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Waaah! I would crumple up. If you want your student characters going outside school, you might have to focus on when they have their weekend breaks. Or, try having them sneak out somehow? and pray that the teachers don't notice?

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@dRoy: I don't really understand what your plot is about, but is there anyway that you can work around the intense schedule to have your characters interact?

Or, is there a way to work some of the school and studying into the story?

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[up] Actually, since the school is a private school (not that rare in Korea, if I'm correct) so anyone who is in top 10% percentile (around 20) is allowed to study wherever they want to.

  • Jang Hyunsoo is actually given permission to go home earlier because he's one of the top students (4th). It helps that his mentor is also one hell of a mentor.
  • Ditto with Eun-A (7th).
  • Jiho (209th)...the school gave up on him.

Well, that's good for two, then. I'm sure that you will be able to find a way to either include that, or work around it if you need to have them doing something.
Yeah, guess it's nothing substantial. The problem stemmed because the Five-Man Band is all made of (superpowered) students. Maybe I could change their status, but I really want a school setting.

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Ja; with Jang and Eun-A, can they can choose to go or not whenever it's study time? And Jiho.. I suppose his delinquency means he does not particularly care about studying— would he take an opportunity to sneak out?
[up] He's actually Brilliant but Lazy, as in, he can study for days WITHOUT SLEEPING if he feels like it, but when they are more, in his words, interesting things, like serial murders, study can take a backseat. Also, he has a very disturbing Dark and Troubled Past (in a tender age of 15)and the school knows it so the teachers just don't want to get involved with him much.

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Hmm, bumping. Would making the main trio all live in a same town sound too contrived?
What makes them main characters? Because, if it's not something like superpowers, I don't see any reason for it to be contrived. And if it is superpowers, how rare are they?
While my verse is filled to brim with Augmenters, the main cast, especially the trio...let's see here, there's five class of threat levels. 5 is the highest and 4 can warrant you as a Person of Mass Destruction or close enough. By the six, man band is completed, three of them is level 4, two level 5, and the main character? Level 6.

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Yeah, that does sound a bit contrived. But, since the main character is level 6 anyway, can't you say that, among other things, he augments the powers of the people around him?
Oh wait, I missed the point of your question. Only trio lives in the same district and the rest lives around pretty distant from each other, even from another province (since the school they attend is a boarding school, it wouldn't be too implausible).

Hmm, the MC augmenting (you know, that was supposed to be a big ass spoiler....) the others...sounds pretty good.
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Well played, old chap!
So wait, if Level 4 makes you a Person of Mass Destruction, what does Level 6 entail exactly? 'Cause if that's a logarithmic scale...well, I wouldn't want to be a bad guy.
Did I ever tell you...the definition of insanity?
If you are Level 4, you can do stuff like dropping a small meteorite, setting a whole army on fire, creating a force field that can tank missiles.

If you are Level 5, you can use Mass Hypnosis, break through continents, create a small black hole, and spam freaking laser beams whose firepower can match the most powerful man made weapon in my verse. Think of Level 4 taken up to Over Nine Thousand.

If you are Level 6, what you should know is that there has been only one case of such users and even that is so unclear that the general belief among the scholars is that the level is only theoretical. Being this level more or less makes you a God. The main character has the access to the Orign, aka the existence of everything itself. Of course, he uses such power twice in the whole series and when he did, massive scale of Curb-Stomp Battle happened. Did I mention that accessing to this for even a split second eats up your lifespan and physical body like crazy?

You know, this is supposed to be a massive spoiler...God damn it.

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Well played, old chap!
Ah, don't worry about it. Avoiding spoilers on this subforum is like trying to dodge rain - impossible, unless you're really, really good at Touhou. I've rather forgotten where I was going with that metaphor.
Did I ever tell you...the definition of insanity?
I think I understand. A good one, because I kinda lol'd.
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Can I vote against the backwards name? It sticks out like a sore thumb.
Which one? Kresreb? Wouldn't have to worry about that much now that I have decided on the setting.

Also, since I'm more or less basing the whole story around where I live, they also go to a boarding school. Since the story starts from their first day of first year, would it be necessary to describe how the school works and structures in detail?

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