Rebuild of Evangelion:

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Wonder what kind of fan service the last film is gonna have for that matter.

On the note of the last film, the Q Unit is.......phtffhaHAHA!
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It's alive! Bwahahahahahahahaha!
Isn't the Q Unit basically a more elaborate repaint of Unit 01? Unit 08 is the stupid looking one that seems to have been designed by a drunk Two-Face.

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Looking at the packages in the back, the red is unit 2, the pink is unit 8 and someone is showing that they are the same model repainted by using half of one and the other to get two unit 8=2(10?) The Q is which movie they are from.

Honestly, seeing that travesty in 4 wouldn't surprise me that much.

[up] Almost makes me hope that the 4.0 preview was just a placeholder. Cause the design is one of the most Narmful things I've ever seen.

Also, looking back at the last scene of 3.0 again, I find it interesting how it is pretty much a dark inversion of the whole holding hands motif. Asuka grabs Shinji's hand drags his catatonic form across the desert, causing him to drop the SDAT player in the process. Considering how the player is pretty much a symbol of Shinji's hope and soul, it is almost implying that Asuka is trying to force him into facing reality, but without giving a rip about his mind, soul, or heart. That said, Rei Q was shown looking down at it with a rather sad look on her face. Maybe she'll be the one to actually get through to Shinji.
So thinking over it some more (and scrolling through the wacky Eva Geeks forums again), apparently the first film's aesop is "you have people looking out for you", and the second film's is "you can't run away from your problems, and you gotta face them head on".

So what is 3.0's? "Talk to others before making drastic actions and ideas?" "Don't be an idiot?" tongue

Here's what an Eva Geek theorized:

"Personally, I think that if there is a moral in Rebuild, it's in a more personal level : that if you want things to change you have to act for it(apathy and simple wishing for better times don't do shit) and to keep an open mind to everything and not discarding others simply because they think differently or are from different origins(see Anno's interview where he says that he doesn't reject the otaku culture and try to told them to abandon it, but to don't close themselves to other peoples just because they're not otakus)

In rebuild it's a little ham-fisted with Shinji beating the crap out of Big Z and going through immense pain to save Rei and the colossal screw-up with the spears respectively.

But still I don't think that these morals are the exclusive core of Rebuild, Anno himself said that he wanted to tell again a "Tale", like Legend of Galactic Heroes, where everything doesn't revolves around a single character and his feelings, but a story where a group/country/organization as a whole accomplish something great and epic. And it's shown in Rebuild : even though we are centered on Shinji and his doubts, by the time of 3.0 he's told by Asuka that he should stop to be so me-centric and think only about himself, implying to start to try to see the big picture instead, lest he will be constantly manipulated like a string puppet."

Personally, I'm not so sure this message works. Again, because the story, and especially 3.0 has been so focused on Shinji so far, trying to make the message be "think about what your actions might (note, might) do to others instead of yourself" doesn't really have the same punch as I think it should be. I feel that, if this is to be the message that Anno is trying to communicate to the otaku community that he despises apparently, he should show more of the other characters in FINAL. Really go more into why they of all people deserve more sympathy than Shinji and the like. We got some of that with the shots of the ruined world, and WILLE's flying fortress, but those aren't enough to see their internal struggle.
I serioursly need to get around to watching the other two. But I've been jammed with so many other objectives at the momemt it's been diffuclt to be honest.

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Wonder if this will have anything to do with Rebuild, FINAL or not.
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Eh, heh heh, very late upon doing this but the show must go on!

Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance

So we start off being introduce to the new pilot, who I think I saw somewhere eles in Neon Genesis Evangelion before...she seems familiar to me... Regardless, oh gee Kaji what language we're ypu speaking there? [lol] That wasn't Japanese and that was definitely not English!

This new pilot seems to be enjpying this job way too much. And speaking of being into something too much Asuka, taking out and angel with little to no help!

Though I must wonder why did they change her last name from Asuka Langley Soryu to Asuka Langley Shikinami? I wonder what was the reason behind that.

