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108676 stargirl933rd Nov 2011 09:31:37 PM from Zemuria Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
"This is why we can't have nice things."
You're welcome.

108677 Hobgoblin3rd Nov 2011 09:32:15 PM from Jylland Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: It's not my fault I'm not popular!
Cool Blue Magic
Spathi: *watching Fool and the others do random things* <...Odd group.>

Lian: <I agree.>

Jemma: <Me too.>

Ohm: <I want to hug the bird/dragon...anyway, back to my story.>


Rex: *has been de-zarded along with Silent off-screen* Yay, I'm back to normal!

Rascal: <As are we.>

Minty: <I hope Algira doesn't come to find us...>


Kim: *mulling over Silent's disappearing act*

Aqua: <Maybe he has an evil twin? :3>

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Anyone play on Cactuar server in Final Fantasy XIV?
108678 Anomalocaris203rd Nov 2011 09:35:35 PM from Sagittarius A* Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
You okay?
108679 stargirl933rd Nov 2011 09:38:20 PM from Zemuria Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
"This is why we can't have nice things."
Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just a bit tired.
108680 Anomalocaris203rd Nov 2011 09:39:30 PM from Sagittarius A* Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
Oh... wasn't sure if it was something I had said or not...
108681 Hobgoblin3rd Nov 2011 09:45:36 PM from Jylland Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: It's not my fault I'm not popular!
Cool Blue Magic
Janine!Falkner: Hey, you, with the face! C'mere a second!

Pedestrian: Hi, Falkner! ...I have a name, you know?

Janine!Falkner: I don't need your life story, pal. Tell me: do you know Koga of the Elite Four?

Pedestrian: The ninja guy? Yeah, I heard of him.

Janine!Falkner: How would you say my father ranks in comparison to him?

Pedestrian: ...You have a father?

Janine!Falkner: *grins at Falkner!Janine triumphantly*

Falkner!Janine: ... sad


Bugsy: you think I'll be stuck like this forever?

Whitney: *pats his back, being more supportive now* I don't know. While I wouldn't mind, I know this is probably uncomfortable for you.

Bugsy: Yeah... *sniffle*

Whitney: *pulls him/her into a hug, rubbing his/her back* Well, no matter what happens, I'll be there for you. *pulls back a little and winks* Us Gym Leaders have to look out for each other, right?

Bugsy: *smiles, wiping some of his/her tears* ...Thanks Whitney...


Lance: *has returned home to discover Clair in her current predicament* ... *raises an eyebrow*

Clair: *notices Lance* ... *mulls it over for a moment before deciding to speak* Mmph mph mphhh mppded to come and see my new talent! *the paper falls away in little pieces, having melted* Yes, it's true. I've mastered the art of Dragonbreath. *smirks, pleased with herself* So, what do you have to say to that, dear cousin?

Lance: ... *stretches his cape out, performing an odd kind of shuffling that eventually increases in speed*

Clair: ...What are you doing?

Lance: Dragon Dance.

Clair: ...You just can't let me have anything, can you? >:|


Brawly: *hefting the fridge back to Roxanne's house with the help of his Makuhita*

Fridge: Help! I'm a captive of a society discriminant against living inanimate objects!

Voltorb: <I know how that feels.> sad


Flannery: *is taking a nice relaxing sauna alone in order to sort out the weird happenings as of late*


Crasher Wake: *wrestling Ambipom!Kong*

Ambipom!Kong: <Your mother was a Koopa!>

Fantina: *has given up trying to understand what is going on and has taken refuge at the Hearthome Contest Hall*


Pelipper: *flying in Skyla's plane, a familiar looking Sandslash and two-tailed Vulpix on top of it*

Sandslash: <Hold it right there, Eggman!>

Exeggutor: <GET A LOAD OF THIS!> evil grin *changes the Egg Carrier into a different shape*

Two-tailed Vulpix: <Whoa, that ship just changed! Did you see that?>

Sandslash: *faceclaw*

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Anyone play on Cactuar server in Final Fantasy XIV?
108682 TracerBullet3rd Nov 2011 10:44:49 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-Two days ago, in the morning at Shamouti Pokemon Center-

<Nathan: "So how was the party?">

<Iggy: "It got a little out of hand...">

<Nathan: "Huh? What happened?">

<Teala: "A bunch of us got turned into Charizard...">

<Nathan: "How on earth did THAT happen?">

<Teala: "Um... Well... I think that we were trying to pull a prank on Hallow and Phantom... Except they never came...">


"So how have those guys been doing anyways?"

