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Kara no Shoujo:

Well, anyway, it's out now and I'm starting it. Yukari better be awesome, she shares Usami's VA.

I hear that it's even gorier than Umineko. Which is really saying something.
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Wait, Chie's VA is in it!?!? MUST PLAY.

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Gorngorngorngorngorn. I know I'll finish this because apart from the gorn it's pretty interesting but seriously come on.

Okay, all done. And I made an article for it. I have to say, though, that I didn't find the true ending very satisfying. Why doesn't Toko get to have any happy endings? The best she gets is to live out her life as a torso? I think more than anything I find this bothersome because the general feeling seems like this is supposed to be at worst bittersweet and not the downer it is.

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Why did I have to read that spoiler. I mean, I could guess what it said, and it bothers me, too, but still.
A Kara no Shoujo 2 has apparently been announced which seems as though it is addressing my concerns, but as far as I'm aware the information on it is rather nebulous.

 8 Solstace, Thu, 14th Jul '11 3:00:48 AM from the Second Viennese School
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Yeah, it's been announced, but as with all things, don't count on it until it has an official release date.
I'm not exactly waiting with bated breath here. Kara no Shoujo was interesting, I suppose, but gorn isn't my thing and the second half of the story was a little too casual about everything. I'll be happy to see it when it comes out if it gets translated, but until then I'm not too concerned.

I'd love to see other novels by Innocent Grey translated, but the translation of a novel taking place in the same world, Rengoku (Purgatory) has been halted from being translated because Innocent Grey didn't want it or something. Anyone here know the full story on that?
So hey, I just started playing this earlier today. It's currently March 16th in-game, and I'm following this walkthrough. Already got the first bad ending where you find out Orihime's involvement with the Schisma. I guess I should be glad that I wasn't eating anything while reading it. Ugh.

So does this follow the Knox rules? I have some speculations in mind, too.

"...Her family didn't want a headless corpse on their plot." ...Damn.

Goddamnit. Okay, this is just depressing ;__;

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This is the only VN I've read that felt depressing rather than sad. I'm not the type of person who likes figuring things out on my own, so I just followed a walk-through. I can't help you on what mystery tropes might be in play.
I have no idea.
Yeah, this story was pretty depressing. And after awhile I started finding it kind of distasteful. As for whether it follows Knox's rules, I don't know. I don't think it's really structured as a mystery so much as just a story.


Looks like I strayed from the walkthrough somewhere. Damn it.

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Ah, shame this isn't a mystery. There needs to be more mystery VNs. Takashiro's wife has just been murdered and the culprit's been exposed. Dear God this guy is sick.
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Just finished my first playthrough of Kara no Shoujo a while ago, so I'll just get my thoughts in order, if no one minds. First, I like how a lot of the major characters have an obsession to some degree — Reiji with the murder from six years ago, Yukari with insects, Tojiko with mysteries, and more importantly, the Mamiya family's obsession with Kara no Shoujo. It provides a nice compare-and-contrast to one another.

I also find that Touko Kuchiki's accident to be a retarded plot device. Touko Mizuhara is an goddamn idiot and is probably way on the bottom of my favorite characters list.

I'm glad that Yukari survives until the end; I really like her personality. She and Touko (Kuchiki) are my favorites among the girls. And speaking of the ending, I'd like to see Ayumu and Reiji working together as a detective pairing. KnS 2, maybe?

So yeah, all in all, I like the game, but there were times where the gore was too in-your-face. I'll probably work on getting the true ending when I have the time.
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The gore really went overboard at times and seemed like outright guro to me.

During the second half, I personally found it hard to be invested. I just seemed to stop caring because everyone was dropping like flies.

I've been playing this VN since yesterday. So far, I've gotten most of the bad ends as well as four of the normal ends by following an all-ends walkthrough. Even before I played this VN, I heard that the true end is not much better, or even worse in terms of melancholy than the normal endings.

At this point, I don't think I really want to go through all that depressing shit again to get essentially more depressing shit, so I'll drop my aversion to spoilers and ask this right now - is Toko saved in the True End? If she isn't, then screw this, I'm done with this VN.

edited 29th Apr '12 11:37:20 AM by Thrombin

No, she is not. However, there's supposedly a Kara no Shoujo 2 in the works and she's on the cover art. People speculate that she returns with artificial limbs or something since her body was not recovered.

Finally got around to 100% completion (well, except for the little differences in the H-scenes). I'm just really disappointed in how they handled Touko's accident; it feels way too contrived and stupidity-reliant. Also got around to writing my review.

All in all, it wasn't as depressing as I thought it would be, but I wish it could've been better.
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Personally, I stopped caring about the cast's problems after the first killer was stopped. It just seemed too grim after that.

That's her? Her face looks really different though.

To be honest, the only thing that bothered me significantly was the way the story handled Toko towards the end. I wasn't particularly put off by the high body count or the gore. I was invested in Toko's story at least, if not a little in Reiji's as well. Maybe I was playing with the wrong expectations or something, but I got the impression that Toko was a central part of the novel and the resolutions to her story were just terrible.

edited 29th Apr '12 11:33:56 AM by Thrombin

[up] Yes, that's exactly what bothered me.

I'll just find solace in the fact that Yukari survives until the end. The true end at least manages to be hopeful in tone.
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Touko was pretty clumsily handled, yes. It's like the author sat down and said to himself "Hm, I want to tell everyone where she came from, but I also want a downer ending. I know, we'll have the main character just wander around investigating random things and have Touko get all her limbs chopped off before dying. Flawless!"

Oh, and I don't understand how this managed to get an OVA; a hentai one, at that.
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