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Devils and G-Strings, whoa!

I've been playing it lately, and I have to say that it's pretty good so far. The characters are interesting, the art is generally good, and the music is awesome, save the weird rendition of Pachelbel's Canon in D that really doesn't sound much like the original.

The main character is actually really intriguing. Not too common for visual novels. He's kind of like what you'd get if Light Yagami was an eroge protagonist.

Translation here.

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So... is anybody else reading this?
I'll comment about it in a week or so. After I get home and then after Da Capo.
It's really cool how the routes are set up. They are in a specific order, but you can choose whether or not you pursue them or the main plot.
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I'll be looking into this after I finish the Umineko EP7.
Starting this one now. I hadn't realized that it's the same people that made Sharin no Kuni. Got my hopes up for this one now.
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Just started. OH GOD, I wish I lived in an apartment like that.
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Ok, I've fallen in love with this VN.
Haru is awesome. Way much more fun than Natsumi. And the most Natsumi like heroine pulled off Purity Sue rather well, though her arc had some pretty bad pacing.

The soundtrack is also interesting enough for me to notice that the game actually has a soundtrack. A slight exaggeration, but I rather like it.

Edit: Once again I am reminded of Haru's awesomeness. I am tempted to skip right through the story to see as much of her as possible, but I guess I'll go in order.

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I found Tsubaki's chapter to be fantastic, really. Unfortunately for the others (other than Haru), they don't really match up, for me. The main plot parts are good, but the actual character stuff just isn't as compelling, though I've found that each of the main chapters makes you like each respective heroine at least a little, if you didn't before.
She did pull off the super nice girl thing rather well, and the corrupt the cutie bit was genuinely kind of painful to watch, but that chase just lasted too long. As did some of the other related scenes.

I like Kanon's voice and her personality, but something about her just doesn't seem quite right about her. And not in an intentional way, I mean her appeal point just falls short somehow. Possibly I'll get past that, and possibly not.
Really? I think the chase was quite well paced. Plus, the part where the chapter branches off into her route is one of the most amazingly heartwarming moments I've read in a VN.

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It reminded me of the long gap in Touko's route in Sharin no Kuni where Touko is trying to decide about her parents.
A revenge plot for a broken CD set to Ride of the Valkyries. This game kicks ass.

Skipped Kanon for now since the awesomeness of Usami distracted me. Might or might not skip Shiratori, she could go other way.

Didn't skip. Her route... just didn't seem to really fit the rest of the work until that point. It was kind of unnatural. Tsubaki's route was definitely superior to that. Yuki's trolling was pretty entertaining though.

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All finished. Debating whether I want to go back and do Kanon route. The side routes all feel really tacked on to me. Haru is so obviously the main heroine they might as well have given her a badge saying it, and that's before you even know how the story is structured.

Good thing she's so entertaining. Good enough for me to switch out that Arcueid avatar, even.
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God, you people finish fast. I'm just on chapter 2.
Yes, well, I'm the kind of person who buys a new book and finishes it the same day because I never put the thing down.
Haru didn't really feel like she was "obviously the main heroine" to me. They all got their screen time, just Haru's a major character in the main plot. Kirari in Kira Kira, however, definitely felt like the main heroine the whole way through. Hence why I like to imagine otherwise.

Luckily, Haru is awesome, main heroine or no.
Really? All the other characters get much less screentime, have the story finish early and are all curious about his relationship with her instead of each other. They have the linked backstories and childhood marriage promise and she gets the final ending. Which, incidentally, had a 'route' that was quite a bit longer than Shiratori's at the least. Also, the other girls all vanished after their part in the story was over. That kind of annoyed me and is one of the things keeping me from liking it quite as much as Sharin no Kuni.

So, yeah, it's good that Haru is definitely capable of carrying the story. Definitely up there with Arcueid in the favorite heroines list located in my head.

I wonder if Yuki originally had a route and it was cut for time concerns or something? Or for the better reason of 'where the hell would this even fit in?' Attractive, expresses interest in Kyousuke, rather interesting... Felt funny to me.
Technically, it's all just variations on the same story. The so-called "Main Plot" only happens because Kyousuke doesn't get into a relationship with any of the girls (until the very end), which I find interesting. Though, given the circumstances, I doubt he could have known how dating Tsubaki would eventually lead to stopping Maou.

So I like the modulated approach. It feels like the routes are stories in themselves, not branches off a single "common" route, but adding an incentive to continue on with the others.
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I'm going through the routes in order, first, all the heroine's routes in order, and then the main one. So far, I'm through Tsubaki and I think I'm on Kanon's. Usami's developing into one of my favourite characters though.
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I just got hit with a freakin plot bomb... Chapter 5.... Holy shit....
That would be Maou's identity, would it not? Kind of saw it coming.

And yes, Usami is the best.

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The way I saw it, that was intentionally meant to be at least a little obvious.
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I honestly had no clue.

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