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YMMV: X Rebirth
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  • Broken Base: The one-ship-only gameplay change is one of the most argued-about thing in the official forums, and it tends to heat people up - some have taken to defending the devs' decision, while others have called it pointless minimalism and simplification. Extended conversation about this can turn ugly.
  • Hype Backlash: The Rebirth Release Date thread really started to look like this after a while. In the beginning X Rebirth was supposed to be out in fourth quarter 2011. When Egosoft realized, oops, it's not ready, publisher Deep Silver began enforcing a total news blackout. The most news that happened for quite a while was an interview with Egosoft's Bernd Lehahn. Some posters have said they've given up waiting, and the thread is beginning to degenerate. In late October 2012, Godwin's Law briefly came into play when an ill-advised poster compared the blackout to a Nazi regime. Yeah, the moderators loved that...
  • Most Annoying Sound: There are mods to disable the following:
    • "Show me your wares, please!" This is a lot louder than most other speech in the game.
    • "Shut up Betty!"
  • That One Level:
    • Giving orders to a freighter to trade energy cells. Even if you avoid all the bugs & interface issues, it still takes a really long time.
    • Later, trading 300 food units and other things. It turns out that whatever ships you have available for shipping at that time may need some work.
    • Building a whole station. And then, later, expanding it. As long as trading takes, gathering the materials for whole station components takes even longer. And, when you get this quest, many possible sources of materials will belong to a hostile faction.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks:
    • This was the reaction of some of the fan base to the fact that X Rebirth will restrict the player to personally flying one roughly M6-size ship (as opposed to any manned, non-Kha'ak vessel in the universe for every other game except X:BtF).
    • The Albion Skunk's Attack Drones have taken flak as well: though you can take control of them remotely, if the drone gets blown up you return to controlling the Albion instead of dying. This takes some of the danger out of being a fighter jock, for those who enjoy it.
    • Another thing much of the fan base is up in arms over is that X Rebirth will be sold exclusively through Steam, whereas the other entries have been available without it.
    • A minor flame war ensued over a rumor that X Rebirth was going to be an MMORPG. ("It'll be an EVE clone!" "No, it won't! It'll bring new players!" "No, it won't! It'll wreck the modding community!"note ) By far the biggest worry was that it would open the noob-friendly X community to griefers and other trolls who pwn noobs For the Evulz and brag about it online. Thankfully, the flames promptly dissipated when Egosoft stopped laughing and confirmed the rumor was false.
  • Uncanny Valley: Character models and voice acting are a massive improvement over previous games, but the stiff animations and often strange dialogue cause the characters to frequently nosedive into uncanny valley.

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