YMMV / Yes, Dear

  • And You Thought It Would Fail: A number of critics predicted the series would be the first of the Fall 2000 batch to be cancelled. Oh, it did end - after six seasonsnote .
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Greg and Christine, mostly due to Kim's Scrappy status.
  • Funny Moments:
    • In "Arm-prins", Greg has Sammy watch a VHS of Blue's Clues while he runs to the bathroom. Turns out he really wants to watch it, as Greg is forced to sit through it over 20 times. This eventually leads to him dreaming about being stuck in Steve's house.
      • At the end, Kim discovers Steve Burns is in her bed, and they make out.....in front of Greg.
    • The parodying of The Karate Kid-style Determinator where Greg tries to stand up to a bully (played by Christopher Titus) that continuously delivers Curb-Stomp Battles to him-even after getting training in Karate from a cameoing Pat Morita (to make things even more absurd, said training is on another side of the country and he has to fly to get the training and then back to face the bully).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Greg tells Jimmy to stop thinking about sex, to which Jimmy says "That's like Tiger Woods not thinking about sex." Now fast forward to 2010.
    • In one episode, Jimmy unintentionally tells Kevin Smith that his latest film (a WW2 comedy) sucks, at first Smith gets offended and demands an apology, but then he later admits to Jimmy that his film really does suck and he ends getting more funding to do a different film. A very similar scenario ended up happening with Smith in real life, after Smith directed Cop Out, Smith was pissed at critics for the negative reviews, then he later admitted the film really wasn't very good, and that was a big part of his decision to make Red State.
  • Informed Wrongness: Explored in "March Madness."
    • Played straight at first, when Greg gets tickets for the NCAA Championship game but Kim guilts him into attending her grandmother's birthday party instead.
    • Next, it was deconstructed by Christine when Greg gave Jimmy the tickets. She got mad at Jimmy for trying to get out of the party, but she then explained that she really didn't care what he did...she just planned to hold it over his head.
    • Then, it was initially subverted when Greg missed an important photo...the entire reason he couldn't go to the game...because Kim made him go buy ice. Although initially furious, Greg starts to enjoy the guilt being on the other foot.
    • Finally, Jimmy and Billy come back from the game and told him how miserable it was and what a terrible time he would have had (which was a boldfaced lie intended to lessen Jimmy's punishment from Christine). This double-subverted it, with Kim once again assuming the right.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Mike O'Malley, who plays Jimmy, is currently known as playing a Kurt's father in Glee.
  • The Woobie: Greg, certainly during his childhood years.
    • Even more so with Sammy.