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Well, new trailer for the return of Darth Maul. It contains clip from all episodes of the grand finale of the season, so beware :

The beginning of the trailer is sad. Poor Ventress. She finally finds a home, only to have it burned to the ground right after she arrives. And Mother Talzin, I shall miss you.

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Did anyone else watched the new episode?

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schedule switch threw me off
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In case anyone missed it, you can watch the new episode here:

I gotta say, while "Massacre"(the name of the episode) was good, it was also a bit underwhelming. The cons of this episode was: the dialogue, the dancing Nightsisters during the campfire scene, and the fact that there was too much magical stuff going on in this episode. I mean, first you have this witch named Daka raising the undead, then you Talzin torturing Dooku through some voodoo doll, and at the end of the episode, Talzin turns into a ghost. Yeah, pretty weird.

The problem wasn't that I didn't like these scenes, but that it was too much for me to process in one episode. I reiterate: I enjoyed seeing the undead tear droids apart and Dooku being tortured and losing his cool for once in the entire franchise, but at the same time it was all... absurd. That's the best way to describe this episode; fun, but absurd.

I'm going to give this episode an 8/10.

So... anyone else want to give their thoughts on the episode?
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Gethzerion would've kicked Grievous shiny armored butt. But other than that a nice episode. Lets see where this leads.
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[up] I think it might lead to Ventress having a bounty placed on her since the next episode after this one is called "Bounty".

Also, speaking of Grievous, it's good that he acted competent this time. At least he didn't get his robotic ass handed to him by a bunch of Gungans, agreed?

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Well, first. As much as I detest Ventress, I (ugh) actually feel bad for her. She lost her sisters and now has a messed up arm. Watching this ep, it seems she was never truly a Sith at heart, but had no problem being an apprentice of one. Her loyalty was always with her home world and sisters.

But yea, I agree that it was a fist-pump moment to see Dooku getting tortured, that guy can get off so easily with the damage he causes. The thing I like about Dooku is his 'relaxed' soldier mentality. But he really is a jerk lol

The zombie witches were cool, but it clearly wasn't enough to take down combat drones. They really should have just attempted to leave their main camp. At this rate, Ventress is alone and won't be able to avenge her sisters.

One thing I don't like about the Star Wars weapons, is the one-hit kill lasers(?). You get the occasional character getting grazed or losing a limb, but other than that getting shot or cut is a high guarantee of death.
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I think that has something to do with how the Blaster's damage your internal organs. The suddenly intense heat and all that, inside your body, is not a good thing to deal with.

On another note, does anyone else here think the Venator, for all its awesome firepower, has the dumbest bridge design in history? Two very tall, very clear targets on the top of the ship. That's about the only thing I dislike about the design.
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give'em a good ol' Victory I ;P

Primary shield generators above the bridge Tower and such.

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Next Week: The Epic, long coming Team-Up of: Doomsday and The Kurgan!! Lt Crashdown and Lex Luthor!!!Vader's Secret Apprentice and Mr Krabs!!!!

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For anyone who has missed this week's episode, you can watch it here:

Gotta say, this was a damn good episode and much better than last week's, which I thought was silly and suffered from dialogue issues. Not that this episode doesn't suffer from it's own issues as well, like the fact that we never even see Ventress get off of Dathomir. I mean, last time we see her, she's on Dathomir without a ship and injured and then suddenly she's on Tatooine. You could say how she got off the planet isn't important but I find it jarring. Also the alien's accent was kind of annoying but fortuanately, he only uttered a few lines.

Other than that, this episode kicked ass. The action was top-knotch, the dialogue was actually amusing, and we even got an Embo cameo. I also liked the whole space bridge idea. Pretty creative for Lucas Film.

Anyone else want to give their thoughts on the new episode?

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I liked this episode, but the thing that stuck out the most to me was Ventress killing that bounty hunter by activating her lightsaber on him rather than swinging it. I've been waiting over 20 years to see that little stunt and it finally happened![lol]

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It's been done before, Jedi Academy (the game) did it with Rosh in the Dark Side choice if i remember correctly. Or maybe somewhere in Knights of the Old Republic...*thinks*

Though the implied place where she put it through. Outch. Girl, you simply don't DO that.

