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The shots and attacks of the group did indeed manage to fell some of the islanders, their furry faces writhing in agony as they fell to the ground. Some of the braver members of the pack scrambled forward, their apelike limbs carrying them forward with suprising speed. Five of the creatures, these ones brandishing rusted weapons that had clearly been scavenged from the shipwrecks, lunged forwards onto the group, eager to bludgeon their prey.
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As an ape creature lunged for her, Emily tried to grab it weapon, and wrestle it out of its hands.
Sandy finished loading and fired her musket.
Seemed like the crisis was averted, as Alex picked up her bag and calmed down considerably then before. All she wanted now was their names, which was a reasonable enough request. Unless she needed their names to cast some kind of instant death spell, but he'd take his chances. "Heh, name's Dante. Nice to meet ya, babe." he said with a smirk not long after Samus, batting his eyes. "And let me tell ya, have we got a tale for you."

To Samus' question, he only shrugged. "Unless you're just dyin' to examine those coconuts, I say we get back to the ship. Knowin' our luck, the only thing we'd probably find here is another cursed sea monster magnet." Unlike some people, he wasn't too particularly invested in treasure of any kind. They all ended up cursed or unholy in his line of work anyway, it really wasn't worth the effort. Now Devil Arms, there was something to get excited about. But if he were to find one of those on this island, he'd eat his fancy new hat.

With the general consensus being 'Get out of Dodge', he turned on his heels to start their way back to the ship...when a sing song chirp interrupted him. Beatrix had soared back above him, looking down at him intently. "What it is, kid?" he asked, crossing his arms as he looked up at her. The Chatot made a few small circles around him before fluttering away and landing on a nearby rock. Ruffling her feathers, she scratched at something curiously basking on top of the rock.

It was a set of cards. On a random deserted island. Fancy that.

He gave the set a cards a discerning glance, before turning his head back towards Alex. "...Were those always here?" His gut instinct told him that the set of cards were probably more than what met the eye, considering how they were just perfectly untouched on the rockbed for no damn good reason at all. That also meant that they were probably magic or cursed or another one of those popular buzzwords.

And from the looks of it, they weren't even playing cards. Damn.

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Alice once again grabbed her Teapot Cannon, and while the others fought, she charged it, sending a grenade-full of scalding tea into the approximate middle of the group of homonids.
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"Dang it!" Oswald cursed after seeing the blunderbuss didn't scare away them like he expected. Seeing the chimp men with rusted bludgeons the rabbit put away the shotgun and pulled out his shileilagh, managing to block one of them, pushing them back, and then following up with a swipe at their legs with the club.


Stay Team

19450's shot did damage one of the turrets, causing it to spark and crackle. However, the turrets, instead continuing to fire upon the Group, instead aimed for the water in front of along the sides with continuous rapid fire blasts rather than powerful charged up shots. The turret that was hit by 19450 exploded due to overheating caused by the earlier damage, but the other four still managed to fire enough lasers to make escape through swimming immensely risky. Soon, panels opened up on the top decks of the ship, revealing missile silos.

All five fired payload after payload, the missiles flying over the group, seemingly missing them......and then slamming into some of the boats further into the reef, creating an near impenetrable wall of exploding projectiles. At first observation this would all seem like a useless waste of ammo, but on closer inspection it was actually a rather ingenious way of boxing the group in for the humanoid robots that were coming out of the metal doors, each of them crudely designed as pirates and skeletons with weapons to match......

Underwater, panels on the bottom of the ship opened up, and out popped two foot tall beetle like robots that crawled towards Jim and Karzahni. When they crawled close enough to the two, the beetles extended the legs upwards, increasing their height an extra foot, whipped out a pair of buzzsaws on each, and started spinning the buzzsaws like a propellers. The sheer momentum of the spinning buzzsaws caused the beetles to hover into the air as they close in on the two.....
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"Actually, it might be useful to grab a good load of coconuts. At least it means we'll have food for awhile, and coconut milk, too. As to those cards... well, enchanted cards aren't exactly rare, let me take a look."

She walked over to the deck that Dante had indicated, knelt down, and held out a palm over the cards. Mumbling something beneath her breath, she waited and saw a faint blue glow.

"Yeah, they're enchanted alright. I can't say what kind of enchantment, but they're probably your standard fortune-telling cards or something along those lines. The next best possibility with something like this is that they're cursed. I'd say the risk outweighs the possible benefits and wouldn't touch them." She turned at looked at the group seriously. "But I'll leave that up to you. I'd like to do a quick sweep of the rest of the islands to make sure there's not anything else we're missing, food included. In the meantime, I suggest you gather up some of those coconuts for the trip, 'kay? I'll be back in five minutes or so. Raywing!"

