Ever felt guilty about not writing?:

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Shadowed Philosopher
That is...ridiculously cool. If I ever get my hands on an old LCD I am so totally going to do that.
Shinigan (Naruto fanfic)
52 JHM6th Dec 2011 11:17:42 AM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: I know
Thunder, Perfect Mind
Seconded. That is fantastic.

Now if only I could do that with a laptop screen...
The Puzzler
No, I do not feel guilty about my lack of writing. However, I feel guilty about making promises to people saying that I will write, and not fulfilling my promises. Believe me there is a difference.

I've been depressed for a while now, and my current situation isn't the most ideal for overcoming it* so I haven't felt motivated to write lately. However I think I know what I need to do to start getting better, so I'm going to try it out soon.

Maybe I might write a few things and post it on here for people to look at.* Key word is maybe, so no promises.

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Shadowed Philosopher
[up][up]There's probably a way, if you take the actual screen unit apart. I've only ever replaced the screen unit in the bezel, but I think it would be doable.
Shinigan (Naruto fanfic)
Never. I only feel guilty when I do write.
56 DrFurball6th Dec 2011 11:13:19 PM from All Along the Watchtower , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
The Summer Titan
Sometimes. Especially right now, since I'm working on a Christmas Special.
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Am right now.
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