Avoiding Narm:

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Post stuff that makes you laugh, and not in a good way.

For me, serrated blades in a fight. I don't know if it's widespread enough to be cliche, but it just screams "OH LOOK MY VILLAIN'S REALLY CRUEL", nevermind that they'd be terrible to use as a primary weapon *eyeroll*
All that comes to mind is Darth Maul's sudden loss of any/all reflexes.
Hm — I remember, close to the ending in Carlito's Way (Movie), there's this shootout on the escalators. Carlito bangs up the fat man above on the ledge, and the old mustachio muchacho guy.

And then for no reason whatsoever another mook starts yelling out: "MOTHER FUCKER! I KEEL YOU! I KILL YOU! YOU MOTHERFUCKER—" *blap blap blap* X_X

I'm not sure, but it seems to have struck a raw nerve in me and I couldn't help but burst out laughing at that part.

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Most every Epic Tracking Shot— especially any time the camera "travels" through some object, like a telephone wire or dead body. Conspicuous CG, hyper speed, overdramatic visuals, the mandatory whooshing sound (you know the one), the unsuccessful roller coaster sensation... Takes you straight out of the story, and all for what amounts to a simple transition. One of the many reasons I can't stand CSI.

To me, it just screams, "THIS IS EPIC DAMMIT," and I can't help but go, "Clicking a button on an answering machine is epic? All the closeups of CGI wires in the world doesn't stop it from being a lame plot device."

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Thanks for the all fish!
^^ Funny accents, maybe?

^ I never really had a problem with that before, but now that you mention it I'm going to when I watch movies in the future. @___@
^^ This movie likes to take the tracking shot into the extreme; from flying over Tokyo in free time, right into someone's vagina in the midst of sex. I find it all beautiful, and nauseating at the same. Then again, it is Oscar's spirit flying free of his body and we're viewing it all from his standpoint.

^ — Something about the scene makes it look like Yosemite Sam has just burst out of the Looney Toons cartoons into real life. Except instead of the red beard and Texas gruff, we have a balding head and guido gangster gruff.

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Excessive swearing sounds childish not intimidating for me and all Big NOOOO Os!
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If I made half the fiction I envision in my head, everything would be so epic that it'd HAVE to either be utterly serious or utter Narm. I embrace it. Think Golden Age Hollywood epic for what I'm talking about.
"Wax on, wax off..."

"But Mr. Miyagi, I don't see how this is helping me do Karate..."

"Pubic hair is weakness, Daniel-san!"
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Since Narm is a subjective trope, there is no way you can avoid everyone thinking something is Narmy or not, due to people having different levels of situation belief.

It just depends on the genre you are trying to appeal to. If you drop a Tear Jerker in a place where it's not expected, with characters that feel out of place with it, or try to give a character a Hammy moment when they don't fit that character type, it could come off to the viewers as Narm.
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Cluster F-bombs always make me laugh; outside of that, there's really no single defining characteristic for me, but sometimes excessive accents do the job.
This is this.
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Every character ever named "Bob". I dunno why, it's just funny. Even if bad things happen to Bob, I still laugh inside when the name is mentioned.

"Bob's been shot!" [inward giggle]
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