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126 SeptimusHeap2nd Sep 2012 03:57:16 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
No, because we don't want wicks to the redirect at all.
As of 29 September, the only remaining wicks to Main.And The Fandom Rejoiced are on:

What happens now?

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129 SeptimusHeap29th Sep 2012 03:37:06 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
YMMV Redirects needs to be removed - it suggests to wick this on YMMV pages, which is wrong.

The only other thing needed is to YKTTW the trope, and I am not familiar enough with YKTTW to do this.
All right, it's gone from YMMV Redirects (inevitably, another wick appeared earlier today, but it's gone now). I don't know how the YKTTW process works either, so I can't help with that, unfortunately.

EDITED TO ADD: It looks as though various namespace edits have been made to old newsletters, so I've added the Sugar Wiki namespace to the newsletter wick, and removed it from the list at TRS Wick Cleaning as the only wick left is the one in Pothole Magnet. (And I wonder if perhaps that wick should be changed to Sugar Wiki/ as well.)

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Probably getting a bit ahead of things here, but should the Main/ redirect be put on the cut list (or at least faux-redlinked) to discourage wicks from outside Sugar Wiki? The fact that SugarWiki.And The Fandom Rejoiced has the "YMMV trope" banner across the top is apparently still causing some editors to believe it goes on the YMMV pages for works, in spite of the boldface warning at the end of the introduction saying "Do not link to this on the wiki."

As far as the YKTTW for the re-launch of the "announcement wins over sceptical fandom" trope (if it qualifies as a trope rather than fan reaction) is concerned, I presume illustrative examples can still be harvested from the SugarWiki.And The Fandom Rejoiced pages (although lots of examples are just "announcement causes fan celebration", some of them are specifically "announcement causes celebration even by formerly sceptical fans").

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132 SeptimusHeap17th Oct 2012 01:44:08 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
The main redirect will have to stay until the inbounds are gone.
133 lu1277th Dec 2012 12:49:24 AM from 空蝉丸
Looks like you guys finished. 'Grats!
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15th May '12 10:22:05 AM
What would be the best way to fix the page?
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Note: None of the current options are mutually exclusive.

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