With that, a supernatural wind took Lina up a few feet into the air. She leaned forward and skimmed off across the rocks and sand.
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Flashback for Beryl.

"May, of course you wouldn't let Tessen fight with an injured wing. She actually needs her wings to get around. It's not like she'd have much of a choice anyway." Raspberyl replied, her own mild frustration dying down ever-so-slightly. While she was somewhat disappointed in herself for managing to make her friend worry, there was also a tiny flicker of gladness from the slightly-selfish part of the demon girl. She may not have liked it, but her friend did care enough to worry about her. Still, she couldn't help but feel May was missing the point, or was at least ignoring it in order to try and keep her safe. It was easy for the trainer to tell her to sit in the back - She couldn't fight on her own like everyone else could, and despite her team being a formidable group in and of themselves, May was almost never forced into a position where she had to directly assist the group.

"...I already said I wasn't going to run off again, and I would never run blindly into a fight." Raspberyl continued, her voice slightly quieter than before. May would be able to hear a note of sheepish frustration in the demon girl's voice as she finally slipped her coat back on. She supposed she couldn't have expected her blunder to have been totally forgiven nor forgotten so soon, but she had certainly hoped that could have been the case. "I fight from a distance anyway, May. The only reason I got hurt again today was because Kirby was in trouble, and you can't tell me not to help someone who's about to get killed. If one of you guys were to get killed or seriously hurt because I wasn't helping out, that would be worse than losing both my wings. A lot worse."

Flashback for Sixes.

The Trope-tan went silent for just a moment, pondering just how she might respond to the little green man. On one hand, it could very well have just been an innocent question, but based on the fact that this was the first thing he'd asked her after 'are you staying with the group?', she found herself to be more than a little suspicious .

"Not sure. I've been in prison for four years, and all I've had to do is read old case files and whatever e-mails people send me." Sixes shrugged, finishing off her cup of beer. "If I had to guess, he's probably run at least one more City between then and now. Maybe two or three. He's got a free pass to do pretty much whatever he wants, since he's our 'ally'." Sixes scoffed bitterly.

"So, what's your story?"
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Dreams of Revenge
Kyle was relieved in a sense that Jim had responded so stoically; he hadn't wanted to get involved with an in-depth discussion of what happened* . As he began to assist with repairing the ships, Jim pointed out the mysterious ships. They didn't look like they'd be bringing any good news, and this was compounded by the turrets that suddenly appeared on the deck. Kyle nodded at K. Rool and tossed the weapon to him.

"I think you'll be needing this," he said. Before he could continue talking, however, his suspicions about the ships were confirmed as the turrets and some missile launchers suddenly opened fire - thankfully, they appeared to have all the accuracy of stormtroopers and missed the ships, although it appeared that things were going to get a lot more difficult - and then some droids made their unwelcome appearance.

"Oh, sithspit. If you have any EMP weapons, now would be a brilliant time to use them!" As he spoke, Kyle ignited his lightsaber, the weapon flaring into life with its' characteristic thrum as he prepared to either deflect incoming bolts or attack any opportunistic robots. "Our first priority is those turrets - if we knock them out, then everything else should be easier."

Nothing can ever go right, can it? If it's not pirates looking for easy prey, then it's droids with an attitude problem. Why can't we run into something like Jawas for once?
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Seeing that the responses were leaning towards not exploring the island, Samus nodded and was about to head back to the ship. They did need to cross this ocean, and it would be good if they could at least cover a lot of ground before being forced to stop again. But then, she was stopped when Dante had pointed something out, his 'scout' had found something very unusual, a set of cards just sitting there.

As suspicious as it was, it really wasn't relevant to anything in her opinion. She chose to give it little thought as she spoke up.

"Do whatever you want with them, there's a good chance those are just regular cards. I don't think they'll have any use besides some form of entertainment..."
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Alex wasn't precisely eager to explore the island. What she needed was a cup of hot tea, and perhaps some food. She had been on the beach for several hours, with nothing to drink while standing in the hot sun. To some, that would be paradise, but the difference between Heaven and Cast Away was a thin one, one of modern convenience.

Hearing the one girl's suggestion to collect coconuts, Alex shook her head. "Coconut milk is a laxative. I-I'd be cautious about that." She had seen a movie once that said that. It had been a simpler time.

As for the cards, she shrugged. She had never encounter magick cards before, though she supposed that it would be an easy enough enchantment to do.
Seeing how Alex had shrugged, the answer was probably that she didn't know where they came from or what they were. That was yet another mark against it, the highest one being that they weren't playing cards. Dante peered over them onto the rock for a moment, looking down at the set of cards. Now he wasn't an expert on it, not in the slightest, but the design on the back had made him think of fortune telling cards.

Oh, because that was going to do them a lot of good.

