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I didn't find a thread in the forum, so I figured I'd make one.

The first episode of Ao no Exorcist just came out today. Though it's been slated for a simulcast (on Wednesdays...does that even make it a simulcast?) gg ended up subbing the first episode. Thoughts?

There's more filler than I was expecting for a first episode, but I think it was actually rather amusing and helped flesh out Rin as a character. The again, it also postpones Shirou's death, which I already hated. It feels horrible having to wait for it. The art, music, and voices are all fantastic, in my opinion. I already want the OST.

...I've also already watched the episode 6 times today. No, I really don't know why, either.

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I read the first three chapters. Seem interesting, but not enough to read the rest...

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Feels kind of generic-shonen, but that's actually not a complaint. With all the weird shit that's been thrown at us this season, some well-made regular fare is really rather refreshing.

Plus, I like the soundtrack.
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The permise is intriguing, but three chapters fail to show anything particularly interesting. For example, I wanted to see more of the school.

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Interesting premise. So far the visuals are mainly what's pulling me in though. They seem to be steering clear of some of the more cutesy demon designs seen more as of late.
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[up][up]Is three chapters all you've read? Isn't that a quick judgement?

Of course, I probably shouldn't judge other's opinions on this one, or I'll just get pissed off at people.*

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Baah finally you guys made a topic =/ Previously just a lurker but now, I speak! Anyway randomness aside....

I'm a fan of the manga, and the anime yesterday was just so damn freaking good. The animation was great (Hope it stays like that!), the voice acting was great, and man, was I happy. Even though it was little different than the first chapter of the manga, it was a good adaption. I loved how they incorporated Rin's cooking skills and it just seemed to make his character shine more than the manga did. In fact, his character was handled in such a way that they made the audience just feel so bad for Rin at the end of the episode. Like, holy crap, that brings me to another tangent - when his father was like "You're the son of Satan," Rin's expression, that right there made it for me, it really brought it together.

Yes, I'm a big fan, and I can't wait till next week =D My only concern is what will they make the plot like? The manga is like, 23 chapters in? =/ I'm not concerned, really, I just hope that it doesn't end in a cliffhanger or something.
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Has an episode limit been announced?
I've got new mythological machinery, and very handsome supernatural scenery.

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I keep hearing a lot of people say something about 24/26 episodes but I'm not sure where they're getting that information from.
ANN has it at 24 episodes. I kinda want to believe it, to be honest. I wanna see what they can do with this with so little source material.
The first episode looked pretty awesome. Also, Father reminds me of a less batshit but still badass Father Anderson. It's the glasses.

Based on the fanart of this show that I've seen, I'm waiting for Yukio to return as a complete badass as well. However, he really desperately needs to ditch the cardigan (although I'm pretty sure this will happen, as all that fanart has shown him in a different outfit.)

The ED song is just average, but I thought visually it was interesting as well as a nice deviation from slow pans over still images.
Second episode is out and subbed now. There was more filler, but I still really liked it. Especially some of the flashbacks, which broke my heart. Poor Rin. ;_;

Also, that fucking OP. I could probably watch it over and over again.

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More filler? You can't be serious, the last one had way more! In fact, I think that "filler" makes the episodes better, because it doesn't stuff the events of the first chapter into a single episode.

Haha, I just knew they couldn't end the episode with Rin crying there, I went through the ending credits just to make sure. I really like the pace where the anime is going, they're clearly taking their time with it. Makes the manga feel rushed in comparison.

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Indeed. You guys keep talking about filler, but speaking as someone who's never read the manga, the pacing feels just right.
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Holy shit you're saying these episodes had lots of filler? When Satan himself possesses and kills the hero's dad and almost drags him down to Hell with him by the SECOND EPISODE, I'd hate to see what the manga reads like.

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Please be gentle with me.
By "more" filler, I didn't mean it had more than the first episode. I just meant that they also had some filler in this episode.

I also really like the pacing of the anime. The first chapter, which ends with this episode, is about 80 pages long if I remember correctly.

I saw it mentioned somewhere that "current pace" (2 chapters/episode) would bring us to chapter 13, and the aftermath of Rin's identity being revealed and the following trial as the last episode. Depending on how much padding/expansion is used, I don't know if I see this happening, especially because the first chapter was twice as long as the others. Of course, this would make for quite an interesting season end.

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[up][up] It happened in the first chapter in the manga.

Considering the manga was released on a monthly basis, three chapters were long enough to make sort of a judgement. I may check again, but I don't think it's my sort of series.

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Hell yes this is right up my alley. Count me in.
Second episode was great. I had suspicions that Fujimoto was going to die once he told Rin to run away, although as a troper I feel like I should have been more certain about that. Ah well...
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I had a feeling that would happen too, but when Rin came back to help fight, I kind of figured I was wrong.

Found this anime on a whim last night while I was browsing Random Curiosity. The art style and imagery in the screenshots immediately piqued my interest. I think this'll be a new favorite if it keeps up like this.

Anyone else thinks Rin looks like the lovechild of Touma and Ryuuji? Even inherited Touma's love of punching people in the face.
New episode! 8D

They added all of chapter 3 (Edit: whoops, meant chapter 2)along with some extra stuff about the school. I'm really digging the extra stuff, not kidding when I say it makes the manga feel rushed in comparison.

[lol] Anyone else notice Yukio's sudden macho man voice change? Haha I think it's hilarious how it goes all deep when he's serious.

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Was that Kana Hanazawa I just heard in the preview? grin

Plot is moving along at a nice pace now.
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Heh I can't get enough of the Faust joke. Poodle-core!
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[up][up]It definitely was. It's the perfect voice for Shiemi, IMO.

I'm glad they got all of chapter 2 in this episode, and that little omake at the end killed me. I was waiting for this episode.

Though I will admit I'm upset over something silly.*
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Gun Kata exposition is best exposition. grin
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