Moe: "Alright. We wound up getting a few more since you left."

"... Wait, what?"

<Nadia: "... More of them?">

Suzan: "We apparently weren't the only ones who ran into Deltas out there, we've been getting some more over the past couple days. Some of them look like they had it rough..."

Tom: "Call me crazy, but I think one of them was thrown across the island or something. Because it was really messed up when it came in..."

<Kat: "... Somehow that wouldn't shock me...">

"I see... How have they been taking it?"

Moe: "Alright, some of them seem a little nervous though..."

-The sound of a Pokemon crying out can be heard from the hallway-

<Unseen!Delta: "You'll never take me alive, fou- OW!">

<Offscreen!Blissey: "Sorry it had to come to that, but you really should calm down and take those pills now.">

<Milo: "... Oh yeah, I'm really looking forward to having to sort THAT out...">

<Unseen!Delta: "Nngh... N-No! Pl-Please! I-I d-don't wanna! I d-don't wanna d-do th-this ag- URK! (*cough hack*)">

Offscreen!Nurse: "... Um... That might have been a bit much, Jude..."

<Offscreen!Blissey: "See, that wasn't so bad, was i-">

’‘-The sound of a creature gagging and vomiting can be heard-''

<Mr. Mew: "Ugh... Sick!">

<Offscreen!Blissey: "EW! For the love of- It's MEDICINE! Not POISON! Now we've got to do this all over again!">

-Sticking head out into hallway-

Offscreen!Nurse: "Could we get a mon with Sing in here?!"

<Teala: "... What happened to that Pokemon?">

<Iggy: "Well... Not all Deltas were born the way they were... Quite a few come from rather traumatic backgrounds... I'm guessing that that's one of them...">


Moe: "... Some a little moreso than others."

"Oh boy..."

<Rena: "Oh yeah, this is going to be a fun boat ride back to HQ...">


-A few extremely headache-inducing hours later, after managing to coax the Deltas onto the boat and managing to get out to sea-

<Milo: "... Remind me why none of them stayed behind again?">

<Kat: "None of them wanted to, weasel boy! And can you really blame them? I mean, some of them were saying that the locals had started to see them as monsters...">

<Vlad: "Aww! But they're not monsters!">

<Zoltan: "Yeah! They're Pokemon like the rest of us!">

<Kat: "I know... But somehow other Pokemon seem to have trouble with that sometimes...">

<Vlad: "Where's everyone else anyways?">

<Kat: "Eh, they're mingling a bit.">


-Elsewhere, a certain Fraxure is nervously looking around at his surroundings-

<Pascal: "... You okay, dude...?">

<Delta!Fraxure: "N-No...">

<Nathan: "Yeah, I mean you came along... So obviously you weren't missing the sunshine in the Orange Islands THAT much...">

<Delta!Fraxure: "N-No one w-would w-want to st-stay behind... N-Not after wh-what happened...">

-Walking up-

<Audrey: "Well? Do the humans on this boat really seem like the ones that you've met before this?">

<Delta!Fraxure: "Huh?! W-Wait? H-How do y-you k-kn-">

<Audrey: "I have my ways, also that jerk who wouldn't go down from that Aura Sphere told me a bit about what you've been through...">

<Delta!Fraxure: "Well... I m-mean... H-How do I know that th-they won't be like the o-others? I d-didn't th-think th-this w-was g-gonna h-happen t-to me after I g-got caught the f-first time...">

<Pascal: "... Wait, where are you FROM, man?">

<Delta!Fraxure: "U-Unova... I w-was c-captured and s-sent t-to a l-lab in H-Holon...">

<Delta!Haunter: "Hey, what's- Oh no... You're still freaking out?">

<Delta!Fraxure: "I... I m-mean...">

<Nathan: "Is this common for him?">

<Delta!Haunter: "Well, I know that he's been jumpy around humans as long as I can remember, so yeah, I guess...">

<Audrey: "Look, I know that it must be painful to have your trust betrayed like that, but of all of the humans for you to be around, you could do a LOT worse than the ones that you're with...">

