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  • Executive Meddling: It has been argued that the broken state Rebirth shipped out in was a result of deadlines set by Deep Silver, though no direct evidence is available.
  • Production Nickname: TNBT, short for "the next big thing".
  • Schedule Slip: Originally set for release in fourth quarter 2011, but the season came and went with no specific release date. Some fans were half-convinced it had become vaporware due to a lack of information. (The devs and beta testers were barred from talking freely about it thanks to non-disclosure agreements.) CBJ, the one dev who post on the forum on a regular basis, consistently denied this to be the case, and on August 8 Rebirth was announced for a November 15, 2013 release.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: The aforementioned CBJ calls fans out on the endless whining about there being very little news from Egosoft about X Rebirth for about a year and a half. When they were posting a screenshot a week, people started demanding more info and videos, at which point ES basically said "screw this."
    shea: But i still cant understand why a few screenshots every week cant be posted,
    CBJ: The irony of this is that when we were posting weekly screenshots, people were complaining that it wasn't enough and demanded videos. When we provided a video they demanded gameplay information. The reality is that no matter what we provide, people will always want more, and this thread will run on regardless, with those people who are inclined to do so getting irate and impatient. Again, we know people want more information, but despite what some of those may people think, doing what they want isn't always the right course of action when the bigger picture is taken into account.