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[up]They talk to fractals? *

Also we do have mini-ecosystems magic already, it was banned in-universe and it's secrets were mostly forgotten about.
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527 Sijo3rd Jan 2012 07:04:08 PM from Puerto Rico
Are we ready for another Project Page update? There's been a LOT of good ideas in the past few days but I want to give people the chance to vote on them before adding them in.
[up]Sounds like good idea.
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529 Exelixi3rd Jan 2012 07:46:04 PM from Alchemist's workshop , Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Let the voting commence.
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[Double Post]

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The Black Police

The Black Emperor's semi-secret police. They are known to exist by the Emperor's own omission and many of their operations suspected, however the identities of their members and the actual inner workings are a mystery to those outside it. While it is suspected that they silence political dissidents, no publically political dissident have ever disappeared in such a way. Much to public. Who has been very publicly made clear to be dead although actual execution is never seen are people guilty of much more petty and domestic crime, such as spousal and child abuse and other crimes that are generally thought of despicable but are hard to convict but 'everyone knows their doing it'. This is sort of a gruesome PR campaign as the Black Police take to unofficially sanctioned vigilante action, when they actually do do away with secret rebels, most people think they must have been doing something horrid.
532 Sijo4th Jan 2012 04:28:05 AM from Puerto Rico
[up]Hrod's empire gets more interesting every time. Could you describe it more eg. where is it located, how it plays off the other races and organizations in the setting etc?

Also, not necessary but I would love a visual of Hrod. Or can I pick one for him? (again, the Net is bristling with gorgeous fantasy artwork.)

Preparing the next list for possible Update Inclusions, should be posted soon.

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533 Sijo4th Jan 2012 05:41:28 AM from Puerto Rico
One last contribution on my part before I post the voting list:

The Champion Of The Gods

He was just a normal boy, who lived in the poor, bad neighborhood of a town of which not even the bricks are left today. An orphan, he had every reason to hate the World and everyone around him.

But he didn't. He helped those in need, shared what little food he had with strangers, even tried to protect the helpless as much as he could. (Some heroes are made, others are born.)

One day, when a thug was about to kill him for ratting him out to the city guards, a bolt of lightning came down from the sky and fried the crook, taking the boy to see a sight few others have ever seen: a total assemblage of ALL gods, Celestial and Terrestrial!

They'd chosen him as the vehicle of their combined power, to combat the Dark Wizard and his Staff of Ultimate Power. Why him? Because (they hoped) he wouldn't be corrupted by the power and turn against them. He agreed (not that he really had a choice.)

When the power was infused into him, it made his body grow, until he was the size of an ogre, and miniature lighting bolts ran all over his skin.

He flew to the Wizard's presence, where he- asked him politely to surrender.

This got him blasted right through a mountain.

Realizing there was no other option but the destruction of his foe, the boy-turned-man flew back, and the clash began.

It lasted three days.

In the end, the Champion won mainly because the Wizard's heart gave out. His last words were, "I should have become a lich..."

As mentioned above, The Champion tried to destroy the staff, but even all the power he had could not break it. Looking at the (now clear) night sky above, he decided it would be the best place to hide it in instead, and hurled it away with all his might.

He then returned to the assembled gods, some of whom feared that they may have just traded one threat for another. But he returned the granted power with no demands. When asked what his reward should be, he merely asked to be sent back home.

He lived the rest of his life in the same town, still poor, the fact he had been the savior of the world unknown to most people there.

...Though he noticed that he never got sick, finding food and shelter wasn't so hard now, and those who wished to harm him succumbed to mysterious accidents.

(It's a good thing to have an entire pantheon covering your back. wink)

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534 Sijo4th Jan 2012 05:46:50 AM from Puerto Rico
535 Slender4th Jan 2012 08:30:29 AM from Somewhere near myself
King of kings
This was a really good session so I have to say I support everything except for the elemental dwarves, werewolves, moonkin, and oblivionism.
536 Sijo4th Jan 2012 09:05:24 AM from Puerto Rico
Visual for The Champion: [1]
537 Exelixi4th Jan 2012 09:14:15 AM from Alchemist's workshop , Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Support everything excluding elemental dwarves.
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538 God_of_Awesome4th Jan 2012 01:06:33 PM , Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
I support the Elemental Dwarves. Go Elemental Dwarves! By your powers combined!
539 TheyCallMeTomu4th Jan 2012 01:47:56 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Elemental dwarves is a bad idea, unless it's all father sky and mother earth style.