<Delta!Fraxure: "Y-You pr-promise?">

<Audrey: "I promise...">

-Looking a bit less nervous-

<Delta!Fraxure: "O-Okay...">

<Audrey: "You know... You actually remind me an awful lot of another Pokemon that I've met... It's even in your Aura...">

<Delta!Fraxure: "Huh? Who was it?">


-Elsewhere on the deck, a certain Delta Feraligatr and Serperior are sitting together-

<Tempest: "So... We're headed off to some PEFE place...">

<Thyme: "What are you going to do when you get there?">

<Tempest: "... That human that the others called 'Tracer' said that they could try and pull a few strings to have me sent back to my trainer... But...">

<Thyme: "But what? I thought that that was something you've always longed for, Tempest...">

<Tempest: "... I know... But since I was forced to leave... I ran into you... And I can't imagine my life without you, Thyme...">

<Thyme: "Well... No one said that working this out was going to be easy... But...">

-Curls partially around Tempest-

<Thyme: "I'll be there to get through it with you together... If you want...">

-Giving Thyme a hug-

<Tempest: "I wouldn't want it any other way...">


-Elsewhere on deck-

<Holly: "... So what is there to do at this PEFE place anyways?">

<Thorn: "Yeah, I mean, you're not just going to keep us locked indoors for the rest of our lives, are you?">

<Shaun: "Well... If you want to STAY, there's no shortage of work to be done there.">

<Iggy: "Otherwise, Tracer and the others apparently set up a network to try and find you guys trainers... Or to return to the wild if you so wish...">

<Rocky: "Um... I don't think that last one would be a good idea... Wait, would it? No... I'm sure that it's 'no'... Right?">

<Hydron: "Yeah, if I wanted to be treated like a freak for the rest of my life, I'd have stayed back on Shamouti.">

<Iggy: "... I think that you're all having just a little too little faith in other Pokemon...">

<Thorn: "... We wish you were right, we really do...">

<Holly: "Yeah, and I'm not sure if your human will find any humans willing to train us...">

<Shaun: "... Why do you say that?">

<Holly: "... Have you ever known what it was like to have everything that you touch get violently ill or otherwise die?">

<Shaun: "...">

<Holly: "I didn't expect you to... And how could I possibly expect a human to...?">

<Iggy: "Well... They'll try... Isn't that what's most important?">


-Still elsewhere-

<Delta!Ledian: "Hmph. So what are you up to? Planning on how to get rid of us so that you'll never have to see us again?">

"... What makes you say that?"

<Delta!Ledian: "It's just how this world works. No one wants anything to do with us, the only difference is whether people and Pokemon choose to be up front about it.">

"... And just how does that mesh with what I told everyone that I was going to be attempting with the others back on Shamouti?"

<Delta!Ledian: "I can't believe that I'm seriously holding a conversation with you... Simple. You'll wind up shipping us off to some random humans, and they'll proceed to bury us into a box and never look at us again.">

"... I sincerely doubt that would happen... We try not to be glib with who we distribute Pokemon to..."

<Delta!Ledian: "Yeah? Then let's see you own up to your words, human.">


<Delta!Ledian: "Pick one of us, and train us as one of your own. I'll bet that if you go through with it, the Pokemon you choose will wind up getting boxed in under a month.">

"Very well... What about you?"

<Delta!Ledian: "... What is your angle, human?">

"You said that you wanted me to own up to my words, so fine. I will. And who better to illustrate it to than the one who made the challenge."

<Delta!Ledian: "... What on earth do you possibly see in me anyways, why do you really want me?">

"I just told you."

<Delta!Ledian: "Please, how naive do you think I am? The only reason anyone wants anything to do with me is to get something from me, like some tool. It's been that way ever since I joined my first swarm and the other Ledyba needed someone who would be tough enough to act as a decoy for predators while the others regrouped to try and drive them off.">

"... But is that really what you want?"

<Delta!Ledian: "Of course not! Who in their right mind would want that?! That's just how it is...">

"... I can assure you that that is not just how it is... At least, it's not that way with the Pokemon that accompany me..."

<Delta!Ledian: "...">

"I won't force you to do something that you don't want to, but if you want to see that there's a world out there that can care for you as something beyond a tool, I'm more than ready to show it to you."

