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Obligatory links.

Since there doesn't seem to be a thread for this site, I've taken the liberty of making one.

The Motion Sports Quick Look is one of the funniest QLs I've seen, although I'm kinda disappointed that they didn't demo all the minigames, as they did with Kinect Sports.

Sorry. I would suggest their Let's Plays of Persona 4 and Deadly Premonition. As well as their Harry Potter 6 quick look.
[up]I like those, as well.

Speaking of Harry Potter, here's Deathly Hollows: Part 1. Ryan apparently comes to the conclusion of thinking it's a bad game, but it just seems forgetable to me. The only annoying part I can see is when you need to be stealthy with the invisibility cloak, but it otherwise seems like an okay title.
Ryan is a quick to judge type it seems, at least when he's not reviewing the game.
[up]The Motion Sports QL also shows some of that. Mocking announcer? Unresponsive motion controls on at least one of its six minigames? FUCK IT I'M DONE! Also, I heard a Doomguy noise in the football minigame.

I was surprised by the 1/5 rating in the Power Gig review, because the guitar is uncomfortable to use, it doesn't use the Guitar Hero or Rock Band highway for notes, the story is stupid, the tracklist is subpar, and it was released close to Rock Band 3's release date. From what little I saw of the game beforehand, it seemed to be a guitar Rhythm Game that used a real guitar. I thought it would've gotten a better score, but I guess not. Is the game really that bad?

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I myself have not played it nor do I intend to, but I guess Ryan's beef was that the amazing innovation and its main claim to "authenticity" was already being done by Rock Band 3 and apparently RB 3 does it better. EDIT: Though I may want to reconsider this as I am not entirely sure their pro guitar is available for purchase yet. Edit again. It is, nevermind.

Add silly(if optional) drums, no base and an apparently lackluster track list and I could see why it would get a low score. And considering that it did come out right when RB 3 did, Ryan was most likely comparing them directly and that probably lowered the score further.

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Epic Mickey review.

I didn't think the game would get a 2/5. I haven't played it, but from what I've seen in the Quick Look, it didn't seem bad.
So the end of the year awards are/were here. I wonder if it's a consensus vote amongst all the staff for which games get which awards...

I don't pay much attention to any awards, but apparently Power Gig is the worst of the year, with runners-up Motion Sports and Tony Hawk: SHRED. I don't know if Motion Sports is that bad. My little cousin got a Kinect for Christmas. I played a bit of the game, and, as I thought, I didn't have nearly as much trouble with the horseback riding part as Ryan did. This, combined with Jeff's similar lack of problems in the Quick Look, makes me think that Ryan is doing it wrong somehow.

Yes, I know, the whole "you just suck at the game" thing is a poor excuse, but I haven't seen much evidence to the contrary, so I don't know what other conclusions I can make, based on my experience.
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Absolutely wonderful site grin
Jeff said that the other games were not good, and a motion control game where you can skip the tutorial just by pantomiming the on screen instructions is pretty poorly made.
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Is it wrong that I really only enjoy Quick Looks of bad games? If it's a bad game they mock it mercilessly. For example the Horse meet Rider thing. On the other hand Marvel vs. Capcom 3 shows how they can't really play games well. They were smoked because they button mash to win. Even Persona4 was really just luck.
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[up]I also enjoy the QLs where they aren't having a good time. They also aren't the best gamers I've seen...tongue

This Quick Look was one that I enjoyed.
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[up] That one worked well. When they have a bad time or a great time it's fun. Persona 4 was entertaining and of course we love Motion Sports.

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This QL of The $1,000,000 Pyramid is another one that I thought was really funny. It's definitely an improvement over the QL of the last game show game they did, where they spent half the time saying how much Brad Garrett sucks.

Seriously, what did he do to earn so much hate with Jeff and Ryan, that they were envisioning a Manhunt-esque game where you murdered him? There's not liking someone, and then there's...that.

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Duke Nukem Forever Quick Look!

I didn't think it'd get that negative of a reception. I can't argue Jeff's points (mostly because I haven't played it, and I'm not terribly interested in it), but it seems like a case of Love It or Hate It.
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I like Giant Bomb for news. Don't really delve into all the content there, though.
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I know you've said this quite a while ago, Beforet, but...