He shrugged and turned around, giving a backhanded wave at the deck. "Marry 'em if you wanna, not my problem. But if you want my advice, I'd leave 'em alone. Worst case scenario Free Willy comes trashin' our ship, best case scenario you make yourself a nice house of cards." he said, striding back to Samus' side. He felt a sudden weight in his hat, which must have been Beatrix landing into it. True to form, the bird poked out of the fold and chirped joyfully at the general group.

His opinion said, he was ready to leave this miserable little island and back onto the ship. Although he did chuckle at Alex's mention of coconut milk being a laxative, the waver in her voice not unheard. "How long have you been out here anyway? You must be sweatin' like a pig by now." he asked the woman, before glancing up to see the Great Lina Inverse! soaring away to do a quick sweep. That kid had a mind of her own, he had to give her that much.

To that, he glanced at Samus beside him. "Think we should wait for her?"

What Dante might not have realized, however, was that Beatrix had decided that the glowy blue cards were far too interesting to leave alone. Against his advice, she had slipped the deck into her beak and fluttered back into his hat. When they were back on the boat, she'd take them out again to look over her prize. Dante did say to leave them alone but...he also said that she could do what she liked with them!

That made it okay, right?

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Kirby's search eventually led him to the sleeping quarters. He peeked in from around the corner, swiftly confirming that at least one of his targets were inside. A wide smile on his face, the puffball shuffled his way in, approaching Beryl. "Hiii~!" he greeted as he waved to her.*

Kirby then proceeded to hold out one of the sheets of parchment in his hands to the demon girl. If she were to look at it, she'd see a black ink drawing with a few splotches peppered here and there, due to Kirby's inexperience with utilizing a quill. It depicted Beryl, horns drawn somewhat unevenly, standing triumphantly over what could only be the Sea King's body, complete with X's where its eyes should be. She also held Kirby high above her head, the Dreamlander holding his arms up in joy with an open-mouthed smile. Hearts of varying sizes placed around the scene added that one final touch to the drawing.

Kirby looked up at Beryl expectantly, hoping she appreciated his "thank you" gift to her.
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'Hmm, I will stay on the ship this time.' Lee thought.

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Setzer tried to kick a charging ape in the stomach, but the furry humanoid simply swung a rusty pipe at him before he could attack it. Setzer was hit right in the chest, falling over in pain, as the ape screamed and taunted him.
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Freyjadour grinned, detaching his staff into its three sections and trapping the rusty, makeshift blade of one of the apes. He yanked back, pulling the blade from its long arms, and then stepped forwards, thrusting one of the tips of the staff into the Ape's stomach. If it connected, he would follow up with another sharp jab to the skull at full force, either knocking out of killing the ape when it connected.

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Mordecai and Rigby prepared their weapons. Mordecai took his cutlass and went after one of the creatures that had a rusted weapon.

Rigby on the other hand took up his musket and aimed. He aimed at any of the apes that tried to get near Sandy and fired at them. Shortly after that, he began reloading.

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Setzer would feel a rush of wind and see a black blur pass in front of him, coming in between him and his assailant -

When it halted, Hayate was standing in front of him. "Are you sure we can't resolve this with peaceful means, Mr. Ape?" he asked, smiling. In response, the monster roared and hefted its club, swinging it down at the willowy form of the butler.

Said club was promptly intercepted by the cyan-haired teenager's arm, who was still beaming sweetly.

"Ok then." With a lightning fast series of movements, he shifted his grip, wrenched the weapon out of its hands, and aimed a kick at the primate's gut, which would cause it to fly backwards into a tree. All within two seconds. "I thought you might have listened to reason..."

"Pity." Turning around, he extended a hand to his winded comrade, and offered him the makeshift weapon. "Here. It might not be that much of a weapon, but I suppose it will have to do, sir."

He ducked, and another one of the apes' swings sailed over his head. With a surprisingly swift sweep kick, he knocked it off its feet and to the ground, and came up again, resuming the conversation as if nothing had happened. "Are you alright, though?" he asked concernedly.

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Rogue quickly used her Super Strength to uppercut one of the ape monsters closest to her, likely to either knock it out or break its skull.
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"Ah hell" Jim muttered when the beetles approached. He couldn't move fast in this suit to begin with, and the water just made it worse. Getting hit by one of the buzzsaws would be really bad so long as he was still down here, but there was little Jim could do to avoid that.

In a situation like this, it was time to fall back on emergency measures, even those he'd prefer not to use. He reached one hand down to his waist and gripped something, then waited. As soon as one of them tried to get him with a buzzsaw, he'd bring up the large flintlock to block, and hoped that could stop it long enough for him to get a punch in on the main body of the beetle.