<Delta!Ledian: "... I'll keep it in mi-">

-The boat abruptly lurches and stops-


<Delta!Ledian: "What was that?">

"I'm not s-"


-Watches the boat get surrounded by a group of irate-looking aquatic mons-



"... Oh no..."

<Delta!Ledian: "Ugh... We ran into those mons that Tempest ambushed a month ago, didn't we?">

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108683 Pentigan3rd Nov 2011 11:09:04 PM from The Underverse Get RP Mod
-Finishes getting all my mons back to the correct genders and boxing Shift-

-Looks around for Anom and Fool-
It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
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Charizard!Blue: <   Look, if you were in the hivemind, we would know. That's the point of a hivemind.   >

Charizard!Red: <   Maybe I'm just being quiet?   >

Charizard!Blue: Okay, fine, buddy, now's your chance to speak up...

???: Oh, fine, happy, now you can has stop spamming OK?

Charizard!Blue: WAIT WHAT HOW

In a tower of the castle

Charizard!Algira: <   There, Helios, now they shall be quiet and not bother us~ ♥   >
Do you highlight everything looking for secret messages?
108685 Anomalocaris203rd Nov 2011 11:13:35 PM from Sagittarius A* Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
-Groans in discomfort before taking the pill DS had given me-

-I decide to play it safe, removing and throwing out the blood-soaked item from my panties and placing a clean one in (After spending a while trying to figure out how to do it), before putting it back on and trying to go to sleep-

Ugh... I hope Pentigan finds it real soon...
108686 TracerBullet3rd Nov 2011 11:14:22 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-About 30 minutes later from the initial encounter, the Deltas are nervously gathered aboard the deck of the boat, which is still ringed by a number of reef Pokemon-

-A visibly traumatized Houndoom is quivering on deck-

<Delta!Houndoom: "(*shiver*) Oh... Oh Arceus... W-We could have...">

-To a Chinchou-

<Thog: "... That Tentacruel almost drowned some Pokemon again, didn't he?">

<Reef!Chinchou: "Uh... Yeah, pretty much... And we kinda figured out that we don't have anywhere on the reef big enough to keep all of them.">

Moe: "... Tracer? How on earth did this happen?"

"... It's a long story, Moe..."

-It is at this point that a certain Lapras surfaces-

<Rocky: "(*gulp*)">

<Hydron: "... What's going to happen to us?">

<Holly: "I honestly don't know...">

<Tempest: "Thyme, I'm so-">

<Thyme: "It's not your fault, Tempest.">

-Happening to spot Nadia-

<Nautilus: "So I see that your human has brought these vile kidnappers here to be brought to justice...">

<Toothless: "Well... Actually...">

<Nadia: "Um... Actually we weren't exactly planning on this...">


-About 5 minutes later-

<Nautilus: "... You mean to tell me that you had no intention of bringing these fiends here?">

<Gene: "Pretty much.">

<Nautilus: "Well they're here... And you can't honestly expect our realm to overlook an offenses of their magnitude, can you?">

-A Typhlosion with an arm in a cast and a bandaged head wound is starting to quiver-

<Delta!Typhlosion: "Wh-What are th-they going to d-do with us?">

<Nautilus: "It is simple, we will hold a trial to decide your fates. We'll provide an attorney for your lot, and call up some witnesses.">


-About 30 minutes later-

<Judge!Seaking: "Humble sins of nature before the court...">

<Zoltan: "Hey! That's mean!">

<Vlad: "Yeah! They're Pokemon just like us! ... Mostly...">

<Courtney: "Mmm hmm hmm... Well that was helpful...">


<Delta!Ledian: "It's Deltas.">

<Iggy: "Wait, why isn't Nautilus handling this one again?">

<Shaun: "He said that something came up...">


-Underwater, somewhere at the reef-

<Nautilus: "Alright, who's been spiking the kelp again?">


<Judge!Seaking: "Right. Anywho... You all are accused of conspiring to abduct the child of a divine entity and of leaving the lives of untold thousands of Pokemon and humans emperiled by your act. Furthermore, the gator faces charges of battery against the Royal Guard. How do you plead, guilty or not guilty?">

-A dead silence passes over the group-

<Delta!Granbull: "(*gulp*)">

<Delta!Floatzel: "... I'm not saying anything.">

<Delta!Shedinja: "Yeah, same here.">

<Soggy Pikachu Plush: "Oh yeah, this will be over fast...">


<Delta!Fraxure: "(*whimper*) Oh no, oh no... Th-They're gonna d-drown us all l-like P-Patrat...">

