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The Only Sane Man is something a pet peeve trope to me, I almost find that it include character who either like daria, Kyon, Huey Freeman or Chisame Hasegawa.I think it is not the trope that annoys as much as the characters who invoke it are and nobody likes a jerkass. Are characters who are the only sane man without being jerkasses or snarkers?
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I think you've missed a verb. To answer what I think you meant to ask, Yossarian is pretty non-Jerkass.
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Off Topic: I cannot win with you people. sad

On topic: I understand that they are grounded in reality but the whole jerkass thing is really getting old.
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Well, for me, Chisame and Kyon give off more of a Deadpan Snarker vibe than a Jerkass one. In Chisame's case, she's more apathetic than anything, just trying to be normal even though for some reason she's surrounded by craziness.

Honestly, she's my favorite character in that series, as is Kyon in his.
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Yeah, Kyon's more of a Deadpan Snarker. Haruhi is the real Jerkass. Kyon only seems like a jerk because he snarks and never interfere when Haruhi is taking advantage of Mikuru.

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Yeah, I don't really see how Kyon is a jerkass. Nor really Huey Freeman, for that matter, though the case could be more easily made.

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Well it just seems that way to me. Kyon did kind of rub off on me the wrong way what with this unreilable narrating.
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