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Team Fortress 2: Newbie Advice Thread:

 1051 Orange Spider, Sun, 13th Nov '11 9:47:23 AM from Ursalia Relationship Status: On the prowl
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I don't like the Cloak and Dagger as a spy because it makes me lose all the mobility and maneuverability that the invisiwatch or the Dead Ringer give.

I prefer to roam the map as a spy and never quite strike in the same spots, or else the enemy starts to get cute and try to find you.
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 1052 Sabbo, Sun, 13th Nov '11 11:45:52 AM from Australia Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
I play YER/DR, and always tend to have trouble when I need to switch to different equipment. CnD used to be my preference before I got used to the Dead Ringer around the time of f2p.

EDIT: Lacking voluntary cloaking is slightly offset by the ability to run into the line of enemy fire with the thing equipped, which is reasonably voluntary already.

edited 13th Nov '11 11:47:38 AM by Sabbo

 1053 Kayeka, Sun, 13th Nov '11 11:50:34 AM from Amsterdam Relationship Status: Brony
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[up]Voluntary, yes, but also glaringly obvious. That's the biggest problem I have with YER/DR.

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 1054 Sabbo, Sun, 13th Nov '11 11:54:03 AM from Australia Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
The trick is to learn how to not make it obvious. I take advantage of the fact that spies going melee is already very common.
I'm gonna get on the troper servers as soon as I can stabilize my damn Internet. I suck at playing Scout, Sniper and especially Spy, but I'll keep on practicing.
 1056 Vorpy, Mon, 14th Nov '11 7:15:09 PM from from from from from from
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Hitbox references. I believe this is the chart needed to help snipers know where to shoot, righTt?
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So sscouts have efffed up hit boxes? They're like...displacer beasts!
No, I think that chart tells you where you should hit teammates to reveal any spies in your midst.

edited 14th Nov '11 9:27:47 PM by FuschlatzOReilly

 1059 Tacitus, Mon, 14th Nov '11 10:10:08 PM from now and then and maybe Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
Wouldn't you say that Dead Ringer and Big Earner would be a far better combo, considering that the damage reduction from the DR makes the health loss from using the BE almost unnoticeable? Not to mention that as a DR spy, your cloak meter basically function as your life meter, so getting 30 cloak on stab is a huge boon. At least, that's how I see it.

Interesting, I never looked at my Ringer as some sort of force field.

Never tried the Big Earner, never saw the need to. My Spy strategy is to disguise as a teammate* in the spawn - typically a Sniper with an SMG* or a Pyro. Run out of spawn, wander into a firefight with the watch ready, "oh noes I am noob Sniper oh I am slain." While the Dead Ringer is active hurry past the enemy frontline, pick a disguise before I'm visible again, grabbing any ammo kits to hurry my cloak's recharge. From there it's the sentries if they're up, otherwise targets of opportunity. In either case I'm relying more on my disguise kit than my cloak, or lurking out of sight while visible.

Anyway, the health lost from the Earner might be problematic for another reason - if someone's spychecking you, but you don't panic and run or start fighting, and you don't die immediately or cloak, sometime's they'll miss the blood splatters and assume you're friendly. Medic shot me with a half-dozen syringes once, I didn't react, and then he healed what damage he did. And then he ubered me a half-minute later.

edited 14th Nov '11 10:10:41 PM by Tacitus

Actually, I have a question about disguised spies: does playing on the lowest graphical settings do anything about that? I have shot and ignited many disguised spies but never noticed them bleeding or actually catching fire, which is rather problematic until they decloak. Is this some bug, my graphical settings, or an innate ability of disguises?

So- hello! Newbie to both these forums and TF 2, though I've been on the game for a few weeks and so have gotten the basic hang of it. Also, this thread has been pretty useful. That said, I have a few questions...

1) The tutorials for the classes. Do you only get these for Soldier, Spy, Demoman and Engie? Because it keeps saying I haven't completed engineer, although I have. (I've gotten the hang of most of the other classes, but it would still be nice to take the formal tutorial).

2) Any good tips for demo-man? I find I'm rather clumsy with the rocket launcher, meaning my defense is pathetic, and I hardly live long enough to activate the stickies!

3) Not sure if it was better to ask it here or in the TF 2 Troper Server thread, but since I'm already posting here...I'm trying to get into the dedicated server with the password 'foamy', but its saying its wrong? Am I just being a no0b, or what?

 1062 Rocket Dude, Tue, 22nd Nov '11 8:54:54 PM from AZ, United States
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We changed it. It's "bear53" without the quotation marks.
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 1063 Big Daddy P, Wed, 23rd Nov '11 6:30:58 PM from England Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
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I'm not looking through the entire thread just in case, but here is a handy guide in how to use the Sniper's bow!

1. Practice. Yes yes every weapon is good with that but with the bow you have to sue it often enough that you know how long it takes to pull an arrow, and how long it takes to reach the target. Again, pretty obvious, but it's about getting used to it so you don't -have- to consciously think about the time it takes.