Um you know Asuka normally when you don't want a person to see you naked you run to the next room, not run close to them to kick them!? [lol][lol][lol]

Ugghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Asuka why are you playing with that thing!? I'll feel like reverting to a coma now...

Oh, wow that is such a tedious process to get in the aquarium. [lol][lol][lol]

Now that's an excellent example of team work. grin

Mari sure know how make first good impression crashing into the boy, then getting extremly close to him. Then comes Kaji hitting on Shinji, [lol][lol][lol]

How adorable Rei is starting to be more social and she planning a get together for Shinji. waii

Well that's that. Love how lighthearted the film is so far never seen the Evangelion cast this happy for so-


No don't tell me...


Oh no. sad

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Yep, it gets worse.

Course, the ending of the film (contrary to what people like Lennik will tell you) is one of the most triumphant and heartwarming in all of anime.

At lest, until 3.0 ruined it.
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No don't tell me...
Our faces when we're reminded who is bringing this story to us.
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Course, the ending of the film (contrary to what people like Lennik will tell you) is one of the most triumphant and heartwarming in all of anime.
In all of anime? I kinda doubt that. Sure it's heartwarming in that Shinji saves Rei and acts like a badass

But it still isn't because he caused Third Impact even though he had no idea that he did so
Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance Part 2

Oh dear there adding stuff from episode 16 to 22, though so far less screwed up. Asuka has her unit taken away from some treaty rather then being Mind Rape like the orginal.

Whoa Rei prevent Asuka from slapping her...

Ahhhh, so Asuka is piloting Unit-03 for Rei... wait that's bad although it isn't Toji?

Speaking of him so that what his little sister looks like we never see her in the original series or the Manga.

Oh, crap it's happening And just when Gendo was right about to pick him up. sad

The eat down occurs...but this time with unfitting music! OH SHIT, THIS IS WORST THAN EPISODE 18!!!

She was crush between the jaws of Unit-01...

Well she still alive, but just barely and man you do not want to fuck with Shinji, he planned on destroying Nerv and acted on it rather than just imply he would in the original series.

So Shinji left, and there only down to one pilot, we'll no crap you made him nearly kill hiss best friend who was pilot so understandably Shinji quit.

Oh cool, Mari shows some badassness in her fight agaisnt the tenth angel, futile maybe but you can't deny that was badass.

Dear gosh, it swallowed Rei! and then it took her body form? Yesh this Angel is a lot more deadly then it was in the tv series.

Gendo, learn his name he is the motherf****ing pilot!


Oh man...this is so beautiful, he saves Rei at the price of starting the third impact.

THE THIRD FREAKING IMPACT!!! How could a moment be so heartwarming despite the world falling apart!?!?!


After credits wait so did Karworu stop the destruction of the world? Also previews cool I wonder what route the third movie is heading. Although none of the preview in the first movie happened in the second so how trustworthy are those movie preview?

Misato how can you promise fanservice after the whole world nearly ended...

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[up]Not at all. 3.0 is a sack of donkey shit carried in procession by a crowd of depressed eunuchs compared to 2.0's bacon and swiss man-sandwich.

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I've got new mythological machinery, and very handsome supernatural scenery.

Goodfae: a mafia web serial
Wow really? So what's the point of the preview if there not trustworthy?
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[up]x3 Well he stopped the end of the world. Of course there's the damage caused by the beginning of Third Impact even if the end was prevented.

[up] I always took the whole Preview to mean most of it happened offscreen during the Timeskip.

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You know, thinking back to the ending of 2.0 and why many didn't care that Shinji's actions caused Near-Third Impact, I think that was mainly due to the fact that, at the core of the film, it was all centered around Shinji and Rei's relationship. The final act firmly cemented it, and because they were the two whom the entire film (and to an extent the whole Rebuild saga) focused on, we cheered that they were able to be together again.

This is one of the reasons that I felt 3.0 fell flat. By trying to shift the focus on to all these other characters, who we haven't gotten nearly as much focus, it doesn't feel as strong, and the attempt to make the audience care about them doesn't work. Please go back to the two who drove the entire ending of 2.0, and let us see how they develop as a result. I don't care about these other characters.

