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1 kamikamiya30th Sep 2011 02:10:37 PM from Here and Deviantart
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I have this character in my story, who's this sort of Great Gazoo like Trickster who pretty much gives the heroine her powers and disappears for a while. I'm having trouble coming up with something to call him/her. At first I was thinking Jinxie, but I grew tired of that. I was also considering Robin, after Robin Goodfellow, but I'm not sure that fits. Does anyone have any ideas? Here are her traits

-Androgynous and young looking -Has a real showman like attitude, kind of like Puck from Gargoyles or Clopin from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. -His/her main color motif is purple. -Is a fan of works of fiction, -If you're trying to picture her, think of something like a cross between and (more the costume bit on the second one).
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2 KSPAM30th Sep 2011 02:49:34 PM from PARTY ROCK , Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
Lilith or Pandora are good. Maybe Ophelia if she edges into violent/too crazy?
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I like Robin because it's a unisex name for your androgynous character.

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4 kamikamiya1st Oct 2011 06:20:29 AM from Here and Deviantart
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Oh, my images won't link... So imagine Anabel from pokemon mixed with NiGHTS outfit from
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5 BlueNinja01st Oct 2011 07:22:53 AM from Lost in a desert oasis , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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Try finding one of those name-translator sites, and see what comes up in various languages for "trickster". I had a PC who was named Marid* , but I'm not sure what a good feminine form would be for that.
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6 Voltech441st Oct 2011 06:33:42 PM from Alongside a Virtual Weasel , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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How about Cardano? Barring that, you could choose a name based on any other mathematician. What is a trickster without the laws of probability, after all?
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7 kamikamiya4th Oct 2011 08:29:00 AM from Here and Deviantart
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Nice suggestions, but can anyone tell me what they think of the name Jinxie specifically?
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slice of lice
It sounds like something you'd name a cat.

Or a stripper.
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Or an offensive stereotype from the early 20th century.

...just sayin'.
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11 Trotzky5th Oct 2011 04:39:21 PM from 3 km North of Torchwood
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"Robin" is excellent, even fancy versions like "Rhob'yndn" aren't that bad.

If a con-man's name means he has "con-man" tattooed on his forehead ... tlc.
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12 kamikamiya6th Oct 2011 11:48:08 AM from Here and Deviantart
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I was wanting something a little modern sounding, but still unusual. She's had a few different names, she keeps updating them
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13 66Scorpio7th Oct 2011 03:56:55 AM from Toronto, Canada
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I would go with Raven rather than Robin: Raven Mountebank.

The raven is mythologically associated as being a trickster and your average person won't necessarily know what a mountebank is.

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I wrote a screenplay about a "trickster". I gave him the name Lark, meaning trick.
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[up][up] Ravens have even more associations with wisdom and ill omen than with trickery. And sadly, ravens are overused as all hell.

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I'd go with Jinx, instead of Jinxie. Personally, I think Pandora was the best name suggested so far; it sounds really chaotic, which is exactly what you want your trickster to be.

EDIT: Actually, I just realized that your character is meant to be androgynous. In that case, I'd go with either Jinx or Robin.

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