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Jake groaned as he rose up "Is there a planet close by?" He shoke his head, probably to stop the spinning
The Yellow
Syven was about to reply, but the man behind him answered in his stead, having regained enough of his bearings to resume his post.

"We've got major hull breaches in decks 2 and 3. Bulkheads held up though. Minor hull breaches already contained in deck 4. Life support got shook up; the atmosphere cycler's operating at 65%, and the water purifier's out of commission. Uncontained fire in thruster 2, from the burst fire suppressant line. Better send someone to patch the pipes up before the damn thing blows. 30% of vessel suffered total power outage. 50% or so are operating on backup power. The vessel VI shut itself down when the power surge hit, so someone'll have to reboot it."

Syven stood aside, tapping into the readouts with his omnitool.

"Are you all right?" He asked the man.

"Yeah. Just some scratches and scrapes. I'll live."

"Good. Arioc to bridge: where do you want me?"
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Miraculously, Rach'an was able to extinguish the fire just before the ship jumped, and by this point he wanted nothing more than to start throwing up.

However, that really wasn't a good idea, as he listened to the communications going through. Somewhere nearby him, something was going to blow up soon. He had two options: Run, or go and fix it. Despite his normal demeanor, one thing he could do quite well was fix a ship, although maybe not with the threat of the thing going boom, so he headed that way.

"Uh, Rach'an speaking. I'm heading towards thruster 2 now. How long do i have before this thing blows up?", Rach'an spoke into his Omni-tool, starting off at a pace far beyond your average run. "And, uh, some help would be nice too."
Amy hadn't expected the jolt, but at least they were safe. That apparently made up for the fact that she was on the ground, slowly rising and stumbling as she looked around, breathing a good sigh of relief.

The interior of the ship itself looked pretty decently beat up, although it held, thankfully. Amy slowly walked around, assisting whomever she could, for what it was worth.

"Doesn't look like we lost anyone, thank God, although alot of the crew looks beat," she said, now wandering slightly aimlessly. Finally, she came across a slightly famliar face. The Death Mask pretty much told her who it was.

"I've got GTL out near disembark.", she spoke once again into her Omni-Tool, kneeling down beside him. "Doctor Kring, can you get here soon, or should i see about getting him to the Med-Bay?"
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Marik sighed as he finished treating Isaac for a second concussion, the human having somehow regained consciousness just before the second impact. He's always been hard-headed, he'll be fine.

Hearing Amy's voice from his Omni-Tool, he responded on the open channel, "If you could get whoever's injured to the Med Bay, that'd be a great help to me, Amy. That goes for anyone else who finds someone who's injured and can't make it there themselves."

Sounds like I'll have some work to do... Hopefully that last impact wasn't a shot from that cannon, I'd hate to be a sitting duck... He cocked his head as he left the engineer. Isn't a duck an Earth avian? What does sitting have to do with such flying creatures? I swear, I pick up the weirdest expressions from these humans...
Una looked around, as to assure herself that the bridge at least was in one piece. "Let's hope they're not good at reading transport logs. Find the safest port you can, I'm running damage control." Rubbing the corner of her eyes, she headed deeper into the ship, hoping she wouldn't happen upon any too grizzly sights.

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Adenn spoke into his terminal. He had been thrown to the floor during the impact, and his terminal had shorted, but there was no permanent damage to either him or the machine. After a reboot, he could more or less ascertain the ship's positioning.

"May be of assistance. Ship is in krogan demilitarised zone. In proximity to homeworld, Tuchanka."

Kate picked herself up off of the floor.
Never going to dance again, based upon the guilt of these feet and their capacity for a rhythm.
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"Got it, Doctor, i'll haul him over there now." Picking up Jordan was... not as easy as one would hope. Thankfully, one of the crew who was lucky enough not to be as beaten up as everyone else got his other side, and together they slowly made their way to the Med-Bay, Jordan being dragged along on his legs.
"You lost, Dio. You lost for one simple reason - you were using charcoal." - Hank Hill
"Fucking Tuchanka." Una grumbled to herself as she walked down the corridors, her omnitool up, keeping track of the damages. "Well, here's hoping the newest Asari Diaries haven't hit the shelves 'round those parts. Goddamn krogan."
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Marik entered the Med-Bay just as Amy and another crew member entered with Jordan, who was still decked out in his heavy armor. Hard to believe that shake could take Jordan out. Well, time to get to work I suppose.

"Thanks, you guys." With their help, the Doctor managed to place the man on a bed and remove the outer layer of his armor. He carefully inspected Jordan with his Omni-Tool.

"Good thing he had his Death Mask on; it took the brunt of the force. Still enough to knock him out, but he doesn't seem to be too badly concussed." Thankfully.
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"Engineer Chel'saar, the ruptured pipe section is under the starboard catwalk in the stern cargo hold. You have about 20 minutes until the temperature in thruster 2 goes above the maximum temperature threshold of the fuel lines. Good luck. Any technical personnel near the cargo hold not fighting fires or containing hull breaches, give him some assistance."

The man turned away from the console, making a wearied sigh before looking up at Syven.

"Bridge is probably busy figuring out where in hell we've arrived at. Arioc, right?"


"The VI situation will be easy to take care of. You're probably better off trying to restore power."


Syven turned away, walking off briskly towards the primary generator.

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Deimos stood in the hall, looking slightly annoyed and half-sleep, being shaken awake at impact. He groggily looked around at the minor damages surrounding him. Just then, a sprinkler went off above his head. He sighed as he walked towards the main area of the ship.