<Audrey: "The trial just started! And we wouldn't let them do something like that to you all!">

<Holly: "I... I plead innocent!">

<Guard!Octillery: "Wait, WHAT?">

<Tempest: "Holly, what are you doing?!">

<Holly: "On grounds of insanity! I heard a plush doll talking to me before I helped to abduct Pleo!">

<Toothless: "... Words don't begin to express how insulting that proposition is.">

<Soggy Pikachu Plush: "If anything, she's the sanest one of the lot!">

<Judge!Seaking: "Sorry, but hearing a plush doll talking to you is not grounds for clemency! Isn't that right, Sparks?">

<Soggy Pikachu Plush: "Don't I know it?">

<Holly: "... So much for that idea...">


-About 30 minutes later, with the trial having turned out rather poorly for us-

<Prosecutor!Wailmer: "As you can clearly see, your honor, these Pokemon had every intention of abducting Pleo, and knew full well what their actions could have resulted in! With the exception of the defendant with the child, we see no reason for the realm to show any mercy to these ruffians!">

-Most of the Deltas amassed on the deck appear visibly nervous, if not outright fearful, some appear utterly terrified-

-In a sickly tone-

<Delta!Fraxure: "Nngh... Oh... (*whimper*) Ur-Ur-HURK!">

-And a handful, like the Fraxure presently emptying its stomach contents onto the deck, succumb to more extreme fear reactions-

<Audrey: "Ugh... Well I guess it could be worse...">

<Delta!Crawdaunt: "Oh... Oh Arceus...">

<Delta!Scyther: "W-We're all g-gonna die... Or sp-spend the r-rest of our l-lives in s-some undersea r-rock...">

-To the Defense!Wailmer-

<Shaun: "This isn't going well...">

<Defense!Wailmer: "Well gee, you think? This was probably the most hopeless case short of trying someone who went dynamite fishing at the reef!">

<Shaun: "I'm surprised that you haven't made use of a certain pair of witnesses...">

<Defense!Wailmer: "Huh? Who?">

<Judge!Seaking: "So be it, on behalf of the realm, I find you all gui-">

<Defense!Wailmer: "Wait! Your honor! There IS one last potential set of witnesses that we could call upon...">

<Judge!Seaking: "Oh? And who would that be?">


-Another hour later-

<Nautilus: "Sorry about the delay, everyone, I had to attend to the effects of a disruptive prank. As for the time of Lord Lugia's arrival, it should be any moment no-">


<Nibbler: "YIPE!">

-And hastily hides behind Kat-

<Kat: "Let's hope that the defense knows what it's doing...">

-It is at that time that a massive silver-white form, followed by a smaller form similar in appearance appears-

<Rocky: "(*shudder*) EEP!">

-And proceeds to pass out-

<Thorn: "... Oh yeah, we really needed that right now...">

-The sound of several other Pokemon passing out on the deck can be heard-

<Delta!Weavile: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-">



<Delta!Granbull: "Urgh... I... I think I wet myself...">

<Lugia: "Someone summoned me and my child, what ha- Oh! Hello! Nice to see you all here again! But... Who are the other- ...">

<Delta!Floatzel: "L-LORD LU-LUGIA! P-Please! H-Have m-mercy on us!">

<Buggy: "'I'm not saying anything,' eh?">

<Delta!Shedinja: "Oh, come on. What's the worst that they could possibly do?">

<Buggy: "What if one of them knows a fire move? How long do you think you'd possibly last?">

<Delta!Shedinja: "... Eek.">

<Buggy: "I thought so, tough guy.">

-Further Aside-

-Crying in fear-

<Delta!Fraxure: "(*sniffle*) N-N-No! Pl-Please!">

<Audrey: "It's alright! It's alright! It's not as bad as it looks!">

<Lugia: "Oh, so you've managed to get yourselves captured...">

<Vesta: "Er... We weren't quite intending for that to happen, my Lord...">

<Pleo: "Are they all okay?">

<Judge!Seaking: "... Wait, you two aren't upset with them?">

<Lugia: "I will admit, I am not pleased that they tried to take Pleo from me, but they were misguided... And manipulated by a crafty and devious Charizard...">

