YMMV / Zeonquest

  • Archive Binge: Getting in on Zeon Quest late can lead to this and with 116 parts, it might take awhile.
  • Bizarro Episode: Episode 17 is significantly darker than usual, and the events of it have never been mentioned again.
  • Complete Monster: Mobile Suit Gundam's Prince Ghiren Zabi was never a nice guy to begin with. However, it could be argued that his character boiled down to his desire to conquer the earthsphere. Zeon Quest, however, shows what Ghiren is willing to do in order to rule, from masterminding the notorious Operation British, fully aware of the massive civilian casualties it will cause (and it's hinted that he lied to his family and allies to get it approved), to trying to nuke neutral civilians so his rival siblings will get blamed, to blowing up a friendly island just to ensure his forces will have a monopoly on producing advanced mobile suits. And much like his canon counterpart, Ghiren has no problems with killing his father to stop a peace treaty (and his own prosecution for war crimes). But in this fic, he also shows that he has no problems killing off the majority of supporters as well, and his plan to sell them all out to save himself. His obsession with conquest at any cost turned him into The Caligula.
  • Crazy Awesome: Zolomon Ringo, fullstop.
    • The awesomeness of Ookawara putting in all the time on Nachtmaren's suits is not to be understated. Zolomon got drunk and gave him an impractical design and he made it work.
    • "Guys,*hic, guys! I can totally *hic totally disarm this bomb!" (it didn't go quite like that, but yeah, Lister disarmed a bomb while intoxicated.)
  • Ending Fatigue: After the quest hit over a hundred chapters, both the players and Apologized soon started getting tired of it, with participation dropping off and threads getting shorter. Apologized himself said he was eager to just get the quest over with.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Both Ruubens and Ramirez were only supposed to be one-shot characters, according to Apologized, but are promoted to squad members because of their popularity. Well, rather briefly for Ramirez...
  • Fan Nickname: FUCKING GHIREN and GARma, in addition to the various nicknames inherited from canon Gundam.
  • Fridge Horror: Lister alone has killed so many people that it is impossible to count, though there's a prize if you can get a correct count to I Apologized.
    • Also, recent Omakes imply that outside of those who know him personally, Lister is seen as a brutal, bloodthirsty killing machine.
      • David just gained full control of his Newtype powers. What are they? Understanding and mastery of all weapons, including improvised ones. Think on that statement for a while and then remember than anything can be a weapon.
  • Game Breaker: Beam weapons are this for a short period of time. This is what happened to Hamburg- I mean Ramirez
    • Lister's newtype powers are definitely this when he first awakens, and taking them to their logical conclusion is both insanely broken and rather horrifying. The nasty side-effects help mitigate this.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Lister himself is no slouch, but the undisputed champion of this trope is General Revil.
  • Memetic Badass: If you're in the Nachtmaren, you are one. If you pilot a wappa or a dragoon, you will be able to destroy two Pegasus class cruisers in under three minutes.
  • The Scrappy: FUCKING GHIREN