Wolverine actually has a Code:

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(X-Men/Code Geass crossover theory, if the title wasn't clear enough.)

Someone's probably come up with this before, but consider:

  • He has a Healing Factor
  • He has amnesia about his human life
  • His hair is ridiculous
  • He's about a century and a half old

Extending this a little further: maybe he's the one who gave a lot of the mutants he hung out with their powers (especially in the Ultimate Marvel continuity, where mutants are actually yet another byproduct of the Super Soldier project, he was apparently the first, and they didn't start appearing at large until after he was released from it).

Also, the "Weapon X program" is another branch of the Geass Cult (I can't remember if Canada was part of Britannia, but if so there you go).

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Of course Wolverine has a code.

That code is Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start.
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