<Delta!Scyther: "Wh-What he said!">

<Delta!Farfetch'd: "Y-Yeah! Th-This was a-all Ferno's idea!">

<Judge!Seaking: "... But then where is this 'Ferno'?">


-A few days ago, somewhere in Holon-

-A dazed Charizard is struggling to get up-

<Ferno: "Oog... Well... At least it was a soft landing... Kinda... Grr... Now I've got to start all over agai-">

<???: "There you are!">

<Ferno: "Huh, wait-">

-Looks up and sees another Charizard leering at him-

<Ferno: "... Mom?">

<Ferno's Mom: "What have you been doing?! You never write, you never send messages back, why I even asked the neighbor's child to go and look for you after he evolved!">

<Ferno: "Uh... NOTHING! Nothing at all! And certainly not attempting to take over the world by kidnapping a young Lugia and blackmailing his father into doing as we wanted!">

<Ferno's Mom: "... I thought that I raised you BETTER than that, Ferno! And if you're going to have such utter contempt for the way I brought you up and for the gods, at least have the spine to be HONEST about it!">

<Ferno: "But it's not my fault! Tempest- And Thyme- (*gulp*) S-Someone! H-Help!">


-Back at the reef-

<Judge!Seaking: "... My Lord, that doesn't change the fact that these sins of natu-">

<Delta!Ledian: "DELTAS!">

<Judge!Seaking: "Right. That these Deltas have committed grave crimes against this kingdom, and against you.">

<Pleo: "Aww! But!">

<Nautilus: "That said... I suppose that it may be appropriate to offer a measure of clemency...">

<Judge!Seaking: "I suppose that it should be sufficient to banish the lot of you from this realm.">

<Hydron: "Huh... Well I guess that worked out...">

<Judge!Seaking: "With ONE exception... The Feraligatr here still needs to serve an additional sentence for his attack against the Royal Guard!">

<Tempest: "Oh boy...">

<Pleo: "But he's nice! He even helped me get away from Ferno the first time!">

<Kit: "To be fair, he did get a number of your caretakers hurt...">

<Nautilus: "What is it that you propose?">

<Judge!Seaking: "A moon of community service, or six.">

-Starting to look glum-

<Tempest: "But... Oh...">

<Thyme: "... Your honor, could I request that my sentence be made identical to that of Tempest's?">

<Tempest: "Oh! Thyme, you don't need to-">

<Thyme: "Tempest, I want to... If you're going to have to face something difficult, I want to be there with you for it...">

<Judge!Seaking: "...">

<Lugia: "A fair request, is it not?">

<Judge!Seaking: "Very well then, you may join the Feraligatr if you so desire... I'll give you two a few moments to say your goodbyes before we take you into custody.">


-A couple minutes later, a certain duo are now wearing Bubble Weed scarves and saying farewell to a certain group of Delta Pokemon-

<Tempest: "So... I guess this is goodbye for now...">

<Holly: "Don't let them push you two around too much down there...">

<Rocky: "Are you two going to be okay?">

-Looking at Tempest-

<Thyme: "Yeah... I think we will...">

<Thorn: "It's COMMUNITY SERVICE, not hard labor!">

<Hydron: "To be fair, it could always be hard labor under the guise of com- OW!">

-Is jabbed by Holly-

<Tempest: "... Are we going to be able to see each other again? I mean, the humans with us said that they wanted to try and find trainers for us...">

<Holly: "We'll be waiting.">

<Hydron: "Darn it, Holly.">

<Thorn: "Way to be supportive, Hydron.">

<Rocky: "Yeah, we wouldn't want to just separate without knowing that we'd all be okay!">

<Thyme: "Well... I guess we'll see each other in a few months...">

-To Nadia, on his way to the waiting guards-

<Tempest: "Oh... There was something that I needed you to tell your boyfriend whenever you meet him again...">

<Nadia: "What would that be?">

<Tempest: "Well... For starters... To tell him 'Thanks'... For all of the help that he's given me and Thyme... And also... That I had something that I wanted to tell him whenever we met again...">

<Nadia: "... Is it important?">

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108687 PippingFool3rd Nov 2011 11:35:34 PM from A BEAUTIFUL DUWANG Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
-Fool is still messing around creating illusions in the Castle-
When I find your terror's tells, my 「Enigma」 can strike perfectly!
108688 TracerBullet3rd Nov 2011 11:36:14 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-Wednesday, at PEFE HQ-

