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I mainly listen to The Doors while I write, though sometimes I put on the Kira-Kira OST since it's so ridiculously awesome. I imagine once I've played Dear Drops I'll put that in as well.

I actually wrote one of my best pieces of writing to 40s and 50s music, to get a feel for the kind of atmosphere I was trying to create.
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I can only listen to instrumental music - no words, or they distract me. I've got a few nice movie soundtracks for that.
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I listen to stuff I'm either totally over or stuff I don't really like that much. I can still set a mood, but I'm not going to stop writing and start yelling "I AM THE RED CAPE DIVER" and start bouncing about the room.
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Bright Eyes inspired these two slenderblogs.

I listen to accoustic music such as Kevin Devine when thinking up landscapes.

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Music does help me visualize and imagine some scenes.

On occasion it has helped write it too. For instance I wrote the action packed Establishing Character Moment for Jessie in my book to the tune of Love Colored Master Spark on repeat. Hot-Blooded action tunes like that fit her character way too well.

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Recently, I've been listening to "King of Anything" on super-repeat, since it has themes pretty relevant to my current MC's Character Development. Oddly, I don't actually like the song all that much, although I liked how fitting it was.
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I've recently been listening to a lot of Avenged Sevenfold, particularly their older Metalcore albums. "We Come Out At Night" and "Darkness Surrounding" are apparently wonderful for coming up with new, character-appropriate plot ideas. Like the not-so-honorable thief robbing corpses on the battlefield, and ripping people's throats out (with her fanged teeth.... Yeah...

Most of what I'm imagning at the moment is very violent, likely fueled by my depression and outwardly-directed rage and sadness more than anything else. But what I'm thinking of these days is positively bloodsoaked, no matter what I listen to. But it's mostly A 7 X.

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I listen to whatever. Oftentimes it's Blind Guardian; otherwise it's probably something classical.
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Touhou remix albums. Lots of them. Mostly East New Sound, Demetori and TAMUSIC. Mostly because of the sheer variety you'll find. For any one song, you're guaranteed to have remixes in at least five different musical genres, with or without vocals. Also, Two Steps from Hell, for ridiculously epic music on demand. I'm a big fan of Ominous Latin Chanting.

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It's weird. I can't listen to anything while I write. Not even instrumentals. *

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Ominous Latin Chanting is great to have on-hand when writing super-conflict scenes.
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I don't often pay attention to music while I'm writing, but while I'm transcribing the first draft I listen to upbeat music. Gets the blood flowing so my hands work faster!
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I recently complied a playlist of songs I like for writing. I don't pay attention to mood, though. The songs can really give me a jolt in typing speed.

Examples of Songs: "The Dog Days Are Over", "Cosmic Love", "Misery Business", "Monster", "Only Girl (In The World)", "Disturbia".

See, no regard to mood! :D

I use Ommwriter when I want to really get serious about writing. They have a few musical selections, as well as some white noise sounds, like a forest, rain, or even a busy office.

Add some headphones to kill any outside sound, crack up the volume a bit, and did I really just crank out 1,000 words in 30 minutes?
[up] Ooh, I really like Omnwriter; I just downloaded it a few days ago. Normally I use my iPod when I write, but the app is really good when I don't want any outside distractions.

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Of late I find Overseer going well with a contemplative scene.

No, I don't really get that either.
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