It's like how Robocop 2, rather than furthering Murphy's development, chose to instead focus on the villains and corporations instead, and letting the satire and themes overwhelm everything else. It doesn't work because it's not focusing on the core of the story, instead getting distracted by all these other elements and letting the icing overrun the cake. Imo, the best stories keep their focus on the core, and allow the themes and world-building to support it, not the other way around. When the writer gets distracted by all the icing, and fails to keep a solid base, the entire thing collapses.

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I care about Rei Q.sad

I even care about Kaworu even though I thought they could have handled it better.
Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo Part 1

So we start out in space with Asuka and Mari adorable singing coming to retrieve some floating cross package in space which is actually Shinji and Unit-01 lock in, Shinji is then transported to....

Um some place, being asked question by some cute girl, and he's receiving some nasty cold glares from everybody. Considering what happend at the end of the previous movie none too susprising what's surprising is he getting the cold treatment from Misato of all people!

Yeesh knew how Shinji fear in the original was to be hated by everyone? It seems to be very much reality here.

She outright tells him he won't be doing a damn thing and essentially locked him up. Oh dear. don't hate Shinji do you...? That' ...impossible..

Oh my, It's under Misato's authorization to kill Shinji if things go crazy! How in the world could Misato agree with this, she'd be willing to take Shinji's life after how close we know those two be? That's horrible... sad

Whoa so the girl is Toji sister!?

Fourteen Years!!!'

Wait you mean after all that Rei's didn't survive!? WHAT!?

Though Shinji just got saved by Rei but I'm guessing she's a clone replacement right?

But Wille so they figure Gendo is a no good bastard and there against him, they could have at least told Shinji why otherwise he probably wouldn't have ran away. Also Misato refuse to kill Shinji i guess she does care about him.

Yeah judging by how she acting she definitely a replacement.

Nice chemistry building between Shinji & Kaworu, those Piano scenes are a bit trippy though.
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Telling him Gendo's up to no good wouldn't have stopped him since he went for the Rei.
Oh i'm sure everybody would go for the Rei. [lol]
Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo Part 2

Toji's shirt...

Um ouch, did you have to be so blunt Kaworu? It must sucks to realize that Humanity blames you for destroying the world, poor Shinji though Gendo outright admits in the first movie all this was acording to plan so it isn't really all pf his fault...

Well, damn Fuyutsuki certainly did hold back in telling Shinji the dirty truth...

Dear god Shinji!!! That made my stomach slightly woozy...

How did Kaworu do that? Also that seems to convient pulling out two spears will rebuild the world, if it was that simple...

Shinji is showing a lot of resentment towards the new ayanami even referring to her as that pilot, and Kaworu is ispicious about the two spears, while Shinji battles Asuka.

Well Asuka weren't you trying to kill him!? [lol]


Shinji what the hell!? if everyone telling you even, Kaworu is telling you not to pull the spears. YOU SHOULDN"T PULL IT! That boy must of lost his mind...

And ladies and gentlemen I give you the fourth impact, you know people usually don't get the chance to destroy the world a second time. But are old Butt-Monkey Shinji does.

Ohh, that's a nasty death. Is this the end for Kaworu? sad

The situation here is exactly similar to after episode 24 of the series Kaworu head is detach from his body, Shinji is reduce to a coma because of his death with a female much older then him having to drag him around.

But man this film was very much a Tear Jerker. sad

I just hope the final movie won't get End of Evangelion on us because Shinji is now currently in that state.

Man what will happen next?

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I don't know. And since Anno delayed it till who knows when, the series is currently left on a hopeless note. Course, there is that PV that is being shown later this month that some speculate may have something to do with FINAL.

Also, lots are assuming that Asuka is gonna be the Deuteragonist of the film, sine Shinji's other loves, Misato, Rei, and Kaworu, were the ones in the previous films. What say you? For that matter, will Asuka be with Shinji in the end, or just act as a really good friend? I'm predicting the latter.
It would make sense when you think about it, although IA doubt they'll go that far in the relationship.

And after doing some research on the release date of the Rebuild Movies, it most likely it will come out around 2015. Considering that each Rebuild movie so far was release three years after previous.


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