<Sir Swoop: "So apparently this place somehow got teleported to some island off in the middle of nowhere for about a week while we were gone.">

<Nibbler: "WHAT.">

<Sir Swoop: "Don't ask me, that's just what those Murkrow told me.">

<Lardna: "Well, it would explain why we couldn't find this place last week.">

<Nibbler: "So how are all those mutants taking this place?">

<Sir Swoop: "I heard that most of them are doing fine. Some of them seem kinda uncomfortable though...">


-Elsewhere in PEFE HQ-

-A certain Fraxure is following a female Lucario, trembling rather visibly at his surroundings-

<Delta!Fraxure: "(*shiver*) Oh no, oh no, oh no...">

<Audrey: "(*sigh*) Sorry if these settings are uncomfortable for you... But I can assure you, it's nothing like the labs you're familiar with.">

<Delta!Fraxure: "H-How are y-you so s-sure?">

<Audrey: "I've been here repeatedly for the last few years! I've never seen anyone here get treated poorly!">

<Delta!Fraxure: "B-But wh-what i-if-?">

-Happening to walk by-

Random Researcher: "Oh! Hey! Did Tracer get a new mon?"

<Delta!Fraxure: "MEEP!">

-Attempts to hide behind Audrey-

-Shaking her head-

<Audrey: "Er... Not quite.">

Random Researcher: "Oh, then who- Oh!"

-Has a memory shared by Audrey-

Random Researcher: "Oh, so THAT'S who you are. Why are you so nervous? Are you hungry?"

<Delta!Fraxure: "M-Me? I-It's just that-">

-Is given an Oran Berry-

Random Reseacher: "Here. Try eating this. Dr. Every says that they're helpful."

<Delta!Fraxure: "O-Okay...">

-Begins to eat the berry, and calms down a little-

<Audrey: "Well? Would the humans at the lab that you were at have done that for you?">

<Delta!Fraxure: "No...">

<Audrey: "Give them a chance, they're really wonderful people... I'm sure that you'll see it too eventually.">

<Delta!Fraxure: "I-Is that human that you told me about one of them? Th-That girl? C-Carrie or something?">


-Yesterday Evening-

-Is approaching a certain Ledian-

“So... Have you made a decision?"

<Delta!Ledian: "I'll take you up on your word, human. Though I don't exactly have high expectations.">

"You weren't interested in having us look for a trainer for you? That's what most of the others said that they wanted..."

<Delta!Ledian: "Mmph. If I'm going to set myself up for potential disappointment, I'd rather do it with one of the humans here. At least I've got doing errands as a fallback that way.">

"... I see... Well... I suppose that we could get started by trying to get to know each other better... Do you have a name?"

<Delta!Ledian: "... What brings that up?">

"Well... It just seems that a lot of your friends have names... I was wondering if you were alike..."

<Delta!Ledian: "Mmph. I'm fine without one, though if you must know, I was named 'Francis' for a time.">

"... You've had a prior trainer?"

<Delta!Ledian: "Yes, I was trained for all of 4 months before that ungrateful brat released me in favor of a more normal and more powerful Pokemon.">

”... Are you sure that's what happened? I mean Tempest said that he-"

<Delta!Ledian: "With all due respect to Tempest, but I'd bet my elytra that his trainer's nowhere as great as he makes her out to be. In all likelihood, he's just too blinded by loyalty to see her for who she really was.">


"... It's like that one part of me got spun off and took over a Pokemon's body..."

"... Well... I'm not sure if things happened the way that you remembered them... But... I can promise you that that won't happen to you as long as you travel with my companions and I. We don't turn out those who stay with us."

<Delta!Ledian: "So what are you doing now anyways?">

"I'll be heading back to the Orange Islands tomorrow with a few of the Pokemon who were with me tomorrow. We were going to catch up with some friends..."


-Nearing AU!Olivine-

<Claus: "Huh... This place sure seems different from those that I've heard of in Unova... And what's with that tower there?">

<Vesta: "That's the lighthouse. Jasmine's Ampharos keeps it lit at night in order to help ships travel safely.">

"Hmm... I wonder how that Shaun is doing...?"

