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Then it's a shame I'll probably never get the chance to read it. Though on the bright side it means I'll never have to see Kuu naked.

Although, come to think of it, I'm not sure I trust the writers to use either of them without fiddling with their personalities in ways I don't like.

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If anyone's currently interested, JAST has stated that this VN has gone golden master, and that its official English release is a few weeks away. Source:
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Guess Ran's route is finally going to be translated.
Ran's route is already translated if you don't mind having to add and remove the patch.
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Naa, it doesn't work. Even after you get past that part, after a while, the text stops being English.
Works for me. There's two places where you have to mess around with the patch in order to get the game working, but that's it. I finished the route fine. And found myself unable to finish E Ll route or begin Yukino's.
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0_o. Really? I got past the two glitchy parts but....

Which patch are you using? Where'd you get it?
I don't know, probably the same one Erogedownload has up.
kinda old but since i dont have anything to do

This thread is about three years old, only two pages long, hasn't been updated in a long while, and people have most likely stopped caring about the game, but there's something that I want to get input on from the people who played the game.

I found this, the aftermath of a Let's Play of Irina's route. In this, the player criticized the game of sexism, turning Irina from a badass into a weak, dependent character, and letting the main character get away with all of his questionable antics.

I haven't personally played the game so I don't have an opinion or much of it, but if the person actually did observe the direction of the writing and didn't misinterpret something, he kind of has a point.
Honestly, once you've accepted the premise of the game I don't think there's much point complaining about things. Introducing moe genderflipped Vladimir Putin and Cthulhu!
I'm not trying to argue whether or not this is an important thing to complain about, I'm trying to ask if anyone agrees with the observation. The main reason I'm asking this is that most people I've come across seem to only praise the good things (funny plot not to be taken seriously, cute characters) but won't mention any bad things.
I'm not saying whether it's good or bad either, only that you really shouldn't expect anything from a work like this.

Anyway, reading it, I think he's overreacting when it comes to the judo thing. Insulting? Yes, of course it was, but what kind of person holds a grudge forever when the offending party is honestly apologizing, knows they did wrong and wants to make up for it? Also, apparently, women aren't allowed to enjoy sex. It would be much better if she was emotionless and shuddering with distaste the whole time. Also, again, the writer is overreacting to something that isn't even meant to be read seriously in the first place.
From what I read, I think he's complaining about how Irina becomes submissive to the main character, not because she enjoys sex. Also, the fact that she becomes afraid of the dark even though in a previous scene she beat up a bunch of terrorists during nighttime does seem a bit contrived.

But what do you think of the player's reaction to that scene with the stomach-punching?

EDIT: Actually, if there were streetlights on during the night, then it might make sense.

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Honestly, I don't really care about that. It's an extension of calling someone your girlfriend. Is it weird, maybe improper? Possibly, but it's not like the main character is some kind of saint in the first place. Once you accept the premise of not only genderflipping politicians but also that the protagonist is a pervert, well, what were you expecting him to do or say?

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So your saying that the player is overreacting? I guess that's a legitimate observation. It's not like I expect The Tatami Galaxy levels of good writing from a game that moe-fies Obama and Putin anyway.
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Irina is mostly a traditional Tsundere and she doesn't suddenly get weaker, she can still kick ass but also opens her heart to Jun. Also complete darkness is pretty different than mostly dark where you can see your surroundings. Of course since they have sex, obviously Jun turned her into a sex slave. And forgiving Jun is an important character moment for Irina and shows her kindness. Also Jun really meant it when he apologized.

"Where my kids will come" line is similar to "future father of my kids" line people occasionally use and the writer made too much of a deal there.

As for the game, it is fine but not great IMO. Besides the parody elements, the game sometimes takes itself seriously so it is mostly a bishoujo game with a President and spaceship flavour. Also Ell is remarkably cute.
My hatoful Monster Girlfriend is the President Ecstasy: Higurashi After in Summer (All ages memorial edition)
The fandisc is out. I had no idea it was even near completion.
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It has a fandisc?
Uh huh. All I knew beforehand was that apparently Qu or whatever her name was as well as, uh, the maid got routes or something. Which isn't technically accurate but basically is.

I think Ran got kinda shafted, though. Upon reading a bit more about the fandisc she isn't even mentioned.

First route is an epilogue to Irina's route. Was Yukino always this much of a bitch?

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All done. Very short. Ran and Kuon both got shafted, and not in the way they should in a fandisc.
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