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Roleplay: Zeon Quest
Zeon Quest is a Mobile Suit Gundam re-imagining of the One Year War in the form of a text adventure, created and DM'ed by "I Apologized on 4chan" (Or Apologized for short) on the /tg/ board of 4chan, much like it's spiritual predecessor Ruby Quest.

Most of the quest is centered around Zeon Ace David Lister (No relation to a certain smeghead) and his unit of equally skilled Zeonic pilots. Lister starts as a simple grunt in the Zeonic invasion of Earth, before rising to become a major figure in the war, changing many events in the UC timeline.

The quest concluded on August 13th, 2011. A full archive of the quest, with only a few missing entries can be found here.

This Quest provides examples of:

Warhammer HighWebsite/ 4 chan    
Welcome to Night ValeScience Fiction Web Originals    

alternative title(s): Zeon Quest
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