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176 AnnoR12th Jul 2011 05:31:27 PM from Honnouji Academy Get RP Mod
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
Yeah, probably.
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And here we go Anno! evil grin

Name: Taihou Ysanne

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Occupation: JSDF Experimental Pilot for Jet Alone (Project 2), on lone to NERV

Appearance: Ysanne is around 5'9 in height, with light blue/green eyes. She is noted for having a mature face and looking slightly older than she really is. Having undergone the various surgeries and cybernetic additions to her body, she no longer has biological hair, and thus wears a wig over her bald head. This is to cover the very obvious metal plate that is attached to the back of her skull with several plugs for connectors. Down her spine is also a series of connectors, to allow her to properly connect to Jet Alone, which cannot use the same connection system as the Evas.

Personality: More than a bit trigger happy really sums up Ysanne when she gets into a fight. She is also noted for saying “There is no such thing as overkill, only 'Open Fire' and 'I need to reload'”. Out of the cockpit she is just as aggressive and headstrong, not afraid to take the lead. Piloting a 35,000 ton robot most likely does that to you. But at home she does have problems. She turned her back on her family when she went into the Military as a volunteer, with her family having a long history of refusing military service. Thus with her enlisting, she burned her bridges, thus leaving her alone. Any friends she makes she treasures greatly, but losing them can really affect her.

History: Ysanne grew up in a sheltered family, which managed to avoid the worst of the various calamities which befell humanity in the past twenty years. Her family has had a staunch anti-military outlook for most of their lives, and thus tried to never allow her to see anything they did as good. But when she started going to school, they couldn't stop her from seeing both sides of the issues. But the family's staunch outlook only hid the rancor and infighting at home, which Ysanne as she grew older despised.

When she enlisted...well that caused a little bit of upheaval at home. She promptly packed her things, marched out the door and didn't look back. Her military training was several months of absolute hell, but she got through it.

She was scouted for the Jet Alone program, along with several other fresh recruits. They needed younger pilots for their bodies were still growing and thus might be able to adjust better to the surgical changes needed.

Ysanne accepted.

Losing the ability to grow hair was a side effect of her surgeries, but one she was happy to pay. When you get to pilot a giant robot and squash things flat, what's not to like? She figured.

Model number: JSDF-JA-M2

Code name: Jet Alone 2nd

Unit type: Anti-Angel and Evangelion Support Mecha

Manufacturer: JSDF along with support from the United States

Operator(s): JSDF, NERV

Accommodation: Single pilot in LCL cockpit, housed under head unit. Pilot requires surgical additions to pilot.

Dimensions: Around the same height as Jet Alone

Weight: max gross weight 35,000 metric tons

Construction: Titanium internal skeleton, supports outer armor. Armor made up of Titanium allow with ceramic composites.

Powerplant: Single Nuclear Fission Reactor, housed in armored main torso. 2 x Large Capacitor mounted on back. 2 x Small Capacitor mounted on legs.

Fixed armaments:

2 x GAU-8 30mm 7-barrel gatling gun, mounted in head alongside communications mohawk. Fed from internal ammunition hoppers.

4 x 300mm 8-tube Multiple Launch Rocket System, 1 mounted in each shoulder housing and one in each leg.

2 x 10-tube cruise missile launcher, launches Tomahawk cruise missiles, mounted in chest.

2 x 20-tube cruise missile launcher launches Tomahawk cruise missiles, mounted on back capacitors.

Optional fixed armaments:

2 x 300mm 48 tube MLRS, mounted on side skirt armor hard-points or shoulder hard-points.

2 x 155mm 4-barrel machine gun, drum fed, attach to outer shoulder hard-point.

Optional hand armaments:

1 x 75mm Railgun, fires Tsungsten projectiles. Fed from ten round eject able magazine. Powered by backpack capacitors and internal reactor.

2 x Pallet Rifle, same as used by the Evangelions

2 x Bazooka, same as used by the Evangelions

1 x 910mm Break Action Howitzer. Fires N2 Warheads as standard. Uses side skirt armor ammunition containers.

1 x Thor's Hammer

The Jet Alone project was split into two parts. The first part was the 'public' face. An unmanned machine with a powerful hammer that could squash an Angel and thus wouldn't need the Evas.

But the other project was the more realistic Jet Alone. It was accepted that without an AT Field (or the ability to neutralize it, Jet Alone would be a failure alone. Thus, the project was designed as a supporting unit, meant to work with the Evas. The Evas' greatest weakness of course is the 5 minute power reserve, so the 2nd Jet Alone was designed with a more powerful reactor that could supply energy to one via a cable and keep an Eva running even if it was cut off from Tokyo 3. If an Eva could bring down the AT field on an Angel, then 2nd Jet Alone could assist with heavy conventional weaponry until the core was exposed and dealt with.

The biggest problem was hiding Jet Alone from both the first project and NERV, who honestly no one trusted. A few project leads openly thought that NERV might pull something.

It helped that the first Jet Alone did look like a walking disaster, with exposed control rods. That was just asking for trouble.

