgotten Lore is also essentially a combination of two characters from an earlier version of the story, one of which was based on a real person. The final result doesn't really have much in common with the actual person, beyond some very basic traits (they're both cheerful and impulsive). If I was doing something with voice acting the similarity might be noticeable because I picture Zaran having a similar, rather distinctive, way of speaking. Also, I did name one character after my friend. Well, perhaps a character isn't really an accurate term, as it's more of a case of one of the characters mentioning the name of his friend who doesn't actually appear in the comic at all. I didn't bother to spend a long time trying to come up with a good name so I just used a variation of the name of a real-life friend.

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