2. Prediction. The bow is pretty slow to reach it's target, so what you have to do is 'predict'. If a scout is running across a wide open space, where are you going to fire? Where he is at that moment, or where he -will- be? The latter part means you can headshot any class that is moving. Do not panic if a demoman is charging you, as you can easily get off a headstrike then (And laugh at how hilarious it looks).

3. Awareness. The great advantage to the bow is you don't zoom in, so you can see much more of what is going around. However, you still can't see behind you, so make use of the fact you don't have to zoom to fire, run around, and fire again.

4. ...can't think of a name. When you're being attacked by the bow, stand still. Move only when they fire their arrow, and go in any direction. Do not allow yourself to be predictable.

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 1064 Orange Spider, Wed, 23rd Nov '11 6:41:47 PM from Ursalia Relationship Status: On the prowl
Must Keep The Web Intact
Well, it does help that the 'sticks' can do more damage at close range than a frigging rocket, which is pretty goddamnedly stupid in my book, but whatever.
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 1065 Vorpy, Wed, 23rd Nov '11 6:44:19 PM from from from from from from
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Otherwise I would use you.
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 1066 Big Daddy P, Thu, 24th Nov '11 11:27:34 AM from England Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
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[up][up]Actually it doesn't matter how far away you are, a headshot with the arrow will kill you dead.

If you have a look at the Tajmahal sniper map, with it's very very tall towers... I once managed to shoot an arrow up into the tower, while on the ground floor, and I killed someone by sticking them to the ceiling of the tower with an arrow, via their head.

It's powerful no matter the range.

edited 24th Nov '11 11:29:28 AM by BigDaddyP

Have you ever played 'nuts on the table'?
 1067 Orange Spider, Thu, 24th Nov '11 11:47:34 AM from Ursalia Relationship Status: On the prowl
Must Keep The Web Intact
Which does not really change my point.

The huntsman's arrows are stupidly powerful.

The Great Northern Threadkill.
 1068 Vorpy, Thu, 24th Nov '11 11:51:38 AM from from from from from from
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Medieval mode is impossible to win against a good Huntsniper.
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 1069 Big Daddy P, Thu, 24th Nov '11 12:23:54 PM from England Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
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[up]Pffft. No matter how good the sniper they will all fall prey to spies. Razorbacks do not scare spies, only newbs don't go after them. In actuality, a sidestab can sometimes bypass the razorback. Not to mention a razorback just says to spies 'I challenge you spies not to backstab me'.

I am proud of the fact if I see a sniper with razorback, I -will- strike it, then duck away quickly, making sure to stab when they fire, so they zoom out either way. Then, I run away, hide, and it's unlikely they'll go find another razorback, but if they do, FEEL MY REVOLVER!

Of course, on sniper vs sniper maps, you have to be patient.

edited 24th Nov '11 12:28:30 PM by BigDaddyP

Have you ever played 'nuts on the table'?
Your dedicated base engie whining about all the spies and soldiers that keep wrecking his shit? Sick of being murdered by spies? Why not pyro? A pyro protecting an engie's sentry can turn a minor obstacle into a meat grinder. Rockets and stickies meant for the turret can be airblasted away, and even good spies shall burn for their sins. Pyros can also get the homewreacker, which can destroy sappers, great for engie support. On spies, if you spy check with your flame thrower and someone doesn't burst into flame, but keeps whining about it, it's a spy with a spycicle, and you just have to keep burning him until it runs out. Also, never attempt to kill an obvious or exposed spy with your melee weapon, even if you know not to follow spies up stairs, they can still face stab you. When dealing with really good spies, I'd recommend a few extreme measures: 1. use the shotgun, no good player will get hit by your flare gun. 2. If he's using the dreaded dead ringer+spycicle+ambassador combo, never pursue on a straightaway, you can't catch him. Instead, stay glued to the area with your engie buddy and keep a keen lookout. He may get away every time, but at least he's not tap dancing on your grave. Communication is key to killing these bastards.

 1071 Fergard Stratoavis, Tue, 31st Dec '13 4:40:49 AM from The Abyss Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
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Thought I might try and resurrect this thread with some advice to any TF 2 beginner around.

General Class Advice:

  • Never. Stop. Moving. No matter whether you're a Sniper awaiting to get a headshot, Engie chilling in his sentry nest or whoever else, don't stop moving. Standing still does not improve your aim and makes you a sitting duck for any half-competent enemy.
    • The only exception to this rule would be Cloak and Dagger Spy.
  • Crouch Jumps are your friends. They can get you through obstacles you'd normally have to run around to avoid, saving you some precious time.
  • Generally speaking stock weaponry is the good one to start with. It might not be as flashy or powerful as some sidearms, but they also won't usually require as much skill and are generally reliable in any situation. Once you get a hang of them try alternatives.
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