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[up][up]Unfortunately, no. My Halloween will consist of watching John Carpenter's The Thing and then going to the movie theater to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I might try to watch the 4 hour documentary on the making of Rob Zombie's Halloween, if I have the time.

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[up][up] I've thought about checking out its pseudo-remake, Train, even though I hear it's little more than a rip-off of Hostel.

Watched the infamous Friday the 13th rip-off Bloody Murder... it was terrible in every way, and I say this despite my incredibly low standards. Surprisingly Improved Sequel, though.

And the newly announced slasher Smiley caught my eye, due to how fucked up the killer looks. Link.

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[up] How can that killer see? He must be taking lessons from the Halloween 4 Michael Myers on how to see without having eyeballs.

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The bizarre news has come out that Elijah Wood has been cast as the Frank Zito character in the remake of Maniac!.

I don't know if I could say I like Maniac, but there's an essence to it that can't be captured now...the fact that a third of it had no plot didn't help.
[up]Heard about that too, and had a similar WTF reaction, especially since I thought the Maniac remake was in development Hell.

Picked up Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (much, much better than the last one, I found) and watched The Anthropophagus Beast and the German remake by the guy who made the Violent Shit series.
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[up] I may check out the fourth Wrong Turn, even though after the third film, I never, ever wanted to see another installment again...and that's saying something, since I enjoyed the first two quite a bit.
Elijah Wood is confirmed for the new Maniac, though it's rumored that almost every scene involving his character will just be done via Murderer P.O.V.. Weird.

I'm generally not opposed to remakes, but this... I dunno.
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And now the "murderous security robot" slasher Chopping Mall is being remade by Robert Hall...apparently with a supernatural twist.

I wonder if the killer will be a malevolent ghost, or something possessing the robots in order to do the killing? Either way, that's pretty bizarre news.
[up] Don't know if want.

Watched The Mailman the other day. It's as terrible and cheesy as it looks, and would make a great companion piece to Ice Cream Man... and The Paperboy, of course.

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I rewatched Happy Birthday to Me the other day. It was gorier than I remembered. Is there any other slasher with a more hilariously overwrought ending?
There's probably some listed on Shocking Swerve. And funny how that doesn't seem set for the remake block.

Got around to Amsterdamned (pretty good); Train (meh) and The Hitchhiker (somewhat enjoyable, especially compared to the last Asylum flick I watched).
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Child's Play made my childhood terrifying.

I never saw dolls the same way again.
The Great Northern Threadkill.
"I'm your friend to the end..."

Haven't been keeping up. Any news on that upcoming game?

Trailer for ''Smiley''. Looks disappointing.
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As far as I know, no new news on that front. Chucky is always fun, though.

Smiley looks like pretty standard stuff, though I thought the mask was the killer's face(somehow) before watching that trailer. I like the little music box tune at the end of that.

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The slasher movies I tend to watch are the Halloween movies and the Scream films. Sure, scream is partly a comedy series, but theres also some suspence and a couple particularly gruesome death scenes.

I'm one of the few people who actully likes most of the halloween sequals, particularly 4 and 5. I have yet to see the curse of michael myers, but I've heard good things about it, so I might rent it off of netflix sometime.
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Happy Friday the 13th, everybody.

Man, if this were the '80s, we'd have had two or three more of those movies since the reboot happened...

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142 JasonVoorhees13th Jan 2012 04:37:54 PM from Camp Crystal Lake
Yeah. Sucks, man.
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[up] Been out of work for some time, haven't we?
144 JasonVoorhees13th Jan 2012 05:10:25 PM from Camp Crystal Lake
Work is still fine, one pays attention any more, you know?
Poor Jason and his erratic work schedule. Things like Christmas and Valentine's Day all have a set date, but Friday the 13th? All over the place, like a full moon.

And like any good slasher, it turns out the live-action adaptation of Hack/Slash is Not Quite Dead. A new director has been announced - it's Marcus Nispel.

146 Seamus14th Jan 2012 02:16:56 PM from the Quantum Savanna
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I really like the idea of Hack/Slash, but I haven't read it. Is it any good?
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[up] I'm not the biggest fan but it's always decent or better.

I actually liked Conan but I think that Nispel's work in the horror genre is mediocre. I didn't care for the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(though I know it has its fans). The Friday the 13th reboot was a fair bit better, but nothing remarkable...unless you count the amount of Fanservice (using any definition of those words).
[up][up] I'd suggest checking out the first trade paperback (First Cuts) or the My First Maniac trade paperback.
Bit late mentioning this, but Tom Savini apparently might be heading a remake of the Ed Gein-inspired Deranged, one of his earliest works.

Was going to watch an obscure Hong Kong slasher from the 1990s called The Deadly Camp, but then that whole thing with Megaupload (the only place I could find it) happened. Bleh.

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Anyone ever see The Town That Dreaded Sundown? It's a strange slasher docudrama about the 1946 Phantom Murders. It's not really great but the murder scenes rule.

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