<Nathan: "What was that?">

"Oh, not much... Just thinking a little bit out loud... Also... There was something that came up recently..."

<Bagon!Nadia: "Oh? What was it?">

"I got an invitation to help take part in a study that would involve raising a Pokemon from an egg, but I'm not sure if I should sign up for it..."

<Kammy: "What sort of Pokemon would it be?">


-Now, on a boat heading for the Orange Islands-

<Zoltan: "Aww... How come Vlad's not coming?">

<Nadia: "Vlad's taking a little bit of a break.">

<Teala: "We'll still be there to play with you... I mean... If you want...">

<Thog: "So what's your story? I mean, you seem awfully rough and tumble for a girl of your species...">

<Francis: "Oh, so just because I'm a Ledian, I'm suddenly a girl!">

<Teala: "... But... You're female...">

<Francis: "That's beside the point!">


<Iggy: "You think that we did enough to help sort everything out back there?">

"I'm sure it will be fine... Even if we've got a few extra Pokemon staying around for a while..."

<Iggy: "I thought that you also told those Pokemon that they could stay if they wanted to.">

"I did. But I doubt that all of them are going to want to stay. PEFE's not meant for everybody."

<Iggy: "Well... I suppose that's true... Are you looking forward to meeting up with everyone again?">

"I am... I think that we all are, Iggy."

See you all in the morning.

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108689 Pentigan3rd Nov 2011 11:39:28 PM from The Underverse Get RP Mod
-Ends up stepping on one of the illusions accidentally-

Hey Fool.
It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
108690 PippingFool3rd Nov 2011 11:43:52 PM from A BEAUTIFUL DUWANG Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
-The Patrat squeaks and fades away-

Aww... I was having fun with that Pentigan...

So, what have you come here for?
When I find your terror's tells, my 「Enigma」 can strike perfectly!
108691 Pentigan3rd Nov 2011 11:45:07 PM from The Underverse Get RP Mod
-Holds up amulet-

Found it.
It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
108692 PippingFool3rd Nov 2011 11:46:13 PM from A BEAUTIFUL DUWANG Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...

-Fool runs up to Pentigan-

When I find your terror's tells, my 「Enigma」 can strike perfectly!
108693 Pentigan3rd Nov 2011 11:47:04 PM from The Underverse Get RP Mod
-Gives Fool the amulet-
It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
108694 PippingFool3rd Nov 2011 11:50:34 PM from A BEAUTIFUL DUWANG Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
-Carefully puts the amulet on-

-Twists the knob-

-Turns back to a female-


-Carefully takes the Amulet off-

-Gives amulet back to Pentigan-


-Fool starts running around like a madman-


-Fool gives Pentigan a hug-

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When I find your terror's tells, my 「Enigma」 can strike perfectly!
108695 rmctagg093rd Nov 2011 11:57:01 PM from Brooklyn, NY Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
-Comes out of nowhere-

Fool, I noticed waves of pleasure coming off you an-

-Notices the gender flip-

You're female again!
Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.

The wheel will turn ever more, but I see pain. I see victory, but pain.
108696 Pentigan3rd Nov 2011 11:57:35 PM from The Underverse Get RP Mod
-Is hugged-

So, I heard you somehow gave Anom florokinesis.
It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
108697 PippingFool3rd Nov 2011 11:59:48 PM from A BEAUTIFUL DUWANG Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
Yeah... Obscura powers and all, I also gave Mezzo Temporary Water powers.

-Hears Tagg-


-Lets go of Pentigan and tacklehugs Tagg-


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When I find your terror's tells, my 「Enigma」 can strike perfectly!
108698 rmctagg094th Nov 2011 12:01:00 AM from Brooklyn, NY Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
-Gets knocked to the ground-

Glad to see that you're happy.
Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.

The wheel will turn ever more, but I see pain. I see victory, but pain.
108699 Pentigan4th Nov 2011 12:01:47 AM from The Underverse Get RP Mod

Think you could give me some?
It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
108700 PippingFool4th Nov 2011 12:03:17 AM from A BEAUTIFUL DUWANG Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
-Nuzzles Tagg, before pulling herself (and Tagg) off the ground-

-Realises that Pentigan has asked her a question-

Oh... What were you having in mind?
When I find your terror's tells, my 「Enigma」 can strike perfectly!

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