Fridge / YU+ME: dream

Fridge Brilliance
  • At first I thought the bit at the start about Bohemian Rhapsody being both Lia and Fiona's favorite song was just a bit of an "these two will be good friends" moment, some character building. But it never made much sense for Lia's character, which was very sweet and girl-next-door, if not a tad shy. After the Wham Episode/Reveal that Lia had been a sociopathic murderer/torturer for several centuries, suddenly it made sense - she identifies with the song, because she has been in that exact same spot herself.
    • Speaking of which, the fact that early in the comic all the straight people were evil and Fiona was saved from her loneliness by a crew of magical gays always bothered me (btw I'm queer). However, with the big reveal that this is all Fiona's dream, it all makes sense. As an outsiderish girl coming to terms with her sexuality, of course Fiona is going to feel biased towards LGBT people, and her dream exaggerates the feeling of isolation and aggression she gets from the real people in her life. If you read the first part as straight from the subconcious of an unhappy teenager, it becomes much more reasonable.