Jeff said that the other games were not good, and a motion control game where you can skip the tutorial just by pantomiming the on screen instructions is pretty poorly made.

The tutorial thing comes up every time you play an event, not just the first time you play it. Sure, it's bad that the accidental skipping happens, but at least there's a way around it. I still think that the only reason it was considered a candidate for worst game of 2010 was because of Ryan's bad performance. I wouldn't say it's great, but I also wouldn't put it in the same league as the other two worst game picks.

Sorry that I keep going on about this; I just think he's being unfair and biased, that's all.

Speaking of bias, is it just me, or does there seem to be a Wii hatedom on the site? The few times I've bothered to read comments (usually for a Quick Look for a bad Wii game), there seems to be hate for the console. GB doesn't seem to have a bias against the console, so I don't know where that came from...
Apparently, this site isn't that popular if barely anyone else comes to this thread...

Anyway, this article and the one after that have intrigued me. I wasn't really aware that GameStop is (according to Alex) run by the epitome of Corrupt Corporate Executives. The whole removing On-Live coupons thing is the only bad thing they've done, as far as I'm aware, but Alex implied that they've done terrible things before. What they are, I don't really know.

I do agree that GS shouldn't have done that, but is it weird that I'm not really outraged? I mean, it's not like they destroyed the Deus Ex discs; all they did was remove the coupons. Maybe it's because this doesn't really affect me (the coupons were only in the PC versions, and I'm more of a console gamer).

Also, there's a whole bunch of other game stores out there? Other than Game Crazy, I can't really think of any other ones.

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19 Marioguy12827th Aug 2011 09:01:15 AM from various galaxies
I've been checking out their Persona 4 endurance run, and man![lol] I also enjoy some of their quick looks too.
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I don't know if the anti-intern thing on the site is serious or not, but I find it irritating. Why do they think it's okay to treat them like trash? Is there something about interns in general (that I don't know about) that somehow justifies this behavior?
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Even though I absolutely love this site, their Chrono Trigger Endurance Run is becoming unwatchable. I know they play the game only for 45 minutes a day but the boneheaded mistakes they make ("They told you to go to the place Marle disappeared! Don't go dicking around in the forest again!", "What do you mean, 'we have no hint as to where to go'? Gaspar told you to GO BACK TO YOUR OWN TIME!", "You realize that inactive party members don't level up, right?", "TAKE FUCKING LUCCA TO SPEKKIO SO SHE CAN GET MAGIC! OTHERWISE SHE WON'T GET ANY MORE TECHS!") almost seem like the perfect justification for the huge amount of handholding in modern games.
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I can certainly see the frustration in them not playing all that well. I wonder if they go through the comments after each video? However, since whenever I look through the comments I find assholes (as typical of most any comments section), I can see why they probably don't do that. Though it could also be that they're doing a blind run of the game.

Also, for someone who said they beat the game once, Patrick seems to have forgotten a lot about CT. I haven't played it since I finished the DS version when that came out, but I still remember a good portion of it - go to the queen's room after saving Queen Leene, go back to where the time gate was after that, take new party members to Spekkio so they learn magic, use Crono's Slash on Masa & Mune when they're charging up the wind attack to cancel it, etc.
They got to the fight with Magus and they have to faking ignorance at this point. There's no way they can be this dumb.

"Barrier Change/Only Water Damages" "Use lightning?"

Later: "Barrier Change/Only Water Damages" "Try lightning again."

[up]Well, at least they learned after the first time. It would've been really frustrating if they kept dying, but only one death? Not too bad...
25 Psyclone16th Jan 2012 10:35:00 AM from Somewhere else
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Yeah, they seem to have this mind boggling habit of not reading the text at the top of the screen which almost makes you think they're playing this cropped or something but no, they eventually read it. That Scouter debacle was particularly painful to watch. Ditto inexplicably ditching the FLYING TIME MACHINE in favor of another whiny trudging through the Bad Future.

In fact, their incompetence is such that you almost start fearing at every point that they will do something REALLY stupid: for example, many people in the comments (and myself) thought that they would either miss or even KILL Magus before he could join your party. Now my current concern is that they never figure out that in order to trigger certain events they must change the character LEADING the party thus blocking them out of several sidequests (namely Geno Dome and finishing Northern Ruins).

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Any child can follow rules. True adulthood is knowing which ones to break and when.

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