The 2nd Jet Alone is considerable different in design from the first. It has a more humanoid appearance, complete with head. Also, it's entire reactor and control rods are housed inside the heavily armored torso, thus no danger of them getting damaged. What it does have exposed are a pair of cables that run around it torso to the battery connector on its back, and then to the cable that would lead to an Eva.

Mounted on its back is a pair of massive capacitors, which supply the internal energy needed for any of the highly experimental weaponry the machine packs around. Due to the extreme heat these give off, they have cone-like cooling units attached to the bottom. Another smaller pair of them are attached to the legs, to give it further power boosts.

The 2nd Jet Alone is much heavier built than the first, with thick limbs and massive feet, making it look much stockier (one scientist described it as a tank that grew a pair of legs). Its head is squat and round, like a military helmet. It has several optical sensors all tied together in one unit that runs on a track, giving the impression of a cyclops. Also mounted on the head is a massive mohawk like antenna, which not only contains all its communications gear but also a set of sensors to help it lock onto its opponent.

The cockpit of the machine uses LCL, but not for the connection purposes it is used in the Evas. Instead, it is to cushion the pilot and ensure that the G-Forces put upon them are not fatal. The pilot does require extensive surgery to their spine and brain to allow them to interface with the machine and control it like their own bodies.

It is vastly noted that the weaponry carried by the Evas is limited, with their biological components taking a vast majority of their interior. The same is not true with the 2nd Jet Alone.

The main weapon of the 2nd Jet Alone is a massive, two handed railgun. Throwing a tungsten projectile at speeds that make it seem like a laser, it is exceptionally devastating to anything it hits. The energy is supplied by both the main reactor and the energy capacitors on the back of the unit.

It has a wide array of missiles and rockets mounted inside itself for attacking purposes. It also has four hard-points on it for optional weapons, including rocket pods or gatling guns.

As for hand held weapons, the 2nd Jet Alone has several options. These include the same rifles and bazookas as that the Evas use, but also several special options.

First is 'Thor's Hammer'. This is the gravity producing melee weapon that was developed for Jet Alone and is theorized as to be devastating to an AT field. The scientists behind the 2nd Jet Alone do know that upon impact Thor's Hammer literally creates a small gravity field at around a thousand times stronger than normal, thus in theory it could crush pretty much anything. However, it is an open question if this would be effective against an AT Field or not.

The problem is that to get close enough to do this the 2nd Jet Alone has to expose itself to a good deal of risk, to get close enough to use the hammer. Also, the hammer has to make use of the energy capacitors on the back of the unit, in order to generate enough power to make the strike work.

The last weapon is actually the most primitive. Designers in the United States took an archaic design for a mortar and modified it into a giant break action launcher, not unlike the M-79 grenade launcher. It only holds a single massive 910mm round and fires it. The design is specificity meant for N2 Mines, adding a vast amount of destructive potential to the 2nd Jet Alone.

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178 AnnoR16th Sep 2011 11:30:50 AM from Honnouji Academy Get RP Mod
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
While I'd normally be a bit sketchy on the amount of weaponry Jet Alone v2 has, I trust you.

Therefore, approved.
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
179 RevenVrake16th Sep 2011 11:37:48 AM from Not Here Nor There Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
All the weaponry is really to get across that Jet Alone 2nd is meant to be the walking weapons and the Evas are meant to break its sheilds.

Of course the prog knife seems to get the job done the best, so all the weapons might be just useless [lol]
180 AnnoR16th Sep 2011 11:42:30 AM from Honnouji Academy Get RP Mod
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
Clearly that's because the prog knife is a metaphor for -rambles off into weird psychology and symbolism-.

Anyway, I trust you with it, so it's okay.
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
181 RevenVrake16th Sep 2011 11:46:26 AM from Not Here Nor There Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
I could put a giant energy cannon in the groin if you wanted me to tongue
182 AnnoR16th Sep 2011 11:49:36 AM from Honnouji Academy Get RP Mod
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
Fear the might crotch cannon!

But that won't be necessary.
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
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"Yup. That tasted purple."
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The Blinder
•Name: Hans Musatsune.

•Age: 14

•Gender: Male.

•Occupation: EVA-03 Pilot.

•Appearance: Tall with blondish hair, Green eyes. Often has bags under his eyes.

•Personality: Suffering from Schizophrenia, Hans often talks to his imaginary friend, no matter who's involved. He often sings lullabies in german while he's fighting Angels, A process which he seems to have grown addictive to. He's a big fan of beserk mode and often sings more enthusiastically while eating an angel.

•History: Hans has been bullied for his German Heiritage, something tha resulted in him beating a classmate to death in the school cafeteria. Sensing an ideal Pilot for An EVA, Gendo arranged for Hans to be sent to NERV,where he battles with disturbing happiness. Prefering his knife or Hands to any other weapon.

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Good to be back
185 TroyandHawk3rd Aug 2012 11:01:04 PM from Back Home. Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
The Blinder
Can we design our own Angels?
Good to be back
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This RP has been rebooted at least once and the GM has been banned for an unrelated incident. This thing is dead.


Pursuant to the above, this thread has been locked.

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