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Or rather, Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai..

Why doesn't it have a thread yet?

Second best dramatic anime of the season!

I like it.

Similar start compared to Cross Game.

However... this one seems more like it's about reaching back into time, while Cross Game seemed to be more about moving on.
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Mmmmm, not really impressed. Menma is hideously annoying. (although I guess that's *kind of* the point) the other characters have more potential, so I guess I'll keep watching.

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It wouldn't surprise me if Menma will forever have the mind of a six-year-old.
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I feel for Jintan (I can't deal with children very well myself). My impression is that it is less about Menma and more about Jintan's own wish.

What kind of surprises me in the first episode is how snappy the children talk to their parents. Anaru is understandable given her age but Menma's brother is just... Let's say no parent I know will just smile like Menma's mother if their children speak like that in that context.

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Depends on the mother.

I've seen mothers broken by grief over the loss of a child become rather... lenient with their surviving children.
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I quite liked it. I didn't find Menma annoying per se, but her excessively moe nature just frustrates me in general.
She reminds me of Fuuko.
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Well, now I know why this is burning up the preorder charts. Really fantastic.

Naruko (I am not calling her "Anaru") is astonishingly hot, and so very much a Tomatsu Haruka character.

Menma's very cute, and her story is quite touching, even just now. I just about cried during the scene in her house.

Just curious, does anyone know if "trauma" has become a regular word in Japanese (I guess "stress" is already common enough) or is it a case of Gratuitous English?
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It's common enough it seems. (Nor is it, strictly speaking, english)
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"Trauma" is not strictly English? Which language does it come from? (one learns something new every day)

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Unsurprisingly, its Greek
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Ano Hana seems pretty good for its first episode. There's really nothing about it that annoys me or I find dislikable so far.

I also absolutely love the fact that "secert base" is the ED song for this series.
The end of this episode actually started to get to me :P First impressions? The show is at its best when Menma is either offscreen or not talking, which is unfortunately not enough of the time, unless she dials the moe act waaaaaaay back. I know she's basically a 6 year old in a high schooler's body, but it's unbelievably grating all the same. Still, hopefully she'll get better. Gonna keep following this one. Noitamina seems set to deliver on multiple fronts this season between this and [C], so here's hoping.
OMG! She's actually a teen? I thought she was like ten, since she doesn't look any different. I feel so much better about watching this, because now I know the guy is not a complete lolicon.

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[up] Yeah, sheis much older, just a pettanko. Here you can see old and new Menma together.
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Well, it sure is nice to see that Ano Hana isn't above sexualizing the hell out of its mentally preteen ghost girl amongst the tear-jerking moments...

Aside from that, it was a good episode. All the coincidental meetings are a huge stretch, but I quite like the interpersonal dynamics we're seeing. We need to see more of the blue-haired girl, but all the characters seem interesting so far and the moments of conflict and bonding really worked.
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[up] Ew. Not that I didn't expect it, but I'd have hoped it'd avoid it.
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I thought Menma was kind of annoying in episode 1, but she was much more tolerable this time. Actually, I'm starting to find it pretty cute.

For some odd reason, I'm reminded of Bridge to Terabithia...they don't really have much at all in common besides having a river (and I suppose some things having to do with friendship). I can't help but think Menma died in a way similar to how Leslie did, though.
I have to chuckle at the "Nokemon". Menma is cute when she is not nagging. Poppo is an easy to like guy.

that Yukiatsu keeps something looks like Menma's clothing. Creepy

My other note for the episode is that Menma seems to be able to eat. What kind of supernatural being can she be?

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The entire episode was a huge You Wanna Get Sued?, not even Hayate gets so detailed on their shout outs.

The only thing i'm disappointed with is that they were using "Nokemon" Gold(second generation), but when the game appeared on screen it was the graphics from Ruby And Sapphire(third generation).

With this and Hanasaku Iroha, I predict I will lose a lot of tears in the near future.

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Together Forever...

The hell are you talking about?

Anyway, Naruko is ungodly hot. Jinta, you have no idea how lucky you are.

Episode was pretty lulz all around, and Poppo was just what the show needed to keep from turning into a spiral of depression with the other four.

Oh, and Yukiatsu? Dude, not cool.

[up] I don`t like girls, but I have to agree with you.

Yukiatsu and Tsuruko are both jerks, must be the elite school. Either that, or they are both tsunderes.
[up]Well, the impression I get from Tsuruko is that she was pissed off from the way Naruko's friends badmouthing Jinta while Naruko hardly defended him (I finally figured out why "Anaru" is embarassing). It's not nice to express her disapproval that way but considering that she seems to be rather nice to Jinta last episode, I still like her.

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