Up above, #19450 watched as the ships effectively penned all four of their ships plus those on it in, and started releasing robots on their own decks. "They just took out all the escape routes, great" she said sarcastically, turning her pistols towards the robots. Now there was targets for her, besides the turrets which she apparently could also damage. However, to her, defending the others was a priority, and the turrets weren't aiming at anyone yet, so she opened fire on the robots.
"We gotta get back to the boat!" exclaimed Jenny frantically, firing a few shots at the nearest hominids that knocked them backwards. "I mean, these things won't follow us over the water, right?" She began to move backwards, occasionally firing a warning shot to keep the apelike humans at bay but clearly on the retreat, even as she was pelted by sticks and debris.
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"We should start walking back, and then we'll wait for her there if she hasn't come back." Was Samus' reply when Dante asked what they should do. "We can save more time that way, it's a better alternative to standing here."

The mention of looking for food did make her wonder if it would have been a good idea to try and fish while they were out at sea, if they were lucky then they could save a day's worth of food. Of course, there was no guarantee that they had the right supplies or if said catch would be safe for any of them to eat...

Realizing what she was starting to think about, she felt it was best to get moving now.
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After tripping one of the apes, Oswald jumped on its head to gain enough air to drop kick a second one, and then swung his shillelagh into the face of a third. "Sounds like a plan!" the rabbit cried out to Jenny. He barely dodged an axe swing of a fourth ape before punching it right in the face and joining the teenage robot in backing out.


19450's shot managed to do some damage to the robots that were coming out of the ships, even scoring instant kills with some well placed headshots. However, any other damage was flatout ignored, even damage to joints and important parts. The robots were even ignorant to damage caused by the exploding bodies of there own brethren that were felled. It soon came to the point were the decks of the five ships were starting to overflow with robots. It looked like the robots did not have any way of broading the Group's ships -


Spring loaded platforms on the decks were launching robots right upon the ships in between the carracks and the curtain of missile fire, including the group's ships. Luckily the aiming was not to precise and the robots that overshot the group were forced to turn around and the springs going off were rather periodic. Some robots, however, were either shoved overboard due to over crowding or outright decided to not to wait and jumped overboard, and were traversing the ocean floor with the intent to climb up onboard from the depths. So fixated on their singular goal of attacking that the underwater ones coming from the carracks ignored the laser fired from their own turrets, a few blowing up in their underwater trek.....


"Pitiful.....these peons will fall to my ships in a matter of minutes! The only deviation in the attack pattern was units deployed below the ships, but that's probably just some bottom feeders."

The ringing of an egg timer.

"Oh, time to check up on my experiments! I'll just set this fleet to auto-pilot, those fools are doomed anyway." Typing, followed by a prompt, and then the shuffling of a chair. "Oooo, I'm feeling really good about #R 8672022 K 5 KIC 11129847385 MD-epsilon-alpha-omicron-ZZZ!" Footstep walking away. "Its amazing how resilient those klingons are! I bet Day 20 will be the day the Chinese Water Torture will finally drive him to catatonia....!"

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Frey waited for everyone to rush past, then raised his arm again. For the third time, the glyph blazed into existence, a high wall of fire springing up in front of him, and blocking off the Ape's pursuit.
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"Aw man, but I love standing around here and doin' nothing!" Dante sarcastically said, that cocky grin flashing onto his features again. To be honest, he had hoped that her answer would be that - there was nothing more boring than standing around in this sad sack of crap that was an island. The new girl could handle herself well, chances were likely that she would join them on their trek back. And knowing her, probably with an armful of coconuts in tow.

Turning around on his heel to trek back to the boat, he strode away from the beach in deceivingly long strides. Beatrix had taken to peeking out from the back of the hat and examining the new girl with a sheltered kind of curiosity. She had taken out a shotgun on them, but she just seemed kinda scared more than anything else. The others were taking her in as a new member, so she must have been pretty okay.

"Hasta la vista, ya miserable little rock." Dante said, backhand waving the island without even a second glance. "Say hi to Gilligan for me."

Once they had gotten back onto the boat, he realized that some introductions might be in order for the new woman. Leaning back on the railing, he gave a lazy wave at Alex. "Turns out someone got sucked in right on that island, small world after all. Don't be a stranger, babe, introduce yourself." In the back of his mind, he wondered how the woman would respond to likes of Garrus and Fawful...but she seemed much calmer now then she was before, she'd be able to handle it. Maybe some confusion here, some exclamations there. Probably no shotguns being aimed at people.


Beatrix, meanwhile, had decided to show off her new prize now that she was safely on the boat. Carefully plucking out the deck of cards in the hat, she hopped onto the edge before soaring off. With a flutter, she landed on top of the cabin roof with her new found cards. Eagerly, she plucked one of them out of the deck and laid it down to examine and admire. She felt a little guilty back there for a moment, but now she could see no reason to be.

They were so pretty, after all!

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