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Hey fellow tropers, I came up with two possible ideas on fan/hatedom. Don't know if these are any good or signs that I over-thinking. Here are the two thoughts on fandom:

1. Rule of thumb: Approximately 90% of fans of something are silent about that something unless someone directly mentions that something to them. Generally speaking, most fandoms are silent majorities with an vocal minority.

2.Five levels of fan participation:

Level 1- Active Fan: These are the fans that most people will label as fanboys or fangirls. They are ones that usually make fanfiction,go to conventions or events to meet the creators, buy special editions and make fan websites. They what people refer as the vocal minority of a fandom.

Level 2-Passive Fan: These are the fans that enjoy the show but rarely mention it to people or don't really interact much the fandom of said show. They may collect merchandise, go to events or be put part of a fan website, but they don't really ever the same level of fan participation as the active fan. It is important to note the main difference between active and passive fans is not the level of knowledge of the show they watch, but the level of influence that show has with their interaction to others.

Level 3-Indiffent People: These are people that lack a strong opinion about the show. They may have not watch enough to become a fan or hater or the show didn't leave much impact on them.

Level 4-Passive Haters: These people don't like the show. They may hate the show's fanbase if they see fans hyping the show to them, but otherwise typically just ignore the show and its fanbase.

Level 5-Active Haters: These are what people think when they think of a hatedom usually. These people will want to see the show cancel and will probably despise the show's fandom. Like the difference between active and Passive fans,the difference between the two types of haters is the amount of the show determines their social activities.

Please note that these labels and definitions are not made offend fans and haters of a series. If I did I am sorry.

Active need not mean zealous. An active fan would, for example, go to a convention or a book-signing given the opportunity without dressing up like fucking R2-D2.

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I'm not sure why cosplay is a zealous fan activity exactly...I FEEL SO CONFUSED.

-hugs horns and dreams of going to a con in cosplay-

I'm not sure what I think about levels of fan participation. I try to ignore fandom as a large mass and stick to the very small pockets of people I know as the large mass tends to just annoy me. Unless I am at a con. In that case I am either intrigued, amused, or hideously depressed. There's very little right about pushing over a little girl half your size just for a t-shirt.

I do know that there are aspects of the fandoms that I am a part of that I cannot stand. These typically relate to said fandoms' inability to accept that people may not like the thing and that no amount of exposure to the thing is going to change this, that tastes are in fact different, and that no it isn't a godsent miracle. There are other things but that is the one I've been thinking of most lately. That tends to be more of a people failing in general than a failing of any one of those individual levels though.

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Sorry if my use of 'active' is misleading. Sorry also for my ramblings and probably should have thought of a better thread name. 'Active' and 'passive' were not intended to mean that 'passive' fans were not as devoted to a series as 'active' fans. I meant that 'active' fans were more involved in the fan community. Take me for instance, I am a huge gundam fan. I watched most of the shows, own several mangas and import several action figures. One of my dreams is to visit the gundam museum in Japan. However, I see myself as a passive fan since I rarely interact with the gundam fandom. I go to several sites for news and information but that the most I interact with the gundam fandom. The most important thing to remember is that the levels are not superiorty to each other.

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You could probably broaden the levels there, like a Level 0 and Level 6, where that would zealous. Because, personally, I see there being steps above/below the Active levels, which would consists of rabid fans that would probably start up a conversation with a stranger by bringing up their series, and a rabid hater that probably throws a fit just by seeing an advertisement for the series.
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Yeah I'm certainly active; I make fanart, fanfiction, roleplay, and cosplay, but I'm certainly not rabid. I'm actually a bit quiet and on the down low for an active fan in comparison to the stereotype...
If someone wants to accuse us of eating coconut shells, then that's their business. We know what we're doing. - Achaan Chah
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I see the Awesomeness.
I'd probably put a level around the indifferent people. People who simply enjoy/dislike the show.
Feel free to make adjustments to the levels. Calling them levels were not the best word for them.

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9 Excelion13th Dec 2011 04:20:45 AM from The Fatherland
I think it's important to not the tendency of active whatever to try to convince other people of his opinion and 'spread' it.

E.g. an active fan would try to make everyone else like the show, too.

Which is probably what initiates Hype Aversion and Bile Fascination.
10 cityofmist13th Dec 2011 07:24:43 AM from Meanwhile City
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Yeah, I think it's kind of weird that there's no intermediate level between 3 (totally indifferent) and 2 (actually participates in internet fandom). What about just liking/following/watching a show?

There's also no level for people who love a show and talk about it a lot but aren't at all involved with internet fandom, which is what most people do. I was a crazy How I Met Your Mother fan before I was even aware that internet fandom existed.
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Good point Excelion. Cityofmist, I think you misunderstand level 2 and level 3. Level 2 is for fans who like something but generally don't do much with other fans or try to persuade others to like to that something. If someone is following a show than I see them as a level 2. Its important to note that one can be a hardcore fanboy who is a level 2 due to the fact that they merely keep their love of something to themselves.

I see level 1,2,5 as hobbies and 3,4 as not hobbies. Level 3 is for someone who might watch and enjoy, but it didn't leave much of impression on them. For example, in a movie theater, the level 3 guy is the guy that enjoy the movie and may even talk about for a week with his close friends, but after that period will forget about the movie or not think/mention it again and not buy the dvd. In contrast the level 2 guy after the movie will probably remember several parts of the movie, talk or about it, found out more background about it or will probably the dvd.

Cityopost judging from your comment, You sound like a level 1 for How I Met your mother. Level 1 and 2 differences are not solely on internet fandom participation but how much one fandom is public shown. A level 1 fan would readily talk about their show and some would even try to make more fans. Level 2 fans don't have to participate in the internet fandom participate. Heck even Level 1 typically don't to be on the internet if they are very active with their fandom outside of the internet. I hope that clear some of my ideas. Sorry if this doesn't make any sense.

Note:Fan and Hate Dumb can occur on all levels, it just more noticeable on levels 1 and 5 due to their more vocal nature.

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