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YMMV: YU+ME: dream
  • Broken Base
  • Crowning Moment of Funny - Lia sure loves tacos! (It's funnier in context)
  • Ethnic Scrappy - Fiona's Consience.
  • Fan Nickname - Clandy, eventually makes it in-comic long after fans have been calling Clandestine by that name.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment - Fiona driving distractedly due to being distressed, with Jake frantically yelling at her that "Suicide is not the answer!" becomes one when it's revealed that Fiona was in a coma because she attempted vehicular suicide.
    • Also in Part One, Jake sarcastically tells Lia, “I’m just pretending to be gay for all of the social benefits it brings,” the joke being that so far in the comic, he’s caught nothing but flak for his homosexuality. In Part Two, it’s revealed that the actor who played Jake is actually a “straight douche” who won an Emmy Award for his role. The commentary on this page suggests that he primarily won the award because of the (mis)perception that it’s a huge challenge for a straight actor to play a gay character.
  • I Knew It - Clandy being Sadako's conscience and Don being the new King of Nod were two Epileptic Trees that turned out to be right. Hardly a case of Ascended Fanon, since both facts were foreshadowed much before those theories were ever formed. In Don's case, that foreshadowing dates back to the freaking first page of volume two, 398 pages before the reveal.
  • Iron Woobie - Clandestine of all people fulfills this role at times.
  • Memetic Mutation - Someone should turn [douche you hate] into a Gyro!
  • Moral Event Horizon - Just take your pick with Sadako.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • No Face, particularly this page.
    • On the subject of No Face...
    • Also, Sadako's "punishment" for trying to kiss Ellie. I mean, she is being a creepy stalker, and one can't exactly expect mid 1800's England to be very accepting, but having your head smashed into a window? Brr. (and if you look closely, one shard of glass has pierced into her stomach...)
      • invoked The punishment that Sadako deals out to Ellie, for killing her — being raped in her dreams EVERY TIME she tries to sleep.
  • The Woobie It's okay Ellie... it's gonna be okay, alright?
    • Fiona, Lia, hell, even Sadako qualifies if only for her backstory and true plans.

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