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Preview for the next episode:

It seems Mother Talzin is still alive. Interesting...
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In case anyone has missed it, you can watch the new episode here:

Darth Maul's debut in the CGI Clone Wars series was rather interesting. I really liked his insane portrayal, which was done to perfection by Sam Witwer. But while the ending was great, the first five minutes of this episode was just rushed. I mean, we start with Savage choking some woman in a bar for...some reason and then he's suddenly at a docking bay and then there's a quick scene of Asajj sensing some disturbance in the Force and then we have Savage threatening the pilot of a ship to go to Lotho Minor; well, not threatening, more like telling him what to do and he just takes the whole thing so nonchalantly. Couldn't the pilot just be a little resistent to Savage's command? Anyway, I'm glad he was ejected from the ship.

It wasn't until Savage got to Lotho Minor that this episode began to pick up. The whole concept of a planet filled with robotic creatures like the "Firebreathers" was interesting and I really liked the eerie atmosphere.

Overall, I'd give this episode 7/10.
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Just a harmless giant from a foreign land. far I'd prefer for Maul to have stayed death outside of what if's.
[up][up] Savege choking that waitress is explained on the trivia section of the website : her hands apparently got too close to Savage's amulet, and he was already unnerved by how fruitless his quest had been thus far.

As for the pilot... he's puny, Savage his huge, armored, armed and menacing. I think he was wise not to resisttongue.
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[up][up] I actually like this new portrayal of Maul and I know other people that feel the same way. Also, in the preview for the next episode, he's a lot more sane:

Don't worry. Maul eventually has his memory and sanity restored by Talzin's amulet, at least according to The Wrath of Darth Maul novella.

Darth Maul's insanity aside, I find it interesting that Dooku sensed that Savage was growing more and more powerful as each day passes. Thoughts?

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As cheesy and fanfic-y as cyborg Darth Maul is, I was excited to see this episode (largely because of the hype created by the trailers), and while I found the middle half of the episode with Savage on the planet a little boring, crazy spider-legs Maul made up for it for me.
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[up][up] Well, its only my opinion ;) don't feel threatened by it. Its not as it was totally "bad"...I'd just prefer Maul's story would have ended in Ep1 instead of giving him a "look, we can promote Ep1 in 3D that way" Comicbook-Villain return from the dead. Call it a preference in story-telling that such pure "How would a rematch between Maul and Kenobi play out" things remain non-canon.

I'm intrigued how it will end with it. My personal worst-case scenario (story-wise) would be if Obi-Wan got his ass kicked and Anakin has to swoop in to save the we get a episode long awesome duel between Obi-Wan and Maulborg

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[up][up][up] Dooku's thoughts sounded weird at first, because if he is so worried about Savage and knew that the Nightsisters were his only leash, then why did he wipe them out? Of course, it becomes obvious when you remember that Dooku was convinced that Mother Talzin was conspiring against him: if he had let them live, Savage would have been used specifically against him instead of being a danger for every player in the galaxy.

Also, those thoughts are important when you see the preview-trailer for Revenge : Obi-Wan totally expected Maul, but he is so focused on the red Zabrak that Savage gets him completely by surprise.

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Would there be a lot of rage if Savage and Maul ended up getting popped by uncle Owen some how?
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[up][up] According to wookieepedia, Obi-Wan teams up with Ventress in the next episode. I see a big 2 vs. 2 lightsaber duel coming.

You can read the description of the episode here:

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What I want to know is why did the Nightsisters didn't make use of their Nightbrothers especially if they really are supposed to be just below force users in terms of physical abilities? And if the Opress family has such great potential then why throwaway Feral seeing that he still had untapped power? Everything we've seen of the Nightsisters gives off the impression that while they might be evil their nothing like the Sith in regards to how they treat people.
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I assume because there where not that many Nightbrothers to begin with. And the moment Talzins Coven would try to use them fully in the open they'd have to deal with an Alliance of Clans from the normal (lightside) Witches. The Nightsisters are ultimately an minority and if the normal Clans (and the odd rival Nightsister coven) would've come down on them with a five to one superiority in force user to non-force user...well... They've kept the Nightbrothers as a strategic reserve, I'd say.

For Feral..they wanted to see if Savage was well...strong enough. Also, remember that Savage basically dragged him through the tests alive? Untapped power is nice and fancy but for a dark side user, if you can't find a way to tap it you're ultimately useless. Using Feral as a "test" for Savage was probably the most use they saw for him. A weapon of the Dark Side which still felt love would be useless...

Also, how do the Sith treat people better? You Have Outlived Your Usefulness is basically a basic study of them. Count Dooku, the Seperatist Leaders, Grievous and in the end even Vader...once you're no longer of use (or will clearly be of use later) the Sith won't shed a tear about you.

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