So I had this idea and I wanted to know if it was dumb or not:

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I'm a super-low alto and I have a friend who's a pretty low bass and we both love Les Miserables, and our voices happen to coincide so that we can both just barely sing "Stars" on the proper pitch (when I say "just barely" I mean just barely without extreme straining, not like we're failures when we go that low/high). And there's a concert every year at our school where kids involved in the music programs can perform pretty much whatever they want.

So we were talking and we started thinking, would it be weird/bad if we sang it as a duet?
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Nothing bad can come of singing Les Mis.
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Sounds interesting enough. Can't hurt to try.
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Being a low-end bass myself, I can't help but be drawn to the idea. Plus, you know, Les Mis and all...
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