"Great. First I'm woken up to random collisions and now the top of my head is wet. Fine way to start my day," he muttered to himself.

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Una was about to grumble something as to how today had hit rock bottom already when the sprinklers turned on. "Well that's just fucking..." she rounded the corner and found herself facing Deimos. "Oh... hey." She said, the momentum of her rage evaporating.

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"Good. Let's hope he's still fit to go planetside." With that, Amy strode out of the Med-Bay, making her way... somewhere, she wasn't quite sure where she was going. Somewhere important, at any rate.

"Right. I'll, uh, do my best."

Thruster 2 itself, true to the mans report, looked quite heavily damaged. About three other Engineers were there to start, and nobody wasted time getting right to work. On the whole, one of the others had a far better idea of how to actually proceed with fixing it, being a veteran of sorts. Before the end of it, a fifth had joined in, and after a good amount of time, Thruster 2 was at least out of critical condition.

For the first time since he joined the PMC, Rach'an felt accomplished, like he'd accomplished something and could... oh, what was that old term he remembered picking up... 'pat himself on the back?' He thought that was it.

"Alright, uh, Thruster 2's good now. Not in perfect condition, but it'll manage for now.", Rach'an commented. "Uh... is any assistance needed anywhere else?"
"You lost, Dio. You lost for one simple reason - you were using charcoal." - Hank Hill
The Yellow
Syven paged through the damage reports flying back and forth between all quarters of the ship, ignoring the water cascading down all around him. The thruster situation seemed to be under control, for the moment. The man he'd been working with on the decks above could be heard speaking through the network to Rach'an, the engineer who'd helped avert the undesirable explosive outcome.

"Excellent. We'll stay afloat for the time being. Life support might need some on-site damage assessment—see if the water purifier can be brought back online. Everybody else at thruster 2, remove the damaged components once the temperature goes down to a manageable level. The thruster's probably totaled, but we might be able to sell the non-damaged parts for salvage."

Syven closed the channel, reaching to open the door to the primary generator room. The smell of charred insulation material punched his nose the moment he stepped inside.

"Did you get the cable?" A salarian engineer spoke without looking behind him.

Syven paused for a moment. "... No." Right. The surge had taken out something or other leading out from the transformer, one of the reports had said.

"Well then, get someone to drag it from the..." The salarian spoke in a piqued tone before looking up. "Oh. You're not Delit. Never mind. Sere Arioc, if I recall?"


Just then, the door behind them opened again. Two crewmen—one turian, one human—walked in with a thick cable draped between their shoulders.

"Delit. You're here. Sere Arioc, I'll need to help these two replace the cable and put the transformer back in order. I've heard you've experience with electronics, so help man my station, and do exactly as I tell you to bring the generator through the power-up sequence."


The salarian engineer walked towards the generator with the cable men in tow. Syven took his place at the console.

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Deimos chuckled as he heard curses being uttered around the corner, from an unmistakable voice.

"Hey there. Seems like you're as excited about this newest development as I am," Deimos said with a slight smirk. "Any idea how we can get these turned off?" he asked.

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Una cleared her throat and blinked some water out of her eyes before speaking. "Let's see... Uh..." She said, frowning as she tried to remember that particular part of security protocols. "There should be a... console just up there." She nodded towards an intersection of corridors between her. She turned on her heels and headed that way, hoping that the sprinklers had turned on for no reason in particular save being yet another pain in the ass. "Times like this makes me glad I don't have hair."

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Jordan promptly awoke in the Med Bay, letting out a pained groan. He looked over at Marik.

"Marik, you mind... telling me what the fuck it is... with my head, and heavy objects?"
"Agreed," Deimos said, following Una toward the console. Hair or no hair, the sprinklers were quite an annoyance, especially after just waking up. Only four years off Kahje and he was already complaining about smallish amounts of water. He had an inward laugh at that.

"What exactly happened? What were we hit with?" Deimos asked.
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"Yeah..." Una said. "Some assholes brought out the big guns right outta nowhere." She found the console in question, attempting a typical administrative override. "I'm guessing we can decrypt some logs and trying to get a clue who attacked us, but... oh bosh'tet." She looked around. "Must be a manual override somewhere."

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"Well, I have always heard that 'opposites attract.'" Marik turned towards Jordan and grinned at his tease (as much as a turian can, anyways).

"It's a good thing you had your helmet on, though. It would be so annoying to have to push your brain back into your skull."
"Could be anyone. We've definitely picked up some enemies in our travels," Deimos said.

He pulled up the ship schematics on his omni-tool. "Why is it so hard to turn off sprinklers?" he said in mock exasperation. "I have no idea where the manual override would be. Shame, because I've been on this ship the better part of a year..."

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"At least I wouldn't feel any pain while you did so. As far as I know, you can't feel your brain."

He waited for a few more seconds, before asking, "Am I good to go, or do I need to lie here a little longer?"
"Funny how time goes by, of course, being asari, I...." Una said, tapping around on the wall untill a hollow sound hinted at some sort of secret bit. More clicking on the omnitool, and a small, well-hidden hatch slid open, revealing a set of switches. "Bingo." She said, contemplating the switches before picking one to throw.
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"Well, you weren't too badly concussed, all things considered. Try standing up and taking a few steps; if you're steady enough, I'll be fine with letting you go."

The Doctor stepped next to Jordan in case support was necessary.
Jordan slowly got up. He staggered the first two steps he took, but otherwise began to walk at a slow - but balanced - pace.

"Ugh... I have the mother of all headaches, but I think I should be good for emergency situations. How's the Ozzy holding up?"

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