Gears of War is an Unreal Tournament side story:

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Remember how in Unreal Championship 2 the lore says that the Bio-Rifle fires tarydium sludge? Remember how in Championship 2 the sludge was alive?

Immulsion is just a shitload of tarydium all in one spot, possibly mixed with some other stuff, and with a baaaaad attitude.

The humans of Seras/Ceras/whatever are colonists from the main Unreal storyline who crashed on Seras a long time ago and lost their databases on much of the Unreal 'verses tech during their landing, hence they have laser satellites but forgot how to make long-range starships and FTL drives.

Further minor WMG: The Locust had no technological capability until the humans arrived and the two went to war, although they probably domesticated creatures like Brumaks before then.


I'm done.
I thought this was a foregone conclusion.

I also love your avatar. Highway to Hell indeed.
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The COG lacks long-range spaceflight and no mention of the outside universe is ever made (yet), so the crashed-colony bit didn't come to me immediately.
I heard somewhere that they were part of a larger civilization but got cut off from them, and wound up Planetbound.
Charlie Tunoku is a lover and a fighter.
Musta been the books.
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