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Any realistic way to do a Memory Gambit?:

The Memory Gambit is a specific type of Batman Gambit which involves making yourself forget the gambit in question so that the people you're manipulating will either believe you more convincingly or to prevent yourself from being manipulated by what you already know.

Is there ANY way in real life that this could be done? I know that time and inebriation are two ways to degrade memory, but not specific memories. How about hypnosis? Could that work?

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A swift kick in the head might work.

Honestly, though, I have no idea.
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 3 Native Jovian, Wed, 9th Mar '11 7:36:24 AM from Orlando, Florida
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Anesthesia would probably be a more consistent way to do it than booze or attempting Easy Amnesia. When you're "put under", there is a period where you're still conscious and responsive, but will have no memory of it after the fact.
^That would still require you to do your planning while high on anaesthesia, and you'd later have the knowledge of trying to form a plan that you don't remember.

Really, I don't think this is a trope that could realistically work unless the person has a preexisting anterograde amnesia.

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 5 Native Jovian, Wed, 9th Mar '11 8:14:47 AM from Orlando, Florida
Io vs Jupiter
Well, I didn't say it was practical, just that it was a better idea that smacking yourself in the noggin or drinking yourself blind and hoping you forget the right thing.
Depends on the person you could have the character self-induce a hypnosis on themselves, but you'll get cries of that not realistic from people.

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Well, repressed memories are kind of a Real Life Memory Gambit. (Note: I know their existence is controversial, but if you look at the research, it's clear that both repressed memories and false memories exist. The trick is telling them apart.) A child is betrayed by an adult that they depend upon for their survival. If they are aware of the betrayal, they will act in ways that might turn that adult against them, and jeopardize the relationship they're dependent on. So they repress the betrayal.

But it seems like only children can do it, and they can't consciously control it. Plus you need a very specific kind of situation for it to happen.
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