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I am beginning to realize that Deconstruction does not mean darker and edgier but it doesn't help my case that the deconstructions most think of is Evangelion, Watchmen and Citizen Kane. Sadly, even the word 'deconstruction' get overused and it has lost all of its meaning among fans and new writers alike. If substitute 'deconstruction' for 'analysis' and how it explores the consequences of a trope being applied to real life, then things would be so much easier to maanged. Unfortunately, I myself had to watch a deconstruction hat doesn't involve Anvilicious Aesops or symbolism but that is okay, I got the general idea of this.

what do you think?
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Uh... it's true? Also, "deconstruction" is extremely often associated with automagically making a production "deep, witty" or "modern", when in fact trying too hard sans the required knowledge ALWAYS leads horrible HORRIBLE amounts of mindless drivel as opposed to just mediocre stories.

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Try Shrek - it does deconstruction while being damn funny. As does Hot Fuzz and Don Quixote.
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Well, the thing about deconstruction, and analysis, is that there are a good many things that fly in fiction that can turn very bad in real life. That tends to lend itself to darker stories.

Though I suppose that a good way to deconstruct something is to have a character or characters realize that something is stupid, detail why it's stupid, and then actively pursue a different, happier course. It would probably be some kind of "epiphany therapy", unless you also want to subvert the There are no therapists trope. In fact, subverting that could lead to deconstructing a whole lot of other things as the character/s try to break some self destructive life habits, or just to do something different with themselves. Like, say, some of the unhealthier characters harem shows seem to feature.

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I guess that a non-dark deconstruction would be a story where some situation that causes conflict in fiction turns out to actually be easily resolvable, so what normally takes up a feature-length work winds up being fixed in less than five minutes and leaving everyone better off.
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One can easily deconstruct a dramatic trope for comedic effect, just as one might deconstruct a comedic trope for dramatic effect. Likewise, reconstruction of a dark trope can make it even more unsettling.

I'm stating the obvious, granted, but it's worth pointing out.

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