In Tarroth, for instance, bronze dwarves are subterranian, whereas silver dwarves are more vikingy.

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I support everything but the purposed dwarf ideas both elemental and otherwise.
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541 Sijo4th Jan 2012 02:54:04 PM from Puerto Rico
I like the elemental dwarves... the problem is, they are too different from all the other humanoid races, which we have established as being mostly human with a few extra gifts, and in fact humans come from their interbreeding. Can elementals even breed with humans? But again, we could use them if we named them something else. This setting doesn't have enough elementals if you ask me.

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[up] Incarnations are the closet things to classic RPG elementals. I would like us to play more with the mythological elementals more though but those aren't really used as much in RP Gs.
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543 God_of_Awesome4th Jan 2012 06:11:25 PM , Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
(Elemental) Dwarven Physiology

Dwarves are still creatures of mortal flesh and blood who merely of each individual breed have an element which slowly infuses into their flesh. At birth, they are utterly mortal and even as they grow old though they become something like an elemental but still very mortal. They die when the elemental power overwhelms their flesh, around when the 'ratio' surpasses 1:1 in favor of the Elemental power. Only if their living spirit persists do they become something beyond mortal that starts to drift away from other beings in physiology drastically. Before this point, they are very close to average humanoid physiology other then a closeness to an element and can interbreed.
544 Exelixi5th Jan 2012 12:37:06 PM from Alchemist's workshop , Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Not feeling it, bro.

Vyc: By mythological elementals do you mean the classical/alchemical ones; salamanders, etc?

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545 Sijo5th Jan 2012 12:52:22 PM from Puerto Rico
I'm not feeling it, either. I think I slept on it.


That was a joke. Laugh!!


Goa's concept does indeed remind me of the Rosicrucian concept of elementals, which were more races than monsters. Note that in there, earth elementals were called Gnomes and looked like, you guessed it, Dwarves!! ...But we already used the Gnome name too (for old Elves, right?)

Let's keep trying.

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[up][up]Yes :3 ... I think

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547 Sijo5th Jan 2012 03:19:39 PM from Puerto Rico
Since we are taking the easy way to vote, here are mine: everything but: Elemental dwarves (since we haven't settled the matter yet), The Gift of the False Artificer (still not convinced a psionic effect can last without a living being powering it continuously), Brownies (needs work too) and The Lucky (not convinced it makes for a character class, unless its Gift-powered.)
548 God_of_Awesome5th Jan 2012 04:29:01 PM , Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Less character, more explanation/slang-term. "How did you get the power to be in this power-demanding position?" "I was born with this power." "I dedicated by life to gain this power." "I sort of tripped over it by accident."
549 God_of_Awesome5th Jan 2012 04:40:49 PM , Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Abyssal Gods

A third class of deity, not a god in the sense of the others. It does not rely upon prayer, but calling it anything less then a god seems innappropiate. Their are still those that worship it, barter with it, this thing that exists in defiance of nature, a cosmic abomination that either exists because of some mistake or glitch in the natural world or coming from beyond it, from a place where the rules do not apply. Their touch and pressence is maddening and mutating.



Less of a race and more an expanding humanoid virus, created by the hands of a dark god, evil wizard or mad artificer. They have a mixture of reptilian, mammalian and insectoid features and they do not reproduce as humanoids do. They capture live victims, drug them, wrapped them in the fetal position and dip them into their breeding pools. The victim does not drown by some means. A shell hardens around them and a malignant intelligent takes over their mind as their bodies are slowly made to change. They are reborn, the original person still stuck in the back, forced to watch as their transformed bodies are used to add more to the collective.


Okay, so you've said you guys like the idea but not for Dwarves. Then, a) use it for what and b) what for the dwarves?
550 Sijo5th Jan 2012 04:50:14 PM from Puerto Rico
[up]I propose we use it for Gnomes, and redesign the concept of gnomes as Older Elves. Since we already have Orcs as older goblins, it seems kind of repetitive anyway.

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